Record of Marriages at Whaley Bridge Methodist Church

11 Nov 1869 to 2 Mar 1914 

My thanks to Joyce Winfield for allowing me to add this transcript to the website

11 Nov 1869 William BOOTHBY, 36, Widower, Quarryman of Kettleshulme, son of George BOOTHBY, Cotton Operative, married May TRUEMAN, 40, Spinster, House Keeper of Bugsworth, dau of John TRUEMAN, Farmer.  In the presence of William ASHBY and Sarah ASHBY

8 Feb 1873 Joseph HULME, 22, Bachelor, Bleacher of Horwich End, son of Joseph HULME, Labourer, married Mary OLDFIELD, 19, Spinster, Bleacher of Horwich End dau. of John OLDFIELD, Leadminer.  In the presence of Joseph DRINKWATER & Elizabeth OLDFIELD

6 Oct 1874 Thomas POWNALL, 21, Bachelor, Labourer of Kettleshulme, son of Henry POWNALL, deceased, silk Dyer. married Eliza DARWENT, 19, Spinster of Chapel en le Frtih, dau. of John DARWENT, Farmer.  In the presence of Isaac COOPER & Sarah COOPER.

30 Dec 1879 William PROCTOR, 31, Bachelor, Book-Keeper of Bank Terrace, Whaley Bridge, son of William PROCTOR, Colliery Proprietor, married Mary HALL, 33, Spinster of Horwich Bank, Fernilee, dau of John HALL, Carrier.  In the presence of Philip M HALL; John Bennett LAWTON; Ellen HALL; W. HARRIS; J. REID; C.W. ADDY

29 Mar 1881 John James WALKER, 30, Bachelor, Farmer of Rainow, nr Macclesfield, son of Nathan WALKER, Gent. married Jane Hannah Vernon Morten SRIGLEY, 22 Spinster of Over Lea, Fernilee, dau of John SRIGLEY, Corn Miller.  In the presence of John SRIGLEY & E. H. M. DRINKWATER 

11 Oct 1882 George PROCTOR , 31 Widower, Printer of Whaley Bridge, son of Jonathan PROCTOR, Blacksmith, married Ann DRINKWATER, 36, Spinster of Whaley Bridge, dau. of Benjamin DRINKWATER, deceased, Blacksmith.  In the presence of James GREEN & Ann PROCTOR

30 Nov 1882 John PEARSON, 22, Bachelor, Gardener of Eccles, nr Manchester, son of William PEARSON, Gardener, married Mary Elizabeth EADSON, 25, Widow of New Horwich, Fernilee, dau of Thomas BEARD, Banksman.  In the presence of E.A. BEARD & Annie WHITWORTH

18 Dec 1882 Herbert JODRELL, 20, Bachelor, Collier of Horwich End, son of Ellen JODRELL, married Pamela HILL, 20, Spinster of Kettleshulme, dau. of James HILL, deceased, Silk Weaver.  In the presence of George HILL

... Sep 1883 Enoch SUTCLIFFE, 25, Bachelor, Yarn Sizer of Rose Mount, Chapel en le Frith, son of Enoch SUTCLIFFE, Yarn Sizer, married Martha Annie COCKER, 20, Spinster of Hay Bottom, Fernilee, dau. of Jonathan COCKER, deceased, Stationer.  In the presence of John Wesley LOMAS & Margaret SUTCLIFFE

5 Nov 1883 Samuel BELFIELD, 23, Bachelor, Grocers Assistant of Fairfield, son of James BELFIELD, Farmer, married Emma HORSFIELD, 26, Spinster of Fairfield, dau. of Francis BELFIELD (?), Waiter.  In the presence of George PROCTOR & Mary LOMAS

28 May 1885 Parminas LONG, 33, Bachelor, Farmer of Bowden Head, Chapel en le Frith, son of Parminas LONG, Farmer, married Sarah Ellen LONGDEN, 28, Spinster of White Knowle, Cjinley, dau of Jonathan LONGDEN, Mason.  In the presence of William Marshall LONGDEN & Sarah Ann LONG

1 Mar 1886 James William WARDLE, 24, Bachelor, Carpenter of Burbage, Buxton, son of James WARDLE, Clerk, married Hannah Martha HIBBERT, 28, Spinster of Fairfield, Buxton, dau of William HIBBERT, Famer.  In the presence of William HIBBERT & Kezia Annie STREET

15 Dec 1886 Thomas BRADDOCK, 26, Bachelor, Porter at Workhouse, Chapel en le Frith, married Jane DARWENT, 26, Spinster of Malcroft, Chapel en le Frith, dau of John DARWENT, deceased, Farmer.  In the presence of George KINDER & Annie MAYER

9 Jul 1888 John Francis VERNON, 31, Bachelor, Blacksmith of Smallwood House, Peak Forest, son of Thomas VERNON, deceased, Gen. Labourer, married Mary Hannah BAGSHAW, 28, Spinster of Higher Eaves, Chapel en le Frith, dau of William BAGSHAW, Farmer.  In the presence of Robert Ellis YATES & Elizabeth Lomas BAGSHAW

5 Sep 1888 John Wesley LOMAS, 26, Bachelor, Confectioner of Bridge End, Chapel en le Frith, son of Isaac LOMAS, Confectioner, married Margaret SUTCLIFFE, 28, Spinster of Lane Ends, Chapel en le Frith, dau. of Enoch SUTCLIFFE, Warp Sizer.  In the presence of Enoch SUTCLIFFE & Louisa HUTCHINSON

8 Sep 1892 George HOLDING, 23, Bachelor, Miner of Workhouse Farm, Audley, son of James HOLDING, Miner, married Sarah Ann HARVEY, 21, Spinster of Wainstones Farm, Fernilee, dau of Elisha HARVEY, Farmer.  In the presence of Samuel HARVEY & Sarah Ann LOMAS

2 Sep 1895 John MARKES, 31, Bachelor, Railway Signalman of Chapel Milton, Chapel en le Frith, son of Richard MARKES, Coal Agent, married Mary GARLICK, 32, Spinster, Dressmaker of Prospect House, Chapel en le Frith, dau. of John GARLICK, Shoemaker (master).  In the presence of John GARLICK & Mary Catherine WILLCOCK

23 Jan 1896 Francis WRIGHT, 31, Bachelor, Stationer of The Villa, Fairfield, son of Henry WRIGHT (deceased), Farmer, married Hannah MILLINGTON, 34, Spinster of The Villa, Fairfield dau. of Joshua MILLINGTON, Retired Grocer.  In the presence of John CLAYTON & H. CLAYTON

27 Jun 1896 Thomas JONES, 36, bachelor, General Labourer of Horwich End, son of Harry JONES (deceased), Gen. labourer, married Charlotte HARVEY, 32, Spinster, Domestic Servant of Overleigh, dau of George HARVEY, Coal Miner.  In the presence of Joseph JOWLE & Ellen JONES

6 Sep 1897 John ASHBY, 26, Bachelor, Clerk at Gunpowder Mill, Macclesfield Rd., Taxal, son of Enoch ASHBY, Stonemason, married Annie Elizabeth BENNETT, 27, Spinster of Rosy Bank, dau of Richard BENNETT, Colliery banksman.  In the presence of Nellie BENNETT & Charles Edward ASHBY

29 Mar 1900 Fred WILSON, 29, Bachelor, Railway fireman of Whaley bridge, son of James WILSON, Cooper, married Alice Eliza WAIN, 25, Spinster of Whaley Bridge, dau. of James WAIN, Coal Miner.  In the presence of Albert WILSON & Fanny WAIN

16 Apr 1900 John Herbert SIMPSON, 26, bachelor, Engineer`s Clerk at Horwich End, son of Peter SIMPSON, Shoemaker, married Emma PHILLIPS, 23, Spinster of High Lee, New Mills, dau. of Joseph PHILLIPS, (deceased).  In the presence of William JEPSON jun. & Annie PHILLIPS

9 Aug 1902 William HARPER, 50, Widower, Timekeeper Printing Works, of Bingswood Avenue, Whaley Bridge, son of Samuel HARPER, Coal Mine Manager, married Ellen BARNES, 35, Spinster of Bridgemont, dau. of Joseph BARNES, Farmer & Paper Master.  In the presence of William & Hannah BARNES

13 Feb 1904 Herbert WORSTENCROFT, 24, Bachelor, Cotton Weaver of Whaley Bridge, son of William WORSTENCROFT, Slasher (?), Cotton Mill, married Sarah Elizabeth JODRELL, 21, Spinster of Whaley Bridge, dau of Walter JODRELL, Plate Layer.  In the presence of Arthur WORSTENCROFT & Martha Jane JODRELL

4 May 1904 Alexander FROGGATT, 48, Widower, Tailor of Dove Holes, married Mary Ann LOMAS, 54, Spinster of Lower Horwich, dau. of James LOMAS, Farmer.  In the presence of Thomas HADFIELD & Sarah Ann LOMAS

30 Jul 1904 Stephen JODRELL, 28, Bachelor, Labourer of Horwich End, son of John JODRELL, married Mary Elizabeth SOUTHERN, 22 Spinster, Cotton weaver of Horwich End, dau. of John Wm. SOUTHERN.  In the presence of John Wm. SOUTHERN & Eliza Alice SOUTHERN

5 Apr 1905 William MILLER, 25, Bachelor, Railway Porter of Whaley Bridge, son of William MILLER, Blacksmith. married Martha Jane WYLD, 25, Spinster of Whaley Bridge, dau. of Robert WYLD, Miner.  In the presence of James MILLER & Emma WYLD

23 Aug 1905 Herbert ARNFIELD, 26, bachelor, Engineer of Horwich End, son of Jas. Atma ARNFIELD, Engineer, married Mary WALTON, 25, Spinster, School Teacher of Horwich End.  In the presence of Edwin ARNFIELD & William WALTON

20 Jun 1906 Frederick WILD, 26, bachelor, Labourer of Whaley Bridge, son of George WILD, Chapel keeper, married Hannah HOOLEY, 23, Spinster, Cotton weaver of Whaley Bridge dau of Mathew HOOLEY.  In the presence of John WRIGHT & Sarah HOOLEY

3 Feb 1913 Albert FLETCHER, 24, Bachelor, Railway Drayman of Alder Brook, Chinley, son of John FLETCHER, Farmer married Jessie DORE, 26, Widow (?) of Alder Brook, dau of John DORE (?) (deceased) Farmer.  In the presence of Samuel DORE & Agnes FLETCHER

16 Jul 1913 George Potter BAGSHAW, 26, bachelor, Dyer of 74 Macclesfield Road, Whaley Bridge, son of Charles BAGSHAW, Collier, married Sarah Elizabeth DOWNS, 24, Spinster, Dressmaker of 16 Canal Street, Whaley Bridge, dau. of John Goodwin DOWNS, Stone Quarrier.  In the presence of Leonard BAGSHAW & Rachel DOWNS

20 Jul 1913 Joseph HARRIS, 25, Bachelor, Railway Platelayer of Stubbins Lane, Chinley, son of William HARRIS, Quarryman, married Edith THOMPSON, 30 Widow, Confectioner & Tobacconist of Lower Lane, Chinley, dau. ....... In the presence of Harry EVANS & Mary Hannah EVANS 

11 Sep 1913 Joseph CARTER, 31, Bachelor, Seed Merchant`s Clerk of Clough Lee, Furness Vale, son of Joseph CARTER, married Isabella RICHARDSON, 28, Spinster of Clyde Cottage, Whaley Bridge dau. of George RICHARDSON.  In the presence of John CARTER & Beatrice RICHARDSON

2 Mar 1914 Frederick William BERESFORD, 26, bachelor, Butcher of Green Lane, Chinley married Rebecca ROPER, 28, Spinster, Shirt Maker of Market Street, Chapel en le Frith.  In the presence of George WILD & Harriet WILD