Taxal and Whaley Bridge

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My thanks to Holly Gaskell for many of these entries

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9 FebThomas SHRIGLEYE & Anne FALLOWES of Whalley (Prestbury, Chs)


23 Apr John GOSLING & Margery JACKSON of Taxall (Prestbury, Chs)


14 Jan Edward WARRINGTON of Taxall & Elizabeth GASCALL otp (Prestbury, Chs)


-- May Reginald DOWNES of Taxall & Jane OVERTON of Wilmslow (St. Mary`s, Stockport, Chs)


4 Jun Reginald TURNER of Taxall & Ellen BENNET (St. Mary`s, Stockport, Chs)


-- Mar John TARBUK of Wealey & Margret ROBOTHOME of Marple (St. Mary`s, Stockport, Chs)


26 Feb James LIVESLEY & Mary SOPFORDE of Taxall p. (Prestbury, Chs)


24 Nov John BENNETT of Taxal p. & Ann SLACK Licence (Pott Shrigley, Chs)


21 Apr John HALL & Esther SWINDEL married at Taxall (Chapel en le Frith, Dby - not shown in Taxal BTs/Phillimore)

1705/6 (top)

4 Feb Johannes DICKSON of Taxal & Sarah UPTON of Macclesfield Licence (Alderley, Chs)


12 Apr Thomas HALLOM & Anna LOW of Shalcross (Hope, Dby)


30 Aug Francis STAYLEY of Castleton p. & Alice HEATHCOT of Taxal p. (Chapel, Dby)


25 Aug William NORTON of Buxton, Bakwell p. & Frances WARRINGTON of Taxall p. (Chapel, Dby)

20 Dec Thomas ROBINSON of Taxall p. & Anne MOULT otp (Chapel, Dby)


9 Sep William MOULT of Taxall p. & Sarah BENNETT otp (Chapel, Dby)


11 Feb John COOPER otp & Mary BROCKLEHURST of Taxall p. (Chapel, Dby)


24 Feb Ralph LEIGHTON & Mary BEELEY both of Taxal p. (St. Mary`s, Stockport, Chs)


29 Dec Ralph SHAWCROSS & Anne LOWE of Whaley, Taxal p. married at Norbury Chapel (Poynton, Chs)


8 Aug Peter GASKELL & Jane LOWE both of Taxall (Marple, Chs)


24 Feb John JEPSON of Taxall p. & Mary BAGSHAWE of Chapel p. (Chapel, Dby)

1752 (top)

6 Feb Francis OLLERENSHAW of Disley & Mary SWINDELLS of Taxall (St. Mary`s, Stockport, Chs)

8 Apr Samuel REDITCH of Chapel en le Frith, Dby & Ann HEYWOOD of Taxall (Marple, Chs)

19 Sep Mr John DICKENSON, merchant of Taxal p. & Mrs Sarah CHETHAM dau of Mr Thomas Chetham Esq. (Mellor, Dby)


22 Jul Henry COOK of Hope p. & Easter GASKELL of Taxal p. Chs (Hope, Dby


29 Apr William SWINDELS of Taxall & Jane POTT of Prestbury Wit: John Davenport; John Shirt Banns; he signed SWINDELLS (Prestbury, Chs)


8 Jun James LONGSON of Taxall & Mary HALLAM of Prestbury Wit:: John Bedward; Joseph Hewit (Prestbury, Chs)


(20 Apr Thomas DOWNS farmer of Fernilee, Hope p. & Dorothy MILLARD of Horridge, Chapel p. Licence (Hope, Dby))


30 Jan Richard GARLICK of Taxall & Magdalene MELLOR of Prestbury Wit: John Pickford; David Wilson Licence (Prestbury, Chs)


25 Jun William SWINDELLS of Taxal p. butcher & Ann HIGGINBOTTOM of Hope p. (Hope, Dby)


21 Sep Lawrence FIDDLER of Hope p. (possibly Fernilee) & Ellen DERWENT of Chapel p. (Hope, Dby)


17 Apr Peter COTTERHIL, husbandman of Kettleshulme, otp & Martha DOWNES of Taxall Licence Wit: James Bentley; Jerh Adshead (Prestbury, Chs)

5 May James DIXON of Taxal p. & Ellen LONGDEN of Hope p. Licence (Hope, Dby)


17 Jan John DOWNS, yeoman of Taxall & Mary COOPER of Wildboarclough otp spinster Wit: Joseph Brocklehurst; George Barber (Prestbury, Chs)

17 May Joseph LOWE of Taxal p. & Ann CLEATTON otp Licence Wit: John Bray; Mary Johnson (Glossop, Dby)


1 Nov William POTT, yeoman of Taxal & Elizabeth TURNER of Kettleshulme otp Licence Wit: Anthony Ollerenshaw; Thomas Ward She signed Bettey (Prestbury, Chs)


17 Nov Francis GOLD collier of Taxal p. & Elizabeth LONGSTON otp Wit: Benjamin Hallam; Robert Holdgate (Chapel, Dby)


14 Oct Francis MELLOR of Peak Forest & Martha BENNETT of Taxal, Prestbury p. (sic) Licence Wit: John Middleton; Joseph Ward (Peak Forest, Dby)

1770 (top)

22 Oct Thomas GASKELL, yeoman of Lyme Handley otp & Mary HAGUE of Taxall Licence Wit: George Brocklehurst, John Allen (Prestbury, Chs)


14 Oct John BENNETT yeoman of Taxal p. & Mary BOTTOMS otp Licence Wit: Thomas Frith; John  Bottoms (Chapel, Dby)


5 Nov Thomas BARBER, husbandman otp & Hannah GREEN of Taxal p. Wit: James Atkin; Wm Atkin (Chapel, Dby)


6 Sep William GOODWIN, husbandman of Whaley, Taxal p. & Sarah MELLOR of Lyme Handley otp Licence Wit: John Sellers; Thomas Shallcross (Prestbury, Chs)

5 Dec William LEIGH (LEE in banns) husbandman otp & Ann GREEN of Taxal p. Wit: Thomas Bramwell; James Green (Chapel, Dby)


30 Apr George JOHNSON, husbandman of Taxall & Elizabeth GASKELL of Lyme Handley Licence Wit: John Johnson;  Phillip Shallcross (Prestbury, Chs)


26 Apr James GREEN, farmer of Taxal & Nancy HAYWOOD widow of Kettleshulme otp Wit: Thos Mellor; Samuel Green (Prestbury, Chs)

1804 (top)

14 Feb William GOODWIN, farmer of Taxall & Margaret BENNETT minor of Lime Handley Licence Wit: Thos Mellor; Joseph Lomas (Prestbury Chs)


(7 Apr James WAIRING of Hope p. & Hannah GASKILL of Hope p. Wit Peter Gaskill; N Woodroofe (Hope, Dby) )  [Fernilee?]

24 Nov Henry LOWE of Taxal p & Mary PEARSON a minor of Glossop p By licence & consent of parents (Glossop, Dby)


25 Apr Joel BEARD, farmer  of Lyme Handley & Sarah PEARSON of Taxal p. Wit: Geo Phillips; Henry Pearson  (Prestbury Chs)


8 Dec John HYDE, labourer of Taxal p. & Betty LOMAS Licence (Chapel, Dby)


Apr/May Isaac LOMAS of Hope p. & Sarah LONGDEN of Taxall p. (Hope, Dby)

23 Sep John BROADHURST of Taxall p. & Martha GARSIDE otp Licence Wit: John Frith; Joseph Frith (Chapel, Dby)


Jan Elias COOK of Hope p. & Martha ROWLEY of Taxall p. (Hope, Dby)


20 Apr George GODDARD of Taxal p. & Gratruda FORD otp Wit: George Swindells; John Goddard (Chapel, Dby)

25 Dec Joseph BOWDEN of Taxal p. & Elizabeth ASHMORE otp Wit: Peter Frost; Joel Beard (Chapel, Dby)


25 Dec John PORTER, farmer of Taxal & Ellen TURNER of Rainow Wit: H.R. Rice; Jas Pimlott she signed Helen (Prestbury, Chs)


16 Apr William HANDLEY of Taxal p. & Sarah FORD otp Licence Wit: Robert Ford; William Joule (Chapel, Dby)


19 Sep James OLLERENSHAW, tailor of Whaley son of Robert, mill tenter & Ann PATEFIELD of Fernilee dau of Thomas dec., joiner Licence (Hope, Dby)


29 Jun Isaac LOMAS aged 40, farmer of Whaley Bridge son of Isaac, weaver & Ann ROWBOTHAM aged 26 of Hurdsfield dau of Edward, farmer Wit: Nathaniel Rowbotham; Lucy Elizabeth Rowbotham Licence (Prestbury,Chs)


11 Jun Edward JOHNSON wid., labourer of Taxall son of George dec., wheelwright & Margaret BROADHURST of Fernilee, dau of Richd dec. labourer (Hope, Dby)


21 Nov Peter BENNETT aged 55, farmer of Taxall p. son of James, collier & Sarah HANDFORD aged 48 of Kettleshulme dau of John, farmer Wit: Mary Moore; William Bayley Licence (Prestbury, Chs)


17 Mar John HEGINBOTHAM aged 24, iron monger of Whaley Bridge, Taxall p. son of Peter, brayter? & Frances Helen LOWE aged 22 of Macclesfield dau of James, grocer Wit: Amelia Darlington Lowe; James Lowe Licence (Prestbury, Chs)


31 Mar William JEPSON aged 21 collier of Taxal p. son of Thomas, collier & Elizabeth COUPS aged 20 of Sutton dau of James, gardener Witnesses: Matthew Sharpley; Sarah Ann Coups (Prestbury, Chs)

6 Oct William BROCKLEHURST aged 23, engine driver of Taxal son of William, farmer & Sarah COLLIER aged 23 of Horwich End dau of Joseph, joiner Licence (Hope, Dby)

5 Nov Isaac LOMAS aged 24, collier of Whaley son of Isaac, labourer & Mary WILD aged 21 of Whaley dau of Thomas, collier (Hope, Dby)


24 Sep Thomas TURNER aged 30 farmer of Kettleshulme son of Richard, farmer & Mary WILSON aged 29 of Taxal dau of Thomas, farmer Wit: John Wilson; Ellen Wilson Licence (Prestbury, Chs)


10 Jun James WILSON aged 26, gunpowder maker of Taxal son of William, gunpowder maker & Hannah WILD aged 25 of Hope dau of Thomas, collier (Hope, Dby)


12 Oct George BOOTHBY, wid. loomer of Taxal son of William, labourer & Sarah FIDLER of Fernilee dau of Henry, labourer Licence (Hope, Dby)


28 Feb Thomas GODDARD, stonemason of Horwich End son of Joseph, stonemason & Annie GARLICK of Taxal dau of John, cordwainer (Hope, Dby)


5 Dec Robert Edward BENNETT aged 32, farmer of Fernilee son of Joseph, farmer & Elizabeth Ann LOMAS aged 23 of Taxal, dau of John, Farmer (Hope, Dby)


26 Mar Richard HODGSON aged 31 gardener of Ollerenshaw Farm, Whaley Bridge son of Hodgson, farmer & Eliza GREEN aged 28 dau of Jepson Clough, Adlington dau of Lawrence dec., farmer Wit: James Green; Mary Woolley Licence (Prestbury, Chs)


22 Nov Arthur SIMS aged 24, engineer of Taxal son of Charles, miner & Mary TOMLIN aged 21 of Fernilee dau of Robert Hewitt Tomlin, publican (Hope, Dby)