Taxal and Whaley Bridge

Burials found elsewhere

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The entries are colour coded.  Black = Parish Reg.   Blue = Bishops Transcripts

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14 Aug Thomas COSTENTINE son of Thomae quondam Rector Taxall


7 Apr Marie BROWNEHILL of Wayley wife of Richard (Disley, Chs)

7? Jun Henerie? POTTS son of William & Jane of Shallcrosse (Disley, Chs)


26 Aug Ottiwell CLAYTON son of Ottiwell of Taxall, Chs. (Mellor, Dby)


22 Feb Ellen COOPER of Yeardsley Wayley wife of John (Disley, Chs)


20 Jan Mary POWNAL wife of James of Wealey (Disley, Chs)


13 May George BROCKLEHURST of Taxall (Disley, Chs)

1731 (top)

11 Jun Mary BOTTOMS of Taxall p. (Chapel, Dby)


27 Apr George COWPER of Taxall p. (Chapel, Dby)


31 May Ann BOTTOMS wife of William of the Fold, Taxall p. (Chapel, Dby)


2 Mar Hannah BENNET a poor woman of Taxal p. (Chapel, Dby)


23 Feb Mary MARSLAND wife of Thomas of Toulbar, Wealey (Disley, Chs)


17 Oct Mary TOMLESON dau of John & Elin of Weley (Disley, Chs)


7 Aug Thomas WILSON the elder of Taxal (Chapel, Dby)


3 Dec Ellen BARRETT of Bottoms Hall, Whaley (Disley, Chs)

1739/40 (top)

25 Jan Ann HUDSON dau of Ralph & Ann of Taxal (Chapel, Dby)


16 May James MARSLAND son of Thos & Mary of Whaley (Disley, Chs)

17 May Mary KIRK wife of Ralph [    ] [       ] in Taxal p. (Chapel, Dby)

27 May Mary BROCKLEHURST dau of George & Hannah of Taxhall (Disley, Chs)


17 Apr Mary KIRK wife of Ralph of Goits-Moss in Taxal (Chapel, Dby)


9 Feb Hannah JEPSON dau of John & Mary of Whaley (Disley, Chs)


9 May William OLERENSHAWE of The Wheel, Taxal p. (Chapel, Dby)


4 Aug Margaret BAGSHAWE wife of Samuel of the Furnace, Taxal p. (Chapel, Dby)


27 Dec Hannah BROCKLEHURST widow of Taxhall (Disley, Chs)

1752 (top)

23 Jan Ann BROCKLEHURST of Whaley (Disley, Chs)

-- Jul John JACKSON son of John of Whaley (date eroded) (Chapel, Dby)


30 Sep Mary JACKSON wife of David of Whaley (Disley, Chs)


19 Jul Margaret TURNER of Whayley (Chapel, Dby)


29 Jul Joan BAGSHAW of Whaley (Chapel, Dby)


24 May George BROCKLEHURST of Whaley (Disley, Chs)


22 Mar Daniel RIDGWAY who kept the Whaley Turnpike (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)


10 Feb Elizabeth MELLOR of Whaley Lane, Chs (Chapel, Dby)


6 May John BROCKLEHURST of Taxwell (Disley, Chs)

1770 (top)

2 Nov Elizabeth WILD of Whaley (Disley, Chs)


13 May Mary JEPSON wife of John of Whaley (Disley, Chs)

1 Aug John JEPHSON of Whaley (Disley, Chs)


2 Aug Anna MARSLAND dau of John & Mary of Whaley (Disley, Chs)

18 Oct Martha THORNHILL of Whaley (Chapel, Dby)


2 Feb Stephen BEALLOTT of Norman wood, Taxal p. (Chapel, Dby)


14 Nov Rachael BROCKLEHURST of Whaley (Disley, Chs)


1 Aug Mary SWINDELLS wife of James of Whaley [blot on page] (Disley, Chs)

8 Oct Elizabeth LEVESLEY at Bottoms Hall, Chester aged 86 years (Chinley Ind. Chapel)

1790 (top)

.. Jul Wm SWINDELLS of Pennant End, Whaley [page worn away] (Disley, Chs)

.. Dec William SWINDELLS son of Nanny Sen. of Penant End, Whaley [page worn away] (Disley, Chs)


16 Oct Wm OSBASON son of Frans of Whaley (Disley, Chs)


9 Apr Martha JONES of Whalley Bridge aged 71y (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)


10 Mar William JONES son of Francis of Whaley Bridge not a year old (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)

10 Aug Francis JONES at Whaley Bridge aged 41y (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)


13 Sep Martha JACKSON wife of Thos of Whaley (Disley, Chs)


27 May Francis OSBASON of Taxal (Disley, Chs)

1800 (top)

28 May Sarah GOODALL wife of Francis of Hockerly in Cheshire aged 72y (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)

9 Nov John ALLEN of Whaley (Disley, Chs)


26 Jun Susanna BAILY wife of Jos. of Whaley (Disley, Chs)


28 Jan Maria TORKINGTON of Whaley (Disley, Chs)

.. Aug Ann JONES widow of Francis late of Whaley Bridge (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)


13 Jul William WILDE of Whaley aged 44 (Chapel, Dby)

16 Nov Margaret JOHNSON wife of John of Whaley (Disley, Chs)


27 Aug Ellen SIDEBOTHAM wife of Joshua of Whaley (Disley, Chs)

1810 (top)

18 Apr Joseph WHITLEY son of Joseph & Alice of Wealey aged 6 (Chapel, Dby)

20 Aug William TIBBET of Whaley aged 29 (Chapel, Dby)


26 Feb William TIBBET of Whaley infant (Chapel, Dby)

14 Apr Ann  JACKSON wife of Jonathan of Whaley aged 59 (Chapel, Dby)

29 Sep Ann WALTON of Nook, Taxall p. aged 15 (Chapel, Dby)


29 Mar William ALLEN son of John & Mary of Taxal p. aged 11m (Chapel, Dby)


13 Jan Elizabeth BROMLEY of Whaley aged 15y (Chapel, Dby)

31 Jul Elizabeth HIGGINBOTHAM of Horridge, infant (Chapel, Dby)


5 Feb Anne HADFIELD widow of Charles of Whaley, Chs aged 77 (Mellor, Dby)

25 Dec Ralph CLAYTON of Hockley, Prestbury p. aged 76y (Disley, Chs)


23 Jan Edmund BARTON of Horrige aged 9y (Chapel, Dby)

23 Jan Eliza BROMLEY of Whaley aged 23m (Chapel, Dby)

10 Mar Elizabeth OAKS of Whaley aged 68y (Chapel, Dby)


19 Aug George HEATHCOAT of Whaley aged 16y (Chapel, Dby)


29 Jan Hannah PLANT of Cluff in Taxal aged 15y (Chelmorton, Dby)

14 Mar Jane PLANT of Cluff in Taxal aged 6m (Chelmorton, Dby)

12 Apr Elizabeth WHITLEY of Whaley aged 17y (Chapel, Dby)

1820 (top)

23 Jan Ann FOX of Oldfield,Taxall aged 77y (Chapel, Dby)

30 Jul Rachel MARSHALL of Hockesley, Chs aged 31y wife of George (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)

8 Dec Alice MORTIN of Whaley aged 40y (Chapel, Dby)


21 Sep Sarah SMITH of Whaley Brow, Taxall p. aged 74y (Disley, Chs)

3 Nov Hannah BROMLEY of Whaley aged 46y (Chapel, Dby)


27 Dec William HAUGHTON of Whaley, Taxall p. aged 49y died 23 Dec inst. (Disley, Chs)


4 Sep   Ann PLANT of Goits Bridge Chs aged 17y (Chelmorton, Dby)


19 Apr Margt SIDEBOTTOM of Whaley Bridge, Chapel en le Frith p. aged 42y (Disley, Chs)

30 Jun  Martha PLANT of Goits Bridge aged 52y (Chelmorton, Dby)

23 Jul James SIDEBOTHAM of Whaley Bridge, Chapel en le Frith p. aged 15w (Disley, Chs)

10 Aug Joshua SIDEBOTHAM of Whaley Bridge, Chapel en le Frith p. aged 55y (Disley, Chs)

20 Sep Mary MOSELY dau of Thomas & Mary of Whaley Bridge aged 9m (Mellor, Dby)

10 Oct Joseph CLAYTON of Hockley, Worth, Prestbury p. aged 1m (Disley, Chs)

13 Nov George BROMLEY of Whaley aged 58 (Chapel, Dby)


4 Feb Sarah JACKSON of Whaley, Chs. aged 29 (Chapel, Dby)

24 Jun  Thomas ROBINSON of Whaley aged 16 (Chelmorton, Dby)


12 Jun Jonathan JACKSON of Whaley aged 81 (Chapel, Dby)

21 Jul Mary MOSELY wife of Thomas of Whaley Bridge aged 46y (Mellor, Dby)

12 Dec Rebecca ETCHELLS of Whaley, Taxal p. aged 10m (Disley, Chs)


1 Apr Thomas TAYLOR of Whaley inf (Chapel en le frith, Dby)

19 Nov Hannah WILD of Kettleshulme aged 65 (Chapel, Dby)

26 Nov Betty ALLEN of Whaley aged 1  (Chapel en le frith, Dby)

5 Feb Jonathan WALKLATE son of Jonathan & Martha of Furness, Chs aged 3y (Mellor, Dby)

1832 (top)

3 Jun Hannah SIGLEY of Whaley aged 39y (Chinley Ind. Chapel)


24 Nov Richard ROBINSON of Whaley aged 45y (Chelmorton, Dby)


19 Jan John SIGLEY of Whaley aged 69y (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)

10 May William ETCHELLS of Whaley aged 13y (Disley, Chs)


1 Mar Nanny JACKSON of Whalley aged 2y (Disley, Chs)

12 Aug Joseph SIGLEY son of John of Horridge End aged 3y (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)

25 Sep Hannah ROBINSON of Whaley aged 46y (Chelmorton, Dby)


6 Mar John CHATHAM? of Whalley aged 1y  (Disley, Chs)

1840 (top)

13 Feb Ralph MORTEN of Taxal aged 8 months (Chapel, Dby)


4 Nov William CROSLEY of Yeardsley cum Whaley aged 65y Pg 67, Entry 531 (Prestbury, Chs)


18 Oct Sarah WILD of Taxall aged 72y (Disley, Chs)


18 Mar Jane LOWE of Stone Heads, Whaley aged 7 (Chapel, Dby)


4 Apr William SHIRT of Whayley aged 15 (Peak Forest, Dby)

22 Aug Harriet WILD of Whaley aged 14y (Disley, Chs)


26 Mar Harriet RHODES of Whaley aged 1y 7m (Disley, Chs)

16 Apr Ruth WILD of Whaley aged 8y (Disley, Chs)

3 May Fanny FAYLE of Whaley aged 49y (Disley, Chs)


15 Mar Sarah Ann SWINDELLS of Whaley aged 2w (Disley, Chs)

7 Oct Nicholas GODDARD of Taxal aged 64 (Chapel, Dby)


14 Feb Elizabeth POTTER of Taxal infant (Chapel, Dby)


22 May John ETCHELLS of Whalley aged 21y (Disley, Chs)


24 Sep Hannah TAYLOR of Whaley aged 85y (Disley, Chs)


17 Jul Hannah MYCOCK of Whaley  late of Flagg aged 58 (Chelmorton, Dby)


23 Jun Sarah CLAYTON of Whaley aged 11m (Disley, Chs)


9 Jan Ellen CLAYTON of Whaley aged 30y (Disley, Chs)

1 Apr Charles CLAYTON of Whaley, infant (Disley, Chs)

14 Apr  Thomas HOLMES of Taxall aged 13m (King Sterndale, Dby)


12 Feb George WARD of Joddrel Arms, Whaley aged 10m (Disley, Chs)


24 May Chas HOLMES Taxall aged 13m (King Sterndale, Dby)


1 Apr Margaret Wild FORD of Whaley aged 1y (Disley, Chs)

15 Aug William WARD of Whaley aged 73y (new grave paid £1. 1.) (Disley, Chs)


30 Jan Jane Ann CLAYTON of Whaley aged 8m (Disley, Chs)

30 Mar Charles WILD of Whaley aged 7y (Disley, Chs)

20 Apr John WILD of Whaley aged 23y (Disley, Chs)

1860 (top)

12 Aug John WILD of Taxall aged 67y (Disley, Chs)

7 Oct Ezra COCKER of Whaley aged 58y (Stoney Middleton, Dby)

9 Dec Joseph JOULE of Whaley Bridge aged 60y (Mellor, Dby)


27 Nov Elizabeth WARD of Whaley Bridge aged 15y (Disley, Chs)


26 Jan Hannah LOMAS of Whaley Bridge aged 47 (Disley, Chs)

20 Sep Esther WILD of Whaley Bridge aged 2m (Disley, Chs)


17 Feb Jane MORTEN of Taxal aged 55 (Chapel, Dby)

20 Jul Joseph HANDFORD of Whaley aged 8days (New Mills, Dby)

5 Nov Fanny RILEY of Whaley aged 38y (Disley, Chs)


28 May Ruth WILD of Whaley aged 47y (Disley, Chs)

31 Oct John TURNER of Whaley aged 24 (Chapel, Dby)


8 Mar Mary Hampson DYER of Whaley Bridge aged 34y (Disley, Chs)

19 Jul Ellen MYCOCK of Horwich End, Fernilee aged 25 (Peak Forest, Dby)

22 Nov Hannah WARD of Whaley aged 77y (Disley, Chs)


26 Apr Alexander Wilson DYER of Whaley Bridge aged 14m (Disley, Chs)

28 Sep Ellen GASKELL of Whaley Bridge aged 96y (Disley, Chs)

22 Oct George WILD of Hockerley Hall, Whaley Bridge aged 48y (Disley, Chs)


14 May Thomas JARVIS of Whaley aged 10 wks (Bolsover, Dby)

1 Jul Margaret WILD of Hockerley Hall aged 71y (Disley, Chs)

1870 (top)

27 Dec Joseph GODDARD of Whaley Bridge aged 41y (Disley, Chs)


14 Jan Ann ARMSTRONG of Horridge, Whaley Bridge aged 20y (Disley, Chs)

15 Feb Hannah CHEETHAM of Whaley Bridge aged 47y (Disley, Chs)

1 Apr Joseph WILD of Hockerley aged 3w (Disley, Chs)

6 Apr Thomas FLETCHER of Union Work House, Chapel en le Frith late of Whaley Bridge aged 38 (Peak Forest, Dby)

1 Jul Mary ARMSTRONG of Horridge, Whaley Bridge aged 23y (Disley, Chs)

12 Sep William RHODES of Whaley Bridge aged 3m (Disley, Chs)

22 Dec Ann WILD of Whaley Bridge aged 42y (Disley, Chs)


25 Jan Sarah CLAYTON of Whaley Bridge aged 47y (Disley, Chs)


27 Feb George MacFarlane JOHNSTON of Whaley Bridge aged 7m (Disley, Chs)

9 Apr Lorenzo Septimus OLLERENSHAW of Fernilee, Hope p. aged 5 months (Edale, Dby)


4 Sep Ann SWINDELLS of Whaley Bridge aged 66y (Disley, Chs)


9 Feb Susan NADEN of Whaley Bridge aged 36 (Earl Sterndale, Dby)

10 Feb Thomas RHODES of Whaley Bridge aged 65y (Disley, Chs)

14 May Ruth WILD of Hockerley Hall, Whaley Bridge aged 4y (Disley, Chs)

29 Jun William JOHNSON of Whaley Bridge aged 20y (Disley, Chs)


27 Apr George WILD of Hockerley Hall, Whaley Bridge aged 11m (Disley, Chs)


26 Mar John William THOMPSON of Whaley Bridge aged 4y (Disley, Chs)

17 Oct Annie OLDFIELD of Whaley Bridge aged 21 (Burbage, Dby)

1 Nov Herbert WILD of Hockerley Hall, Whaley Bridge aged 20m (Disley, Chs)

1880 (top)

17 Jan Harriet WILD of Hockerley Hall, Whaley Bridge aged 5y (Disley, Chs)


25 May Ruth WILD of Whaley Bridge aged 15y (Disley, Chs)


1 Mar John HANDLEY of Whaley Bridge aged 74 (Wormhill, Dby)

25 Sep Nancy RHODES of Whaley Bridge aged 73y (Disley, Chs)


24 Feb Margaret NUTTALL of Whaley Bridge aged 21y (Disley, Chs)

22 May John SWINDELLS of Whalley Bridge aged 74y (Disley, Chs)

11 Sep John THOMPSON of Whaley Bridge aged 19m (Disley, Chs)


5 May Lucy DURDUN of Whaley Bridge aged 88y (Disley, Chs)

16 Aug Ralph HALL of Whaley Bridge aged 12y (Disley, Chs)

24 Nov Sarah JOHNSON of Whaley Bridge aged 52y (Disley, Chs)


21 Apr Robert CARRINGTON of Greenhead Cottage, Whaley Bridge aged 76 (Edale, Dby)


18 Dec David THATCHER of Taxal aged 14m (Disley, Chs)


19 Apr John CLAYTON of Whaley Bridge aged 59y (Disley, Chs)

6 Oct William HEATHCOTE of Ridgemount, near Whaley Bridge aged 68y (Mellor, Dby)


-- Jun William RICHARDSON of Whaley Bridge aged 67y (Hayfield, Dby)

23 Jun Samuel THATCHER of Whaley Bridge aged 1m (Disley, Chs)

1891 (top)

27 May Ann WATERHOUSE of Whaley Bridge aged 70y (Hayfield, Dby)

25 Jun James Albert LOMAS of Yeardsley Hall, Whaley Bridge aged 4 (Chapel, Dby Wes. Meth.)


18 Aug Andrew JOHNSON of Whalley Bridge aged 20y (Disley, Chs)


31 Jul Goody ARDERN of Yeardsley cum Whaley aged 81(Disley, Chs)


6 Jun James RILEY of Furness Vale, Taxal cum Whaley p. aged 64y (Disley, Chs)


2 Dec Mary Louise Bramwell HALLAM of Whaley Bridge aged 18 years (Chapel, Dby)

1905 (top)

23 May Emma Maria DRINKWATER of Bridgemont, Whaley Bridge aged 62y (Hayfield, Dby)


27 Nov John Wyatt DRINKWATER of Bridgemont, Whaley Bridge aged 72y (Hayfield, Dby)


12 Mar Sarah FLETCHER of Whaley Bridge aged 87 (Peak Forest, Dby)


12 Oct Maria Bates HAMPSON of 48 Macclesfield Rd., Taxal aged 66y (Hayfield, Dby)