The Diary of John Warren

Book Two

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Written inside front cover

Wm BURY 35 Pownall St. Vine St Hulme Manchester

JACKSONS Property Birch Lane

1870 Monday Jenuarey 31th John WARREN had 2 very bad falls of a Plank in Furness Stone quarrey

In pencil: Mr William WRIGLEY Church Street Bolington Near Mackelsfield

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P 3

1862 Tuesday Januarey 7th Liza NWEETON intended to Drown herself in the Canel at Bugsworth

1862 Wedensday Januarey 15th Mary SLEIGH the wife of William SLEIGH Died very soden

1862 Wedensday Januarey 15th Antony SOUTHREN Died son of Joseph and Elizabeth SOUTHREN

1862 Wedensday Night Januarey 29th William BUTTERLER of Red more leane was Drowned in the New Mills Brook

1862 Friday Januarey 31th George HOLERANSHAW was killed in the Furness Cluf Coal Pit by the fall of astone that crushed him to Death 

1862 Tuesday Febuary 4th John HILL of Whaley Bridge was Robed of the sum of £65 or 66 pounds by an irish man that Lodged with him in the name of LACKEY he was a navey on the Real way at Whaley Bridge

P 4 (top)

1862 Thursday Januarey 16th the horribal Colliery Accident at hartley Coal pit the inquest on the bodies of the 199 men and boys who were buried a live in the hartley Pit at the late Accident eight men who were ascending in the Cage at the time Five of them were killed

1862 Wednesday Feburary 5th John GOULD Died at Water Side aged 77 years

1862 Tuesday February 4th Joseph SIMSON was Discharged from the Whaley Bridge Gass Works

1862 Friday Februarey 14th Joseph SLATER a Prentice to Machine Printing at Whaley Bridge Print Works was Discharged by John PICKUP

1862 Monday Februarey 17th Joseph SLATER a Prentice to Machine Printing commenced Printing again at Whaley Bridge Print Works for Mr John WELCH

P 5

1862 Friday February 28th Mary Jane HEATHCOTE Daughter of Robert and Martha HEATHCOTE came by her misfortine by falling from a window wille she was cleening it at the house of Mr T.J. LYTH Surgeon belonging to Mr John NALL as Land Lord this Mary Jane HEATHCOATE was servent for Mr T.J. LYTH Surgeon and she was cleening a window at the back side of the houess when she fell from the window and Brooke booth of her Legs

1862 Friday February 28th Mr George CAWLEY of Car Cottige the Late Stward for Esq JODRELL Mr George CAWLEY who intended to hang himsellf with a rope in Adam HOWS stable at horwich end Mr George CAWLEY wold have been hanged if Mr James HIBERT Doctor had not cut the rope and horwich End Policeman with him Mr George CAWLEY would have hanged Dead

1862 Wedensday March 5th Mr William HARRISON Died in James GODDARD Pig Coat  the all ways challed       Old Billey HARRISON

P 6 (top)                                                        RAILWAYS

It appears that so early as the year 1676 coals were carried from the mines near Newcastle upon tyne to the banks of the river by laying rails of timber exactly straight and parrallel on which large carts with four rollers fitting the rails and drawn by horses could convey at once fore or five chaldrons of coals. about a Century Afterwards an iron railroad was constructed at Sheffield Colliery  But the first railway Resembling those now in use as a public thoroughfare for the Conveyance of goods and passengers was the Stockton and Darlington Railway wich was completed only in 1825 and was the first which was attended with complete success  Several years however elapsed before steam locomotive Engines were adopted this noble triumph of art in the swift conveyance of goods and passengers was first practically exhibited at the Opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway on the 15th September 1830 when it was found that trains of carriages could be conveyed

P 7

at the rate of 25 and 30 miles an hour since this period Rail ways have been distributed throughout almost all the populous districts of our Country the rails on which the wheels of the Engines and Carriages move are all made of iron at first it was supposed that malleable iron rails were to be preferred but it is now understood that cast iron rails if properly made will enduer all the tear and wear to which they are in general subjected Each individual rail is about 12 feet in length and 6 inchs in depth at the two ends their thickness is about one inch and the upper surface on which the is to run about two inches so as to project laterally like the cross top of the letter T.  they are pinned togther at their extremities and are supported at intervals of every three feet the sopporters on some lines of railroad consist of stone sleepers sunk into the ground but it is generally admitted that transvers bars of wood sunk

P 8 (top)

in the ground are preferable as lines of rail are this kept from separating or shifting and as stone sleepers present too unyielding a base to the rolling of the wheels in order to keep the weels on the rails they are furnished with thin edges which dip on the outside the weels of the Locomotive have a diameter of about 4 feet: the diameter for the wagon or Carriage weels is generally from 30 to 36 inches the Locomotive is now generally placed upon six Weels: the front and hind pair being smaller than those in the middle, these middle ones being the weels upon which by the action of Cranks from the Engin the whole mass is propelled  A chimney rises in front and a standing place behind is allotted for the Engineer who conducts and regulates the machine the barrel - like object next the Enginer consists of a furnace or fire-box, and the heat generated in it by the Consumption of Coke is conducted hence through a great number of tubes in the cylinder and

P 9

finally escapes at the chimney by means of lever handles affecting the mechanism the Engineer can at pleasure produce or stop the motion as effectually as a coach driver could set off or arrest the progress of his horses immediately behind the Locomotive is a Carriage called the tender which is loaded with fuel and has a tank round its sides containing water the weight of a Locomotive supplied with its proper quantity of water and fuel is about 12 tons when filled with water and fuel the tender weighs about 7 tons: it can carry 700 gallons of water and eight hudred weight of coke which will form a supply for a trip of 30 or 40 miles the Cost of a Locomotive is about £1700 and it seldom weares longer than two years without undergoing an extensive repair   Ordinary Locomotives evaporate 77 cubic feet of water per hour: those on the Great Western railway about 200 cubic feet. the veaporation of

P 10 (top)

one cubic feet pr hour produces a machanical force of nearly 2 horse power Consequently we may ascertain the power of a Locomotive by multiplying by 2 the number of cubic feet which it evaporates in a hour An ordinary sized Locomotive exerts a power of 150 horses as horse upon a common road cannot draw for any length of time more than 15 hundred weight while on a railway it will pull with equal ease ten tons which is thirteen times the amount and therefore the power of a Locomotive such as is usually employed is equal to a draught of 1462 tons

1862 Wedensday March 19th A New fot Bridge put over the stepings at the side of the Whaley Bridge Cannel Wharehouse and a New Road also at the Bottom End of the iron reals

No 11

1845 May 16th John WELCH Coleor Maker and Mr John WELCH Diffred and Parted over the Work at Furness Print Work and the had a very Good Fight before the Parted

1845 May 22th John PICKUP Colur Maker Begun working at Furness Print Works for BUCHAN and WELCH

1847 May 26th Partnership Disolved Between BUCHAN WELCH and PINE at Furness Print work

1848 April 20th Child found Dead in the Widows Clough Mudred at Taxal

1862 Saturday March 15th James PICKUP Left Whaley Bridge Print Works

1862 Friday Night March 21th Mr John PICKUP Manager for Mr John WELCH Left Whaley Bridge Print Works Mr John PICKUP was Colur Maker abd then Manager for Mr WELCH 16 eyers ant ten Months in Mr WELCH sevice     

No 12 (top)

1862 Saturday March 1st the London and North Western Rail way Engin whent over the New Bridge opsite Whaley Sunday School for the first time that it whent over after the Bridge was Bilt the Bridge spans over the river G

1862 Saturday March 22th Mr Alfride WELCH son of Mr John WELCH commenced Being the manager for his Father at Whaley Bridge Print Works in Mr John PICKUP Place at Whaley Bridge Print Works Derbyshire

1862 Monday February 3rd the first Temprance Meetting that was held at Whaley Bridge in the Spring Bank Sonday School By Mr ROBINSON and Mr WALKER

1862 Wednesday April 2nd the first Temprance Meetting at Furness was in the Furness Sonday School

No 13

1862 Monday 7th April  the Flues under 2 boilers was cleaned without any Drink for the first time in sted of having 6 quarts from Mr John WELCH house clened by William SLEIGH and John WARREN Junier

1862 Saturday April 19th Nancey SLEIGH whent of with a nother man Nancey SLEIGH came back to Whaley Bridge to her husband and Family But not content with them she went of a gain on the 23 of April and her husband whent to Furness in serch of her and she was not to be found and her husband James SLEIGH came all the way Back from Furness shouting Murder his wife was Drowned but not knowing where

1862 Wedensday April 23th John CLARK of Whaley Bridge was killed on the Real way with the Dirt Engin that works on that Line Between Whaley Bridge and Buxton Worked by James LOMAS Enginear and Jonathan GARLICK fire man                                                   

P 14 (top)

1862 Saturday April 26th the first Temperanc Tea Meetting at Whaley Bridge in the Wesleyan Sunday School Price of the tickets was 9 pence each

the house of Commons dates from 1176 that is this is the date of the first record having reference to the Commons as an institution

P 15

1862 Wedensday April 30th reported that Mr John WELCH Calico Printer Whaley Bridge had Becom Bankrupt

Monday May 5th Mr John WELCH had to Meet his Creditors at Manchester

Wedensday May 7th          FISHER from Manchester came to value Whaley Bridge Print Works

May 12th Monday Mr John WELCH had to meet his Creditors at Manchester

Thursday May 15th Mr John WELCH of Whaley Bridge was put into the Bankrupt Cort at Manchester

Saturday May 17th Whaley Bridge Print Works stoped Working

1862 Tuesday May 27th Mr John WELCH Calico Printer Whaley Bridge and Manchester the first meeting at the Manchester Cort

Meetings of Creditors

P 16 (top)

1862 Thursday May 29th By order of the Assigneers of the estate and effects of John WELCH A Bankrupt the Commodious and Excellent Printing and Bleaching Works Situated at Whaley Bridge in the county of Derby with the Steam engin Steam Boilers shafting and Machinery Compleate the Building are judiciously laid out and the Machinery for Printing consists of two 9 - 8 six colour one 9/8 eight colour one 9/8 three colour one 9/8 single cylinder Printing Machine with Blanket framing and each Machine is Driven by independent Engines the Bleaching works are on BARLOWS high pressure principle fitted up recently by MATHER and PLATT the Machinery for Dyeing and Finishing is complete for eight Machines there are foure Cylindrical Steam boilers and a par of horizontal Steam Engins by ORMEROD there is a never failing supply of water of great purity there are two large reservoirs with the necessary pipes taps and valves the land upon which the works are erected if Freehold of inheritance and Contains 19.360 square yards of  land subject

P 17

to a perpetual yearly rent of £80.13s. 4d. Also an Excellent Dewelling house situated near the Works together with about 20.000 square yards of land the Property is leasehold for the term of 999 years from the 26th of March 1853 Subject to the payment of a yearly rent of £120 for permission to view the premises and to obtain further particulars application to be made to Messrs HIGSON and ROBINSON Solicitors to the assignees 44 Cross Street Manchester

1862 Wedensday June 18th Meetings of Creditors at the Manchester Cort Athenaeum Gorge Street Before Mr Commissioner JEMMETT John WELCH Calico Printer Whaley Bridge and Manchester last Examination and Discharge this Meetting was Postponed untill the

P 18 (top)

1862 to be sould by Auction on Wedensday the 25th Day of June Farming Stock horses cows carts (`growing crops` crossed out) etc. by Mr T M FISHER and Sons at the Farm of Mr John WELCH Whaley Bridge by Order of the Assignees of Mr John WELCH Calico Printer Whaley Bridge

1862 Friday August 8th Whaley Bridge Print Works was offried for Sail at Manchester Spring gardins Clarince hotel but there was no biders there that inclined to £8500 and thre was no sail that Night of the Print Works but the Second lot was Sould for £5000

P 19

1862 March 25th Joseph WILLIAMSON took the Letting of the Stone quaries in Walker Brue Taxal and the commenced Making Pavers the first Pavers that was worked in thoes stone quaries and then John PICKUP took the stone quaries of  of (sic) Joseph WILLIAMSON at a valua of the touels was in when he commenced

1862 Wedensday June 11th Nathanial WRIGHT and Abel WAIN had a Law case at Chapel enlefrith Cort for leving a house with out notice Nathanial WRIGHT Lost his case

1862 Thursday July 3rd 44 Copper Rolers sent to Manchester from Whaley Bridge Print Works for John GRAVE and Company

1862 Saturday July 5th the frst Temprance Procession of the New Mills District and there was about 1080 walked in Procession that Day and the had a very good tea Meetting at New Mills and the had the Whaley Bridge flute Band to Play for them that Day

P 20 (top)

1862 Sonday Night August 10th James SLEIGH of Whaley Bridge had a woman from Bolington to keep house for him and on the 14th of August the had a Merry Meetting in his house in Voxs row

1862 Thursday August 28th the Buxton Lime Company his work men removed to Buxton to work their for the have Bilt a New Work Shop their

1862 Friday September 12th Mr John PICKUP of of (sic) Whaley Bridge Fixed a new Crean up in the Walker Brow Stone quarrey

1862 Tuesday July 29th Mr John WELCH of Whaley Bridge Flitted from his own house to Hatfield Fould Farm

1862 Thursday September 18th William GOULD of Whaley Bridge was Discharged from Watford Bridge Print Works

1862 Monday September 22th the commenced Pulling the toll Bar house Down at Whaley Bridge for to Bild a new one in its place John BOOTH was the toll Colecter at that time when the house was rebilt

P 21

1862 Tuesday October 7th Henry SOUTHREN of Furness was killed at New Mills Real way Station with the

1862 Wedensday October 8th Frederick     WELCH was killed withe Fallin in the Street at Manchester and was intered at Taxal Church near Whaley Bridge

1862 Wedensday and Thursday November 5th and 6 Whaley  Bridge Print Works to Calico Printers, Bleachers and Dyers Copper Rollers  Valuable drugs and other effects T M FISHER and son have received instructions from the assignees of John WELCH to Sell by Auction on the Premises at Whaley Bridge Print Works near Buxton on Wedensday and Thursday November 5th and 6th 1862 Sale to commence at eleven in the forenoon 332 Copper Rollers fare average weight Valuable assortment of Drugs in gums ditto Substitute ash Copperus arsenic sugar of lead oxalic acid 22 Carboys spirits of salts large quantity of colour mugs and tubs and Contents piece waggons trucks on wheels steps ladders deal tables benches open and Box stillages Sewing Machine large beam Scale and weights three Strong hanging Stages on wheels and Machien Blankiting and other effects

P 22 (top)

1862 Thursday Night October 23th                  was found in the house of Mr William RICHARDSON Whaley Bridge with intent to rob him as the had been a lot of things missing before that night

1862 Monday October 27th Whaley Bridge Fair this was the first Fair that was without prises for Cattle at the Fair for the had been 17 Prise Fairs for Cattle before

1862 Tuesday November 4th the commenced teaking of those houses Down on the old road Whaley Bridge at the side of the Realway arch

1862 Monday Morning a bout 1/2 past 8 O clock November 10th a very hevey thunder storm at Whaley Bridge the Light boult struck the top of the long chimley at Whaley Bridge Print Works and Broak aporshin of the top of the chimley and Damaged the Condoctor on the top

P 23

1862 Wedensday November 12th 3 men atemted to rob Mr NORMAN at Whaley Bridge

1862 Sunday Night November 16th there was 3 men teakin up on suspishon Richard PICKRING Edward COTTREL George JOHNSON and George SOUTHREN was Brought from Ashton the next Day But these 4 men was not the right ons

1862 Monday December 1st the Derbyshire Burglary Matthew DEPLIGE William STANNAY and James COPE were brought before Captain NIELD and Mr SLACK at Chapel en le frith charged with being concerned in the burglary on the premises of Cecil ............ (sic) George NORMAN of Whaley Bridge and after some additional evidence the Depositions having been completed the prisoners were fully committed for trial to Derby

P 24

1862 Saturday November 22th Elizabeth WARD was Drowned in the Reservoir that Belongs to Whaley Bridge Print Works it was not in the Companeys Reservoir it was in that Smaul one that his below that fine Hall

1862 Wedensday December 3th the commced pulling Down William LEE Stabels the Second time that thes Stabels was pulled Down for to Make room for the Rail way

1863 Tuesday Febuarey 3rd CAMBEL and Co came to repear the long Chimnley at Whaley Bridge Print Works the had their Cite line over the Chimnley 6 times before the got the Block rope up

Thursday Febuarey 5th William LAMB got on the top of the long Chimnley the first time at Whaley Bridge Print Works 

1863 Monday March 2nd William LAMB Finnished the top of the long Chimnley at Whaley Bridge Print Works their his a copper rope down it with 49 wires in it the Length of the rope his 68 yards 2 Feet 5 yards termation            total his 73 yards 2 feet

P 25

1863 Wedensday Febuarey 4th Nancey SLEIGH came back to her husband James SLEIGH at Whaley Bridge

1863 Saturday Febuarey 7th James LOMAS the engin Driver Drove the Engin over the New Bank were the voidocks were the First time

1863 Tuesday Febuarey 17th Whaley Bridge Print Works to be sould at Manchester with two Mortigages on it £7500 Edmond BUCKLEY Esq and James WOODWIS Mortigages hes at the sail abid was ofried by Alfreed WELCH of $7100

1863 Monday Febuarey 23th John WELCH and Companey Bought Whaley Bridge Print Works

1863 Thursday  Febuarey  19th Liza WILD Died very sodin of child bed the Wife of James WILD of Hockerley

1863 Wedensday Febuarey 25th Mr John William BOOTHMAN made his will that Day

1863 Sonday March 1st Mr John William BOOTHMAN Died at botams Hall and was intered at Manchester on Monday March 9th 1863

No 26 (top)

1863 Tuesday March 10th the marriage of his Royal Highness Albert Edward Prince of Wales with her Royal Highness the Princess Alaxandra Marie Charlotte julia the eldest Daughter of the Prince and Princess of Denmark was Solemnised this Day at Windsor by the Archbishop of Canterbary

1863 March 10th Tuesday their was rejoicing at Whaley Bridge for the marrige of the Prince of Wales with Princess Alexandra of Denmark there was a 11 fages out in Whaley Bridge and Rifile Volintiers and the Shepperds had a Prosishon through Whaley

1863 March 21th the sail at the Joddrel Armes of Ann WARD s Furniture 3 Dayes Sail

1863 Wedensday March 25th James WOLRICH commenced to sell Drink at the Joddrel Armes Hotell Whaley Bridge and John PICKUP found him monney

1863 17 of March A tournout for wages at Hockerley Coalpit by the men John SRIGLEY amd William SRIGLEY Masters

No 27

1864 on Friday Night March 11th the Sheffield reservoir bursted at mid Night the official report of the Sheffeld inundation gives the following returns 238 persons were killed 138 being men 37 mills and factories were partly or wholly distroyed also 21 corn mills 28 workshops 415 dwelling houses 24 breweries and public houses 3 tan yards 20 bridges 74 buildings not otherwise discribed and 4,478 yards of fence walling Besides these an immense number of buildings were flooded including no less than 4,086 private dwellings

1863 Wedensday March 25th James MELLOR who his called old chip and rant had his leg broken at the Joddrell Armes Whaley Bridge

1863 Wedensday March 25th Mr John WELCH and Sons commenced on rent for the Print Works Whaley Bridge

1863 Saturday Febuarey 28th London and North Western Real way Companey stoped the men for Bilding the Arch over Combs road Beacous the coud not find a Foundation and the had to Bild the Arch furtheup in the Feilds and Turn the Road

No 28 (top)

1863 Friday May 1st the old Bridge that spans over the river goite on the High Peak Real way Belonging to Cromford Real way was repared with all New Wood Work the cast iron Work remains as it was

1863 Saturday Morning May 9th Richard PICKRING William HIDE Walter HADFIELD and a streanger was catshid in the Act of Fishing in the Taxal Brook when the was teaken the had 48 pounds of Fish in a sack those fore men was committed to Derby

1863 Tuesday May 12th a waggon broake loos on the top of Shallkross Plain and came down with great force to the Bottom and it was Broaken up

1863 Saturday May 30th Reported in the Glossop paper that William GOULD of Whaley Bridge was married to Nancey BOWERS at Taxal Church of the Tuesday the 12th Day of May 1863

1863 Monday June 1th the Midland New Real way Opened from Rousley to Buxton

No 29

1863 Saturday May 30th the London and North Western Real way Companey Inspecter came to Inspect the Real way from Whaley Bridge to Buxton and the brought a Smaul Engin with them for to teake them to Buxton

1863 Friday June 5th the Goverment Inspector came to Whaley Bridge to Inspect the Buxton Extenshion from Whaley Bridge to Buxton the had 4 Engins with them 2 on each line for to test the Bridges on the line the Nomber of the Engins No 596 No 777 No 106 No 295

1863 Monday June 15th the Opening of the New Line Real way from Whaley Bridge to Buxton

1863 Wedensday Night June 3th James HIBBERT William WALKER and Peter GOULD got into a emty waggon at the top of Shallkross plean

1863 Tuesday June 23th the Whaley Bridge Printing Company commenced Bleaching Calico at Whaley Bridge Print Works by John WELCH and Companey

1863 Friday commenced Printing calico at Whaley Bridge John WRIGHT was the Machine Printer Friday June 26th

1863 Thursday June 25th William WELCH of Whaley Bridge was put in the Buxton Lockups for being Drunk and Disordley the cost was all together £4.2s.6d.

No 30 (top)

1863 Monday June 29th John HEGINBOTHAM of horwich end oirn Monger Be came Bankrupt and he paid 8 shillings to the pound

1863 Saturday July 25th William MORTIN of Whaley Bridge was insulted of the highway by James WINTERBOTHAM of Bugsworth

1863 Tuesday August 24th the commenced altring the in cline plain of the High Peak Real way at Whaley Bridge to work a Engin up the plain called the all pine Maid at Birkinhead on ar new princepel

1864 Friday August 12th the water in the Whaley Bridge reservoi was never known so low afore as what it was for on August 12th it was at the Nomber 38 Feet and in October 10th it was at No. 56 Feet it was so low at that that (sic) time for Thomas GARLICK had the valves wide open and no water would come for it was so low

No 31

1863 Friday September 18th Thomas HANDFORD was very hill hurt in the tunnel at New Mills Real way

1863 Saturday October 31th William JACKSON and his Familey removed from Whaley Bridge to Holingworth

1863 Tuesday November 3rd James JACKSON the son William and Ann JACKSON Died at Holingworth  and was intered at Taxal Church

1863 Wedensday Morning November 11th A stoker killed on the Rail way at Whaley Bridge Station by Falling of the Engin

1863 Saturday November 21th Thomas WELCH and John WELCH was Discharged from Collor mixing at Whaley Bridge Print Works Thomas WELCH was the Collor Mixer and Mather Dyer and John assisted him

1863 Saturday November 21th Hennery RODGERS comenced being the Coller Mixer agen at Whaley Bridge Print Works by order of Mr John WELCH

1863 Monday December 10th                      A yong man killed at Furness Print Works with falling a hanging Stage in the age ing Room

1863 Tuesday December 11th Samuel OWFIELD killed at Bugesworth with Fiteing withe Martin SWINDELS of Disley he was committed for man Slaughter

P 32 (top)                                                   FIRE

1864 Wedensday Night Jenuarey 27th a bout alf past Six O Clock the Fire Broake out at the Whaley Bridge Print Works belonging to Messers WELCH and by 7 O Clock the roofs of booth ageing was Burnt of there was a large number of men Carriang water in tubs and cans or there would have been a great deal more Damage Don there Was Mr                water Engin there it came when the geter part of fire was over for the men that carried water stoped fire for going aney further and the Fire insurance onley gave the men two shillings each for beaing theair that Night to elp put the Fire out Damage £2000

1864 Thursday Jenuarey 28th John CARNER a Bealif came to Whaley Bridge Print Works

1864 Monday May 15th James JOHNSON commenced of his contract at Whaley Bridge Print Works for the Mason and Joinering Work and to complete it readey for Machenery

1864 Thursday April 14th James JOHNSON commenced getting the rubish out of the places where the Fire had been

P 33

1864 Monday March 14th James HAUGE Died at Horwich end aged 55 years

1864 Monday March 25th 5 waggons Belonging to the Buxton Lime Companey Broake loas in the Shalkross Plain and when the get to the Botham the was completley smashed up

1864 Thursday April 21th Thomas GASKEL of Whaley Bridge was sent to Kutsford for two Months hard labour for not paying to that child of Fanney ETCHELS of Whaley Bridge he had only 1 shilling a week to pay

1864 Friday May 20th A very hevey thunder storm and the Light boult fell at Furness on the top of the house that GREGREY lived in and noct the chimley Down the houses Belonged to Joseph GOULD collier

1864 Wedensday August 17th the Local Board of Gardiens Committ reported the resiorvi not saif to be filled with Water owing to Picthing at the other side of the resorvoi at Whaley Bridge

1864 on Wedensday Morning August 24th A very large troute was caute in the Whaley Bridge reservoi it was      pounds weight and it was Sent to Manchester by John SRIGLEY Agent for Esq Edmond BUCKLEY the troute was for Esq Edmond BUCKLEY of Manchester

P 34 (top)

1864 Monday September 19th the commenced Working the Engin on the Midland Realway betwen Bugsworth Jou Hole No of The Engin 1170 Bought of the London & North Western Realway for £750 pounds

1864 Tuesday September 20th John FLETCHER was Drowned in the Old field lane Lock near Manchester he went in the name of Marple Jack

1864 Wedensday Morning September 28th Peter STAFFORD was Drowned at Bugsworth in the Canel

1864 Friday October 7th William ROWLEY Died very Sodden at Stone heads Whaley

1864 Monday October 10th Isacc KIRKHAM absconded to New zeland with a bout £70 Belonging to James SHIRT of Whaley Bridge Isacc KIRKHAM was a agent for James SHIRT at New Mills to sell Coal

1864 Tuesday October 25th Hennery HEATHCOATE was killed at Furness on the London  and North Western Realway opsite the Shadey Grove

1864 Monday Morning November 7th George STYAN Fel down Stears

1864 Saturday November 19th Robert FORD Died very Sodden at Hazle grove Station  

1864 Wedensday November 23th William BRADBUREY Died very Sodden at Furness

P 35                                            FURNESS

1864 A Melancholy Accident on Friday 19 of August as the 56 past three passenger Mail train from Buxton Passed the Furness Station at full speed it ovetook Daniel Pickford COOK a boy the son of Mr COOK the Station Master at that place Crossing the line at the time Sending him a distance of fifteen yards and completely Severing his head from his bodey the train did not pass over him but it is thought the projecting crank on the Side of the Engin Struck him the boy who was nine years of age and was returning from School at the time and in his anxiety to get home before another boy who was with him ran past the end of the ballest train which was Stopped for loading the Engin of which was blowing off the Steam the noise of which would prevent him from hearing the train which Submitted him to his fate he had Scarcely passed than his Father Seeing his danger made a sign for him to stop wich he instantly obeyed but too late he had already gone too far and in another moment was a mangled corpse lying across the line his head a Distance

P 36

of Several yards from his body the boy had previously been very cautious and kept at a Distance from the approaching trains on the following Saturday an inquest was held before Mr JOHNSON and a respectable jury at the Soldier Dick public house when a verdict was found of Accidental Death the jury also thought it Desirable for the future that two men should be at this Station one to each turnstile in order mere effectually to prevent a recurrence of Simelar Accident at that Station

1864 Thursday December 22th A Slep of dirt came into the Bugsworth tonnal and killed George ASHWORTH of New Mills and there was A 11 Men was fast in the tonnel about 8 houers and 4 horses was fast in the tonnel

1865 Tuesday Jenuarey 10th Mr J G SLIGHT of Taxal was teaken very hill of a stroak

1865 Jenuarey 13th Friday John BIBBINGTON Died at Dove Holls

P 37

1864 Thursday November 3th the first day trial of MULLER before the Lord Chief baron and Mr baron MARTIN the murder for which the prisoner Franz MULLER was on Thursday arraigned at the Old Bailey was committed on the 9th of July since when fifteen weeks and a few day have elaspsed the Victoria on board of which MULLER took passage for New York left the London docks for her Voyage on the 14th of July and on the 20th inspector TANNER with other officers sailed From Liverpool in pursuit they reached New York before the Victoria and awaited her arrival there that vessel arrived on the 5th of August and the arrest was immediately effected so soon as the necessary  leal steps could be completed in America the inspector left with his charge for England he arrived at Liverpool on the 17th of September the examination of the prisoner at the police court in London was concluded on the 26th when he was committed for the trial which was commenced on Thursday November 3th 1864

Mr         BRIGGS was a clark in the bank of

P 38 (top)

ROBERTS & Co and had a house in Clapton Square near the hackney wick Station on the North London Railway on Saturday the 9th day of July at this time he had his watch and chain with him he arrived at Fenchurch Street Station in time for the ten O clock train and he entered a first class railway carriage it would be proved to them that Mr Thomas BRIGGS was robbed and murdered in that railway carriage that evening on his way home and his bodey thrown out of the carriage on the arrival of the train at the hackney Station it was discovered that the Seat was smeared with blood and that there was on it a hat a stick a black bag and other articles in the meantime the guard of an up train saw something lying between the rails and on coming up to it they found that it was the body of Mr Thomas BRIGGS who was sill breathing he was conveyed to the Mitford Arms and thence to his own house where he died on the following day he had been robbed of his watch and chain but not

P 39

to any further extent for four soverings were found in his trousers pockets

1865 Monday Febuarey 6th John HANDFORD commenced shop keeping at the Whaley Bridge Cooperative Store

1865 Saturday Night April 22th William WELCH and Abram BAXTER had some disturbance at the Gates of the Whaley Bridge Real way Station William WELCH throw a large stone at Abram BAXTER with intent hurt him

1865 Monday Febuarey 6th John HANDFORD commenced at the Cooperative Store Whaley Bridge 

1861 Earley on the morning of the 9th of April a few minuts after midnight Charleston was thrown into great excitement by the Dischare of seven guns from Citadel Square the Signal for the reserves to hold themselves in immediate readiness on that Day the 9th of April 1861 the Charleston Mercury announced that war is Declared

General LEE and his armey surrendered to General GRANT on the 9th of April 1865

1865 Saturday May 13th Opening of the Whaley Bridge Cricket Club

P 40 (top)

1864 Wedensday Evening November 2nd Whaley Bridge Young Mens Educational Society opening of more Cmmodious Rooms the Old Refreshment Room at the Realway Station now rented 2s 6d pr week by the Society will be Opened for the purposes of the Association A Lecture on reading with illustrations will be Delivered by the Rev J G H STAMPER

1865 Thursday May 25th Mr Charles SAXBEY of Furness sent about 1/2 (`alf` written above) a Dozen men to the Whaley Bridge Reservoie to pull up the ware that turned the water into the Whaley Bridge Printing Company reservoie

1865 Tuesday May 30th the furst time the Real way Engin on the Midland Real way working from Bugsworth Tonnel to New Mills Bridge

1865 Tuesday May 30th Whaley Bridge Print Works was sould at Manchester at the White Bear and Bought by John GREAV and Companey price £7.100

1865 Wedensday Night July 5th John WARREN Seniour commenced watching at Whaley Bridge Print Works for the Whaley Bridge Printing Companey

P 41

1865 Thursday June 8th Dennes JOHNSON was killed at Bridge Mont on the Real way

1865 Saturday July 1st the New Mills Extenshion Opened from Marple to New Mills for Pasingrs Belonging to the Manchester Sheffield and Lincolnshire Real way

1865 Monday July 24th the Ladbitch was on Fire and there was £20 Reward

1865 Wedensday August 2nd commenced carting stone for the Factorey at Whaley Bridge called the Goyt Mills

1865 Monday August 7th commenced cuting the Foundation out for the Factorey and Tuesday the 8th Day of August 1865 the commenced Bilding the Factorey called the Goyt Mills

1865 on Wedensday Morning about 3 O clock December 27th the Steem Engin at the Goyt Mills worked for the first time tryal

1866 Monday Febuarey 12th the commenced weaving at Goyt Mills Whaley Bridge for ADSHEAD and Brothers Masters at Goyt Mills

1865 Wedensday September 20th finnished getting the Last length out of the Bugsworth Tonnel belonging to Midland Real way    

P 42 (top)

1865 Monday September 25th the Whaley Bridge Gass Companey lead a fresh reange of Gass pipes

1865 Wedensday September 27th a very sudden Accident at the Joddrel Armes Whaley Bridge it appears that Mr R SIDDALL Printe Master at Chadkirk together with Mrs SIDDALL and another lady and gentleman

1865 Monday October 9th Mr R SIDDALL was removed from the Joddrel Armes Whaley Bridge

1863 on the morning of the 3rd of Januarey wilfull murder of James BARTON engine tenter at the Button Pit haigh the robbed him of his watch and money and then put him in the fire to burn a way

1865 November 23 the Whaley Bridge Rifle Volunteer Brass Band Commenced under the tuition of Mr Edward OKE a resident of the village

1866 Monday November 5th John WARREN Junier and Thomas ARNFIELD Finished working at Whaley Bridge Print Works for the Printing Companey John GREAVE Master and others

P 43

1865 September 30th Colliers treat on Saturday at the Soldier Dick public house Furness Vale the Colliers of the Furness Clough Colliery partook of a good and well provided supper given by Mr WEST successor to Mr John William BOOTHMAN the lessee of Colliery this was Done on the occasion of the term of 21 years for which the lease had been held being terminated on Friday September 29th 1865 there as been 3 lessees of the Furness Vale Clough Colliery the first lessee commenced in year 1802 heach of the 3 lessees was 21 years heach

1865 Thursday October 19th Accident at noon as a heavily ladened train of lime and lime stone was nearing Whaley Bridge Station one of the axletrees of a truck suddengley Broke and for to get the line clear rowled 2 waggons Down the inbankment between the Station and the Signal Box

1865 Sunday October 29th there came a Engin and som men and the Brought a travling Crean to get them up with but before the had finnished the broake the Crean and the to return to Manchester without one and the came for it on the 4th Day of November 1865

P 44 (top)

1866 Friday May 4th the London and North Western Real way Companey Fenced the plat form of at the Whaley Bridge Station on that side Next to the Joddrell Armes so that no purrson could go of with out paying their fair

1866 Tuesday April 21th the Whaley Bridge Printing Companey put that were Down ageain that Mr Charles SAXBEY of Furness Vale sent his work hands to teake it Down Mr John WELCH of Whaley Bridge put that were into the Brook Chorce for the Convenience of his Print Works when he was a Print Master at the Whaley Bridge Print Works the Print Works Depended on this suply of water for it was the onley suply the could have without pumping it out of the river Goyt

1866 Friday May 18th Mr John NALL of Whaley Bridge Agent for Esq JODDRELL Mr John NALL ordered his men to Bord the window up at the end of William LEE house

P 45

1866 Monday May 7th Mr Samuel KNIGHT of Horwich End commenced cutting the Dreyn for the 15 inch water pipes belonging to the Whaley Bridge Printing Companey the Manchester Water Works Coperation Finnished Leying the water pipes to the river at the Whaley Bridge Print Works 15 inch pipes

1866 Saturday August 4th Thomas ARNFIELD Finnished Leying the water pipes into the reservoi at the Whaley Bridge Print Works 15 inch pipes

1866 Monday August 6th the first time that the water was run through the 15 inch water pipes into the reservoi at the Whaley Bridge Print Works Thomas ARNFIELD tried the preshire of the water in the pipes with a Steem gage and presshire of the water 39 1/2 pounds

1866 Wedensday July 18th Mr John TINKER Esq Died at Bugsworth he was the Master of Factorey

1866 Friday July 27th Joseph FERNLEY was runover with the real way Engin at Furnes Station

P 46 (top)

1866 Monday September 10th Thomas ARNFIELD the son of James ARNFIELD Horwich End had a narrow hiscepe of his life by falling on the Edge of a old Coalpit that was full of water in Botteney wood the Boy was saved by leying hould of sum Stickes that was covered over the coalpit the Boy was so frightned hafter that the had to send for a Doctor

1866 Saturday September 22th Destructive Fire at Disley at about eleven O clock a Fire broke out in the mill of Mr J MARSHALL and Sons situated at Water Side Disley and so rapid was the progress of the burning element that in about two hours property to the amount of 40.000 was Distroyed

1866 Friday November 16th there was a verrey large Flood at Whaley Bridge the reservoi at Whaley Bridge had so much water in it that there was 9 inches of a Overflow at the weast weare but theire was no Damage Done

P 47                                   MIDLAND REAL WAY TO BUXTON

1866 Monday October 1th the Midland Real way by way of Buxton was Opened for goods traffic we learn from a report issued by the Contractors that the portion now completed and which has it her to formed the Blank in the Construction of the Midland Real way Between London and Manchester is Between Blackwell Mills Junction with the Buxton Real way and the New Mills Junction now however that the great Centre of the Cotton industry can be reached by the London and North Western the Great Western and the Great Northern the Opening of fourth Communication by the Midland Rail way has Opened up their new rout between London and Manchester in which should have Considerable interest for London

the slip which has occurred on the Chapel en le frith side of the Bugsworth Station the portion of the line that has more or less given way consists of an embankment two Bridges that cross the roads

P 48 (top)

and a Viaduct of five openings the span of the arches being some 42 feet each the total lengthe of the line that has slipped is about 280 yards the Viaduct is a bout 30 feet high the height of the embankment which is formed on the slope of a hill one side of whose base is washed by the river the greatest Damage hase been done near the Viaduct it cannot be less but is rather more than 25 feet high the first indication of anything wrong however was on the 26 of October 1866 when it was observed that a small stream which percolates from the hill side near the Viaduct nex morning the passing of the first goods train from Manchester Caused the hill side to slip and let down the Bank a foot from the ballast the line is about thirteen mles in length and was Constructed under a Act Obtained in 1862 for uniting all the Midland Companey lines South of Buxton Sheffield and Chesterfield with the Sheffield Companey System over which the Act gave the Midland Companey running powers from    New Mills to Manchester

P 49

1867 Friday Jenuarey 25th the cmmenced running Goods treanes a gain on the Midland Real way over the New Viaduct that are Made of wood at Bugsworth

1867 Friday Febuarey 1st Opening of the Midland Route to London their New rout on the Midland Rail way to London was opened for Passenger traffic the Connecting link which has been in the Course of Construction for several years Extendes from a point about three Miles Beyond Buxton to New Mills where the Midland will run into the Manchester Sheffield and Lincolnshire line from this point to Manchester the Dove Holes tunnel this tunnel is one of the heaviest works on the line it is about two Miles and a half in length almost all through limestone rock

1866 Friday November 16th there was a Verrey Large Flood at Whaley Bridge the reservoi at Whaley Bridge had so much water in it that there was 9 inches of a Overflow at the weaste weare but theire was no Damage don at Whaley Bridge but theire was a great deail of damage don at Manchester    and other Pleaces

P 50 (top)

1866 on Monday November the 19th day the Buxton Lime Companey Becane the Possessors of Esq GISBORNS Coal Works at Whaley Bridge the have teaken it on a leese of Esq GISBORNE

1866 Thursday October 25th commenced Leveling for the Stockport water works at Chapelenlefrith in the Royts Cloughs

1866 Tuesday December 4th John BUCKLEY of Whaley Bridge caused Betsy HAYWOOD Furniture to be put out of the house into the Street and the might go were the would

1866 Wedensday December 5th the Commenced cuting the Foundation out for a shop for Betsey HAYWOOD to Sell Books and Newspapers the shop is bilt in the Whaley Bridge Station Brow by the Side of the Rail way

1866 Wedensday Dec 19th A Engin and two Carriages of GALLAWAYS and Sons Knot Mills Manchester Passed through Whaley Bridge it was on its way to Chesterfield the weight of the Engin was 8 tons 10 cwt the price at the toul Bar was 12 shillings

P 51

1866 Friday Dec 21th the commenced lighting the gass lights in the Street at Whaley Bridge there was two lighted on the Friday Night

1867 Thursday Jenuarey 10th a part of the Old Stone Bridge that crosses the river Goyt by the Side of the High Peak Real way falled into the river Goyt Whaley Bridge

1867 Monday May 27th Mr John NALL of Whaley Bridge Agent for Esq JODRELL gave Orders to Esq JODRELL Men for to Commence teaking the roof of that Farm Bilding where John MORTIN lives him and is Famley was living in one part of the Bilding that his called Rid Barn by the end of Bings wood Cottages  

1867 Saturday August 10th the Tooke the remender part of John MORTIN house Down What his called Rid Barn

1867 Wedensday April 10th A Fatal Accident a married woman named Eliza ALCROFT was killed of the Midland Real way Betwen Bugsworth and water side

P 52

1867 Saturday August 3rd the first horticultaral Exhibition was held in the large room of the Whaley Bridge Mechanics institution this was the first show that was held in the Village of Whaley Bridge there was nearley 400 Visitors

1867 Monday September 9th the Peak Forest and New Mills Real way Accident on the Midland Real way in the Peak Forest Tunnel

1867 Thursday December 19th there was a Meetting at Horwich end in the Neathiael School with the Reat payers of Yeardsley cum Whaley on a count of the Taxal Church yard being in larged

1868 Thursday Febuarey 6th James GREEN Died very suden at Whaley Bridge

1868 Sonday Morning Febuarey 23th Charles CHEETAM of Horwich end Died

1868 Wedensday April 1th the triel of Thomas ANSWORTH at Chester he got 12 years transportation

1868 Wedensday April 1st the triaeal over the water at Chester with Charles SAXBEY and the Whaley Bridge Printing and the Canel Companey

P 53

1868 Saturday April 4th John WARREN was Discharged from Furness Print works by Order of the lawyer that was that Mr Charles SAXBEY had Employed for the Chester trieal

1868 Tuesday Apriel 14th Opening of the Bazaar and Ester Tree in the New Wesleyan Chapel Whaley Bridge

1868 Wedensday April 29th Mr John HANDFORD had his leg Broaken in the Ring Stone wood about 50 yards above the lether Works

                                                       THE EXECUTION

1868 on Thursday Morning August 13th the Dover murderer Thomas WELLS suffered the extreme penalty of the law within the walls of Maid Stone gaol there were present at the time of the Execution the Sheriff the visiting justices the officials of the prison the representatives of the press besides a number of others persons the were anxious to see how the new Act of Parliament would work this was the first Execution in privet onder the new Act of Parliament A Black flag was raised on the wall of the prison when the Bolt was withdrawn After the body had been suspended on hour it was cut down and the flag fell

P 54 (top)

the first American Locomotive the first effective Locomotive Engin built in Amerca was built in Philadelphea from a draft by Rufus TYLER in 1832 this Gentleman was at that time consedered the best mechanic in America the wheels of the Engin ware made of wood with broad rims and thick tiers the flange being bolted on the side it was called Old iron Sides She was first put in motion on the Germantown and norristown Railroad She ran one mill an hour and considered the wonder of the Day it was assertained that the wheels were to light to draw the tender and to overcome this Difficulty the tender was placed in front of the Engin this kept the wheels on the track the Maker and his partner pushed the Engin ahead till it obtained some speed and then jumped on the Engin the boiler being too small for the Engin Steam was onley generated fast enough to keep it in motion ashort time so they were compelled to

P 55

alternately push and and (sic) ride during the whole trial trip it was regarded as a Success the wheels ware after wards replaced with iron wheels this Old Engin is sill in Existence in Vermont Saturday Feburary 6th 1869

                                       The first English Locomotive Engin

the first locomotive Engin was made by William HEALEY of Wylam Colliery where it took the pace of animal power in 1813 THREVETHICK and VIVIAN had previously i.e. in 1802 Obtained a patent for a Locomotive Engin The first which ran on a rail way ran on the Stockton and Darlington Rail way 27th of September 1825

FARMERS in 1769 and 1869

1769 Farmers at the Plough

Wife milking cow

Daughter spinning yarn

Son threshing in the Barn

All happy to a Charm

1869  Farmers gone to see the show

Daughter at the pian-o

Madame gaily dressed in Satin

All the Boys learning Latin

With a Mortgage on the Farm

P 56 (top)

1868 December 29th John MELLOR of Stone head was Drowned in the reservoi belonging to the Manchester Sheffield and Linchire Canel Companey Whaley Bridge and he was not found untill Sunday After Diner time about Alf past 3 he was pulled out of the reservoi by Joseph GODDARD and Thomas GARLICK

Jenuarey 10th 1869

1869 Jenuarey 15th Friday Mr Charles SAXBEY and the Manchester Sheffield and Linchire Real way had a nother trial at London over the water at Whaley Bridge Cheshire

1862 Jenuarey 16th (crossed through)

1869 Monday March 15th Mr Robert ASHWORTH came to be the manager at the Goyt Mills Whaley Bridge

1869 Thursday May 27th A Strike at the Whaley Bridge weaving Shed on account of the 5 per cent being teaken of and then he wanted to teake per cent of

P 57                                                        Coal

Coals were Discovered and used by the ancient Britons before the arrival of the Romans in England henry 3rd granted a license to dig Coal at New Castle on tyne in 1234 in 1273 the use of sea coal was prohibited in and about London as prejudicial to health Coal was first recognised as an article of treade from New Castle to London by Richard 2nd in 1381 it came into general use in London in the year of 1400 but was not used to any great extent elswhere in England until the year 1625

First Discovery of Coal the Belgians claim to have been the first to Discover the use of coal and this Discovery the say was made by one HULLOS a Blacksmith of the Village of Plenevaux near Liege in the year 1049 from whose name they derive the word houllos Coal was first used as fuel in London in the latter part of the thirteenth century but the smoke was considered so injurious to the public health that Parliament petitioned King Edward first to prohibit its burning as an

P 58 (top)

intolerable nuisance he complied and issued his proclamation against it the most severe measures were then employed to abolish its use fines imprisonment and the distruction of furnaces and work shops where it was used 

Coal Gas was first described by Dr CLAYTON in the year 1739 it was tried for the purposs of illumination by Mr MURDOCH in Cornwall in the year of 1792 was introduced at BOULTON and WATTS Factory Birmingham in 1798 and the Lyceum Theatre was lit with it as an experiment by Mr WINSOR in 1803 gas light was first used in lighting the Streets in London in 1807 when golden lane was lighted by it the first gas Companey was established in the year of 1812

1867 Wedensday Sept 18th Police Sergant BRETT was shot in hyde road Manchester with the Fenians

1868 Monday and Tuesday October 5th and 6th Mr Samuel ASHTON was sould up at Brook feild house Whaley Bridge

P 59

1869 Thursday November 25th George HEGENBOTHAM of Cadester Bought thous houses of George WILDE of Hockerley Called Victoria Pleace Whaley Bridge for £705 pounds

1869 Thursday November 25th Mr Joseph ASH peanter Drugest Bought those houses of Mr James SHIRT of Whaley Bridge for £750 pounds

1869 Thursday December 9th the work ands Finnished Working at Bugsworth Factory for Mr William TINKER on Account of him Becoming Bankrupt in £9.000 and  he got with paying 4 shilling to the pound

1869 Thursday Nov 11th the first Marriage at the Wesleyan Chapel Whaley Bridge by the Rev John ARCHER Mr William BOOTHBY of Kettleshulme to Mary Daughter of Mr John TURNEAN of Lime Side Bugsworth this being the first Marriage Solemnized in this Chapel the happy pair were presented with a handsomely Bound Bible and hymn Book

Bells were first used in Churches by order of pope Joan IX about year 900 as a Defence it was said by ringing them against thunder and lightening

1868 Tuesday July 28th John Henry HUTCHINS of Whaley Bridge was Drowned in the Feedder at the back of the Bings wood Cottages which Feeds the canell from Chapel en le frith reservoi aged 4 years

P 60 (top)

London was first Created Capital of England by Alfred the great it had been previously fom as the time of Caesar s invasion an important town he speaks of it as Civatas Trinabantim in 610 a Church was erected on the site of St Pauls Cathedral in 833 a witenagemote was held here and in 1078 William the Conqueror erected the Tower of London we have heard the fact if fact it be for the first time of course w cannot account of it 1870

 Som Biographers Conted that St Patrick was born at Kilpatrick at the mouth of the Clyde in the year of 372 while others declare that he was born at Boulogne in France 387 he began preaching Christianity in Ireland in the year of 422 and erected several Churches

Jacobus is a Gould coin of the Value of twenty five Shillings so called from King James I of England in whose reign it was struck

the Noble is an ancient English coin first Struck in the reign of Edward III it was stamped with a rose and was thence called a roas Noble its value was six shillings and eight pence

P 61

Bells were first used in churches by order of  Pope Joan IX about the year 900 as a Defence it was said by ringing them against thunder and lightning

1868 Monday July 27th their was 6 yards in length of that Pallasedings opposite the Real way Station Whaley Bridge was Broaken Down at the time of the Derbyshire Battallin Drill with the Rifle Volunteers Whaley Bridge the Battallin Drill held in field at the side of the Brick Barn Below Shallcross hall

1869 Tuesday June 8th the rent Day at Joddrell Armes Whaley Bridge Belonging to Esq JODDRELL there used to be a Dinner all the Farmers and all that pade rent to Esq JODDRELL but this year their was only Diner for the Farmers

1870 Friday Jenuarey 21th

1870 Friday Jenuarey 21th Great Colliery Riot at Thorncliffe Thirty houses sacked furniture and bedding Burnned a Conflict with Armed Police several Persons seriously injured a woman thrust through a ceiling

P 62

1870 Friday Night Jenuarey 14th A horrible tragedy was enacted at place known a Norbury hollow near Stockport about half past eight O Clock on Friday Night Margret SHAW shot her husband or the man she lived with named Daniel SHAW who was about 40 years of age he had onley one arm and was gate keeper at the level Crossing known as Norbury hollow on the London and North Western Rail way between hazel grove and Disley

1870 Thursday April 14th Robert BENNETT was killed at the Crist quarrey he Occupied a small Farm called the Lapwing on Cracken edge Chinley his usual Employment which was at the Crist quarrey under the Manchester Sheffield and Lincolnshire Rail way Companey he was killed with a waggon from the Barren Clough quarrey which was running Dirt into the Crist quarrey

1870 May 16th Agnas STYAN the wife of George STYAN of Whaley Bridge she went into the house for to live with him again for she had bean left him along time but George STYAN had a nother woman as hous keeper But wile the other woman was out Agnas STYAN went in and Loocked the Door after her an kept it Locked untill the other woman went a way from the house

P 63

1870 thursday Night June 30th John BOOTHBEY was teaken into Custety on suspishon of having Robert George NORMAN on the Old road between Whaley Bridge and Horwich End at two houses by the side of the real way Bridge

1870 Monday Morning July 4th Henery MORTIN of Taxal Died at the royal hoak in Taxal

1870 Wedensday April 20th the Members of the Whaley Bridge Fishing Club pead £1 sheairs and More if wanted

1870 Friday Night May 19th the wavers Goyt Mills Whaley Bridge Burned Robert ASHWORTH Effigy at Bings wood Cottages Mr ASHWORTH was the Maneger for Goyt Mill Companey

Applications for Letters patent During the week ending May 9th 1870 Nomber 1265 J. OORMEROD Whaley Bridge Chester Looms Patents sealed Nomber 3302 William SRIGLEY a new or improved Friction Engin

1870 Sunday June 5th Betsey HAYWOOD Died at Disley she was the Book Stationer at Whaley Bridge

1870 Tuesday June 7th the Soulders came a seccond time Camping on the Coms Moss Chapelenlefrith for a practice shooting at the Target

P 64 (top)

1870 Wedensday June 15th Fanney WARREN the wife of John WARREN of Bings wood Cottages had a kind of a stroak

1870 Thursday June 9th there was 146 persons sealled on the Whaley Bridge reservoi in Thomas GARLICKS Boat from about 8 O Clock in the Morning untill 6 O Clock at Night

1870 Saturday June 25th Cotton came to the water side Factorey Disley for to commence working

1870 Thursday July 7th John GODDARD Stone Mason Died at Horwich End 

1870 Saturday July 9th a very hevey Thunder Storm at Whaley Bridge  

1870 Tuesday August 2nd the intended new Gass Companey of Whaley Bridge had a supper at Bengman ARNFIELDS At the Real way Hotel Whaley Bridge this was the finnishing up of the Gas Companey

1870 Tuesday August 9th Matthew DEPLIGE and Bengman BAKER Brooke into Jonathan JODDRELL house at Horwich End called the Seven Stars and stole a quantety Ale out of a cask

1870 Monday August 8th John JOHNSON Stone Dealer at Whaley Bridge stone quarreys one quarrey at Slaters Bank and the other at Furness Vale

P 65

1870 Tuesday Francess WARREN of Whaley Bridge who Departed this life September 6th aged 67 years the wife of John WARREN was Born in the year of 1803 Feb 7th

1868 Thursday June 18th Thomas BEARDS Famley left Whaley Bridge for to go to the Salt Lake Thomas wife and children left Stone heads at Whaley Bridge for to go to Salt leake and left their Father Behind them at Stone heads

1868 Sonday June 14th the first Botnist Meetting was held at the house of Thomas ROADS New in Horwich End

1868 Thursday June 4th Esq JODRELL Died

1868 March 25th on Wedensday Night John WARREN Junier was before Mr Charles SAXBEY and is lawer and Clark and Mr MACK ADAM Maneger for Mr Charles SAXBEY at Furness Vail Print works it was over the water that went to Whaley Bridge Print Works

1868 Tuesday March 31th the names of the witeness that went to Chester for Mr Charles SAXBEY over the water Mr George CHAWLEY lete Agent for Esq JODRELL Charles JACKSON John DRINKWATER thees 4 was Mr SAXBEY men William ROBERTS William COOK Robert LEDWICK and Peter GASKELL but all this Lot of witeness of no purposs at London at Last for the trial had to be

P 66 (top)

1867 Friday September 27th John WARREN Junier commenced working at Furnes Print Works for Mr SAXBEY

1867 Saturday October 12th Leaying the Memorial Stone of a Wheslean Chapel at Whaley Bridge

1867 Thursday October 17th Sarah FIDLER Died at Holaranshaw wood

1867 Monday Sept 23th John WELCH sould up at hatfield fould Farm Whaley Bridge

1870 Friday the 15th Day of July the Declaration of War by France against Prussia was made amid loud acclamations of Satisfaction of the French   1870 Friday September the Emperor of France Surrendered himself a prisoner to the King of Prussia at Sedan at the Battle of Sedan 12 000 French men with Cannon and eagles and also 1,200 horses have crossed the Belgiam Frontier and laid Down their armes it was in April 1848 that Louis Napolion was Sworn in as Special Constable in London 

1870 September 23th reported that MAC MAHON salary was £4,000 to 5,000 pr annum he was one of the French General

P 67

1870 Wedensday September 28th a bout 105 of the hevey artilrey went through Whaley Bridge

1870 Sonday Night September 11th Charles PLANT who lived at the Bings Farm Whaley Bridge was killed on the Midland Real way at New Mills Station

1870 Thursday Morning Sept 22th James GARLICK of Ketelsume stole a porshion of a pig out of the Bilding in Old Colpit yard

1865 Tuesday July 25th Thomas SRIGLEY and John WARREN Junier commenced boring for Coal at the side of the Colvit that Belongs to the Whaley Bridge Printing Companey by the side of the river Goyt

1865 Thursday August 17th John and Margret WARREN Flitted up to the Spring Bank Whaley Bridge

1870 Thursday October 6th the Daley Telegraph 1000 Good English navvies will do More work in twelve houers than ten 000 Frenchmen will accomplish in twice that time

1870 Thursday Night October 6th      BRADSHAW of Fernilee run over in the Shallcross Plean and he had have his arm teaken of and when his arm was teaken of  William MORTIN and James HILL Berried it in a field at Fernelee but Edward BENNETT orderd it to be teaken up again and to be Berried in Taxal Church yard

P 68 (top)

1870 October 10th Monday Morning Jonathan Blundil Holinshed BLUNDIL Died at the Park house Whaley Bridge and was intered at Sent James Church Taxal on the 14th Day of October 1870 his vault was 9 Feet Deep and walled with Fire Breeck

1870 October 14th Thursday William LEES wife Died at Buxton leat of Whaley Bridge

1870 Friday October 21th Mary TURNER the wife of the late William TURNER who belonged to the property of the Shepperds Armes public house Whaley Bridge

1870 on the 4th Day of October aged 54 years at his town residence Park field house Ardwick Robert BROOM of Burbige hous Buxton Died Justice of peace and was greatly respected amongest his work handes at Burbige

1871 Friday Feb 10th Mrs Ann BROOM Died aged 63 years the wife of Robert BROOM of Burbige Buxton

1870 November Doctor James HIBBIRT the Late Doctor of of (sic) Whaley Bridge was teaken to Chapelenlefrith work house in a verey fillthey steat

1870 Friday December 2nd the first Meetting of the Provident Club at Whaley Bridge was held in the Mechanic institute

P 69

1870 Monday Night December 12th the first Band of hope Meetting at Whaley Bridge was held in the old Weslyan School Whaley Bridge and there was about 120 sined the pledge

1872 Wedensday Jenuarey 17th William MOSS Died at Horwich End aged 31 years he belonged to the Rifel Volentears at Horwich End

1872 Sunday Night Jenuarey 21th Sarah CLEYTON Died the wife of John CLEATON of Whaley Bridge

1872 Monday Jenuarey 22th John WARREN came by his Accident on the Real way with one of those Lurreyes as Joseph JOUL and John WARREN and others comming down from the Holrenshaw stone quarrey with Lurrey Loded with stone our Break sticks wold not hould it and it over got our streangth and John WARREN and Devet WRIGHT and William NIGHTINGAL was very ill hert Joseph JOUL not much

1872 Wedensday Jenuarey 24th John HIBBIRT Died Son of the Leate Doctor John HIBBIRT of Whaley Bridge

1872 Wedensday Jenuarey 31th Peter KIRK Died at Horwich End he was a member of the Rifele Volentears at Horwich End

1872 Monday February 26th Mrs     BLUNDEL Died and was intered at Taxal Church in the vault with her husband Jonathan BLUNDEL

P 70 (top)

1872 Monday February 26th the Ring Stone Coal pit and plant was sould

1872 Saturday March 30th Bengaman ARNFIELD had Accident with his horses and carrige at Taxal Church

1872 Sunday March 31th John ALLEN Died at Furness Vail Mather Dyer at Furness Print Works

1872 Monday April 15th the Goyt Mill stoped Working at Whaley Bridge by Order of John E SIMPSON and Companey

1872 Wedensday Night May 1th this was the first Lecutre given in the Babtist Chapel Spring Bank Whaley Bridge Rev James GORDEN B A Curate of Taxal Church no Church of England Minister was alowed that privlege Before him  and it was by the Consent of William WILD Minister of the Babtist Chapel Spring Bank

1872 Tuesday Night June 18th a very large Flod at Whaley Bridge the Flod Did a deal of Dammage at Mr G HIGINBOTON Works at Shallcross and at the Goyt Mills and also at the Print Works it took the Bridge at the Print Works and a risivoi Bursted Belonging to the Print Works Mr SHELDONS resorvoi Bursted at Ketelshume Belonging to the Bump Mill

P 71

1872 Tuesday Night June 18th a very large slep of earth on the Midland Real way at this of the tonnel a bove the Chapel en lefrith Station it his Called the Dove Holes tonnel at Chaple enlefrith End

1872 Monday June 24th the Midland treanes Commenced runing on the London and North Western Real way

1872 Tuesday August 20th the Midlands treanes Commenced working on ther own Line of Real way

1872 Tuesday June 25th Mr John NALL Ordered his men to pull down those Boardes at the End of William LEE house that John NALL had ordered to be put up in year of 1866 the Boards was put up to stop them for looking through the window at the End of the public hous

1872 Sunday Morning July 28th Asley GEE hung himself at Disley

1872 Monday July 29th Thomas BEARD of Stone heads went to Salt Leak to the rmender part of his Famley

1872 Saturday August 17th John KINDER was Discharged from Coal works Belonging to the Buxton Lime Companey Whaley Bridge

1872 Sunday October 13th Nancey HOLINHEAD Died at Furness

1872 Monday October 14th A waggon came Down Whaley plean and gumped over the arm of the Canel at Whaley Lime Shed

P 72 (top)

1872 Thursday Novembe 14th Mr James GORDON commenced Lectering in the Congrenational Chapel Whaley Bridge the was called Mothers Meetings and after this Meetting ther was the Rev James GORDON Church of Englind Minister and the Rev      BENSON Congergational Minister and Mr William WILD the Babtist Minister these Ministers are united together in one Bodey to gather

1872 Wedensday Nov 20th Elizabeth GREEN was found Drowned in the Canal at Disley the wife of Joseph GREEN of Disley

1872 Tuesday Nov  th Elizabeth BURR was found Drowned in Bank reservoi at Furness Vail Print Works Belonging to Mr SAXBEY

1872 Friday Nov 19th Joseph GREEN was found Drowned in the Canal at Disley Joseph GREEN was the husband to Elizabeth GREEN

1872 Sunday December 1st the Frends so called quakers held their first Meetting in the little Room in the Sation brow used to rented by the Mecanic Iinstitute Whaley Bridge

1872 Monday Night December 2nd the first Union love Feast that had been held in the Babtist Chapel the leaders of this Meetting Mr William WILD Rev James GORDON of Taxal Church and Rev   BENSON Minister of the Congragtional Capel Whaley Bridge

P 73

1871 Friday Jenuarey 13th James HIBBERT Died in the Chapel enlefrith Work house he was a Docter at Whaley Bridge 

1871 Thursday Febuarary 23th in the Mechanic Iinstitute Whaley Bridge the First Meeting of the Anti Tobacco Society in order to the Formation of a Branch in Whaley Bridge

1871 Saturday March 18th the first Anti Tobacco tea partey in Whaley Bridge it was held in Wesleyan Chapel Whaley Bridge

1871 Thursday March 23th the Gnat hole Factory was Burnt Down at New Mills

1871 Thursday June 1st Alteration of the Weslyan School Whaley Bridge and leying the Memorial Stones of the School

1871 September 1st or 2nd laying the Memorial Stones of A New Weslyan Chapel at Fernilee near Taxal

1871 Saturday Sept 9th Opening of the New Mills towns Hall Great rejysing in New Mills

1871 Sunday October 1st the Rev James GORDON B A commenced being the Minister at Taxal Church

1871 Thursday October 5th leying the Founddations stones of a New Church at Bugesworth

1871 Sunday Night October 15th John QUIN came by his Accident by falling of the side of the Scue Bridge and rouled on to the real way and he had to be teaken to the Stockport infermrey  

P 74 (top)

1871 Monday Oct 30th Mr    POTTER at Cadster had a very narrow iscape of being poisned with presit Acid and his little Boy also but the recoverd with care

1871 Thursday Nov 23th James JOHNSON Died at Whaley Bridge he was comonley called wackey JOHNSON

1871 Sunday Nov 26th Opening of a New Nathinal   School at Bugesworth

1871 December 24th William MOSS and Elizabeth KING was married

1871 Saturday May 20th Mr John BUCKLEY Died at Whaley Bridge

1871 Monday July 31th Mr Robert ASHWORTH the leat Manager at the Goyt Mills Whaley Bridge removed his Furniture from Whaley bridge

1871 Wedensday August 16th Mr Joseph DRINKWATER and Sarah FROST was married at New Mills Church

1871 Friday August James WALTON of Bugsworth came by his Accident at the Crist quarrey and Died

1871 Monday August 28th the Farmers of Whaley Bridge commenced to rise the price of Milk to 2 1/2d pr quart

1871 Saturday September 2nd Leying of the Memorial Stones at the New Methedist Chapel Fernele near Taxal 

1871 Monday Night Sept 11th James RICHARDSON of Bank End Furness came by his Accident with being Drunk and and (sic) falling Down the Jodril Arms steps Whaley Bridge

P 75

1871 Monday Sept 11th Thomas BEARD commenced working in the Bings wood Drving a heading to get Fire Cley but it Did not answar the purpos at that present time

1871 Thursday Sept 14th a Telegraph wire was put into the post office Whaley Bridge the house belonged to Mr John NALL post Master at that time

1871 Saturday Sept 16th A New Bridge was put over the river Goyt at Goyt side Near New Mills and was teaken a way by the large Flood on the 18 of June in year of 1872

1871 October 25th Rev Mr EDWARDS Died at Horwich End the Leat Minister at Taxal Church

1871 Saturday Nov 11th Mr E SIMPSON Master of the Goyt Mills had A wisell on the Engin house at the Goyt Mills Whaley Bridge

1871Thursday Night Nov 30th Joseph JEPSON was found Dishonist at the Cooprative Store Whaley Bridge with a Marked Shilling and he pead a Marked Shilling on the Friday Night and the one shilling was Marked X Joseph JEPSON was one of the Commett at the time

1871 Wedensday Dec 6th Fernele Methodist New Chapel Opened

Cheergo (?) the Great Fire October 9th 1871 the startling news reached London by Telegraph that the Fire commenced on the 8th of October Sunday 1871

P 76 (top)

1872 Saturday Dec 21th the Working men was pead of that worked of the Old London Turnpike Road

1872 Thursday Dec 26th the Taul Bat Geates and stoups was teakin down Mr Edward HALL at Botney works bought the Geates and stoups at Whaley Bridge toul Bar

1885 Tuesday Night Febuarey 17th A Real way Engine fell over that Bridge into George WILDES yard of the Real way and the Nomber of the Engine was 163 the Engine Driver and the Gard was killed and the Stoker was    seriousley inaured

1885 Saturday Night July 18th Tim the Tailor was Drownd at the Back of George WILDES shipens in the Brook that runs to Adam MORTIN s Mill

1885 Wedensday September 16th Marey ARNFIELD Died at the Jodrell Armes hotel   Whaley Bridge

P 77

1872 Sunday Morning September 8th Mr James DRINKWATER Brought his Child Mary Jane Mellor DRINKWATER to Whaley Bridge for Margret WARREN to teake care of it for him

1872 Sunday Morning December 22th John and Margret WARREN tooke the child Mary Jane Mellor DRINKWATER the Daughter of Mr James DRINKWATER of Stockport John and Margret WARREN took the child to Mr James DRINKWATER house at Stockport

(The next seven pages are blank)

P 78 (top)

A C Blk

Purple Gum

33 of Flour

Gum Substatute

33 "   gum Starch

Senegal Gum

12 "   British gum

Gum Gedda

25 gallon of Logwood

Gum Dragon

8  gall     "  Iron Liqu

Crystal Soda

6  gall     "  Wood Acid

Caustic Soda

Stenate of Soda

32 P P

Sulphate of Soda

22    gall of water

Peach Wood

11/2   "    "  Fixing Liqu


3 quarts of Fieldings Iron Liqu

Oxalic Acid

59 lb of Flour

Acetic Acid

3 pints of Oil

White Sugar of Led

2 quarts of Extract of Indigo

Brown Sugar of Led

Yallow Prusiate

Names of Drugs


Crystal Starch

Tararic Acid

Tin Crystals

Nut Galls

Pochins Srou Liq

Sulphate of Magesiel

Tin Red Liq


Common Red Liq

Sulphate Copper

Sapam Liq


Logwood Liq

Nitrete of Led

Chauate pot Ash

Archil Liq

D British Gum


P 79 Back Cover (On this cover there is a column of figures which appears to relate to pencil accounts which have been written over in pen)

Shellac to peese Broaken pots or orniments or used as Varnish for Wood

14   0   0 

1868 October 11th Peter WARREN was teaken very ill of the Gastic Fever

16   0   0

10   0   0

1868 Wedensday Night June 24th   James JOHNSON Garden was Damaged  

7    0    0

1869 Tuesday Night Jenuarey 12th John WALKER Finished working for Mr SIMPSON

1869 Saturday Night Jen 9th Moses LOMAS Finnished working for Mr SIMPSON at Over Lee house

1869 April 7th Robert WILLSON gave to John WARREN a penney on return on a count of the distances at

20    0    0

15 Whaley Bridge Sunday School

20    0    0

17      Do        Do

30    0    0

"        Do        Do

10    0    0

23      Do        Do

40    0    0

"        Do        Do

20    0    0

26      Do        Do

35    0    0

28      Do        Do

40    0    0

31      Do        Do

50    0    0

2        Do        Do            

100   0    0

3        Do        Do

30    0    0

4        Do        Do           

160  0    0

10      Do       Do            

100  0    0

27      Do       Do

90    0    0

20    0    0

 P 1b (The next pages were written coming forward from the back of the book)

April 6th 1868

£     s      d 

Commenced Delving a peace of Ground For James JOHNSON

April 6th         6     7    8     9   11

                        M   T  W   TH    S      total 3 Days      

                        1/2  1  3/4  1/4  1/2




Cash receved from James JOHNSON April 11th 5s April 27th 1s.9d

 1   9

April 9th 1868 1 Day work for Thomas SRIGLEY      

                                 3       0

April 13th Commenced Bearing for George LEE at the Sand pit

                       13  14  15    16

                      M    T   W   TH     total 3 1/4 Days      

                     3/4    1    1    1/2


                         12       0

April 17th and 18    2 Days work for George LEE at 2. 8pr Day    

      5       4

1868 April 20th Commenced work for John SRIGLEY at the Fountin 

                      20  21  22  23       

                      M    T   W  TH      total 3 1/2 Days at 3s pr Day 

                     1/2    1    1    1    


                  10       6

1868 Friday April 24th One Day work for William SHALLCROSS     

                 2       6

1868 April 27th Commenced falling Trees for Mr John HANDFORD in the Ring Stone Clough

                  27   28   29    30   1 May 

                  M    T    W   TH   F                total 3 Days 29 Trees Cut Down   

                1/2    1      1     1    1/2 



    12       0

 1868 Saturday May 2nd emting 1 truck of Cork for Mr Adam MORTIN Whaley Bridge     

      1       0

1868 Monday May 4th Commenced working for the London and North Western Realway Company    

                4   5

               M   T    total 2 Days     

                1   1


      5       4   

1868 Wedensday May 6th Com - working for John JOHNSON  

             W   TH   F   S   M   T   W   Th   F    S   M   TU   W   TH   F    S

             6     7      8   9   11  12  13   14  15  16  18   19   20    21   22  23                                           Total

           3/4    1     1   1     1     1   1     1    1    1    1     1     1    3/4    1    1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                



2     1       4 


4    17      9  

P 2b (top)

1868 June 1th Monday Commenced working for John JOHNSON                                                                

          M   TU   W   TH   F   S   M   TU   W   TH    F     S                 

           1     2       3     4    5   6    8     9    10    11    12   13        June 13th

  Day   1     1      1     1     1   1    1    1     1    11/4  3/4    1

£    s     d                                                          

                                                                                1   10     8       

Days    M   TU   W   TH   F    S    M   TU   W   TH   F    S                   

           15   16    17   18   19  20   22   23    24   25   26  27 

            1     1      1     1     1   1   11/4   1      1     1     1   11/4


1   12     8

          M   TU   W   TH   F   S   M   TU   W   TH   F    S    M   T   W   TH   F    S               

          29   30    1     2     3   4    6     7      8     9    10  11  13  14   15   16   17  18 

           1     1     1     1     1    1    1     1     1     1     1    1    1     1    1     1     1    1 

          M   Tu   W   TH   F   S

          20   21   22   23   24  25       Finished working for John JOHNSON



3     4     0

6     7     4

1868 Tuesday August 4th 1/2 Day work for T GARLICK (no amount shown)

(The book continues itemizing each day as shown above with the totals as indicated)                              


1868 Wedensday August 5th commenced working for Mr SIMPSON at Park house 

1   10     0 

(21 weeks and 4 days shown altogether)

2     8     0

2    14    0

2      8    0

 P 3b

1869 Jenuarey 2nd work Don for Mr SIMPSON (21 weeks shown but no total put in )                             

£    s      d            

1869 Monday and Tuesday June 7th 8th work don for James BROWN       

       5      6

1869 Wedensday June 9th Commenced working for the Buxton Lime Company 8 weeks

6     9      0

1869 July 29th 3/4 of Day for John JOHNSON         

       2      3

P 4b (top)

      £     s     d 

1/2 Days work Don for Mr John SRIGLEY August 4th       

              1     3

August 5th Commenced working for the Buxton Lime Co:

                                                                                                     18 1/2 Days

                                                                                                     16 1/2 Days

                                                                                                      8 1/4 Days


       2    15    6

       2      9    6

      1      4     9

1869 Monday October 4th John WARREN commenced working for Mr Richard FOX at that New     Chapel at Horwich end

                                                                                                                     10 1/4 Days

                                                                                                                      10 Days


      1     8      2       

      1     7      6              

1869 Thursday Nov 4th 3/4 of a day for the Gass Comp      

          2      3

1869 Saturday Nov 13 3/4 of a day for John BUCKLEY (no payment shown)

 "     Wedensday Nov 17th for getting T KNOWLS coal in            


 "     Wedensday Nov 17      "      "      Abel HYDE coal in            


  "     Thursday Nov 18 3/4 of a day for Gas Compy       

               2    3

 "     4 1/2 Day work Nov 26th for Whaley Bridge Gas Comp     

             13    6

 "     1 Day work for Esq BUCKLEY Nov 27th Saturday (no payment shown)

  "     Tuesday Nov 30th Mr W SHALLCROSS            


  "     Dec 3rd 1/4 of a day Dec 4th 1/4 of a Day Dec 6th 1 Day for gas  

              4      6

  Saturday Dec 4th 1 shilling from T KNOWLS


Saturday Dec 11th 1/2 a Day for Gas Company       

              1      6


       11   3      6

P 5b

1869 Tuesday Dec 14th work Don for Esq.  JODDRELL       

                14   15   16   17

                TU   W   TH  Fr              at the Reddish Farm      

                1/2  1/2   1     1   

£     s      d  


       8      0         

1869 Wedensday Dec 8th comenced Delving for John KINDER

              W   TH   Fr   M   TU   W   W    TH    Fr   

               8     9     10  13    14   15   22    23    24

              1    1      1    1/2   1/2  1/2  1/2   1     1/2       


     14     0


1869 Monday Dec 20th 3/4 Thuesday Dec 21th 1 Day Wedens Dec 29th 1/4 of Day for the Gas Companey at Whaley Bridge       

    6       0

1870 Saturday Jenuarey 1st 3/4 of a Day for Mr GREENWOOD for Posting Bills                                        

     2      0                

1870 Monday Jenuarey 3th from Mary HOWARD for geting coals in


                                          for getting coals in for Methedist Preacher


870 Tuesday and Wedensday Jenuarey 4th 5th  2 Day work don for James BROWN        

        5    6 

1870 Sunday and Monday Jenuarey 9th 10th went to Reanow for Joseph DRINKWATER        

      6    0

1870 Commenced working for George BENNETT (17 Days 11 January to 29th)

2    11    0

1870 10 1/4 Days 31 January to 16th (3 more dates shown but `left` written in)

1    10    0

1870 Monday Febuarey 21th commenced working  for James GODDARD 21 Feb to 29th Feb(6 days 22 - 28 Feb has `frost` written so no work on those days)

P 6b (top)

1870 John WARREN commenced working for the Gas Companey March 31(to 4th April)   

£     s     d

1870 April 6th Wedensday 1/2 a Day for G LEE 

1870 April 7th (to 9th April - 2 3/4 Days) for John SRIGLEY

1870 Monday April 11th (to 11 June )commenced for James GODDARD 

1870 Monday June 13th commenced working for Mr John NALL (Esq JODDRELL and Mr NALL           Agent inserted) at the Fishing house this week 3 shilling pr Day 


11 Days at 2/9 pr Day (Worked the rest of June; 17 1/2 days in Jul; Aug; 4 days in Sep; 10 1/2 days in Oct; 20 1/2 Days in Nov) total 92 1/2 Days for Esq JODDRELL

total amount Drawn from Esq JODDRELL for work Don

13    14    9

P 7b

1870 July 20th John WARREN commenced working for Mr John NALL at his house in Whaley                (7 1/2 days in Jul; 22 days in Sep; 4 days in Oct) total 33 1/2 Days at 3s pr Day                                                 

£     s     d    

                                                                                 total amount Drawn from Mr John NALL work 

5      0     6

1870 October 13th Thursday John WARREN comenced working at Taxal Church yard with John COLLIER helping him to make Mr BLUNDELS Vault (October 13th to 22nd)

1870 October Overtime at Mr BLUNDELS Vault Thursday Night 1 1/2 Day Overtime

 Monday Night 1 Day for watching at the Vault total 12 Days £1 16s 0d

1    16    0 

1870 Monday November 28th (to 20th Dec) commenced working for Mr W J HANDLEY of  Whaley Bridge          total 11 3/4 Days

1    12    4

1872 August 27th Tuesday Mr John NALL To John WARREN 4s 6d for work Don in the year of 1870

P 8b (top)

1871 5 1/2 Days work for the Whaley Bridge Gas Companey

         Jenuarey Fr   S   Januarey  TU  W  TH  Fr 

                           6   7                     17  18   19  20      

                           1  1                       1   1     1   1/2

£     s       d


      16       6                        

1871 Saturday Januarey 28th with Mr NALL and others a shooting on the Long Side      

      2      6

1871 Januarey 30th commenced working for the Buxton Lime Companey 3 Days work at the Boilers  


        Januarey M   T  Febuarey  W            commenced winding in the Coalpit

                         30  31                     1           on Wedensday Night Febuarey 1 (to 16th) Fifteen                                                                                  1   1                       1                            nights in the colpit


2    14       0  

1871 Febuarey 18th 1/4 of Day for Thomas SRIGLEY

1871 Febuarey 22th for Thomas SRIGLEY in the Gardin at the Back of his house 4 Days    

       11      0

1871 March 2 commenced working for James BROWN total 2 1/2 Days      

         7      6

1871 1 3/4 Day work Don for John SOUTHERN Monday and Tuesday March 6th and 7th      

        4       9

1871 Wedensday March 8th (to 12 April) commenced working for the London and North Western realway Companey at 2s 8d pr Day  

4      2       8 

1871 April 17th 18 2 Days work for Matthew EYER

        5       6

1871 April 19th 2 Days work for John SAYER 

        6       0

1871 April 21th (to 3rd May) commenced working for the Midland Real way Companey at New Mills at 2s 8d per Day

1      9       8

P 9b

£     s      d 

1871 Thursday May 4th (to 13th) commenced working for John JOHNSON at 2s 9d per day 

1     4       0

1871 Monday May 15th (to 2nd Dec) commenced working for Joseph WIGHTHEAD Stone Mason        

1    14     6         

1    16     0

2      8   

2      8

2      8

2      5

2    11

1    19

2      9     6

2     4    11 

      16     6

P 10b (top)

1872 Tuesday Febuarey 20th John WARREN commenced working for Adam MORTIN at the                 Brytart Mill (to 11 April) at 2s 10d pr Day

£     s     d

1872 April 12th John WARREN commenced working by the Bargin at 5s pr ton

1872 April 20th Cash Drawn

1    14     0   

April 29th

2    10     3

May 4th

2      6     0

May 11th

1      8     9

May 18

2      6     3

May 25

1    14     6

June 1st

1    15     6

June 8

2      6     6

June 15

2    13     0

June 22

1      5     3

June 29

2      0     0

July 6

1    10     0

P 11b


£      s      d

1872 For work Don at the Brytest Mill

July 13th

2      3     11/2

July 20

2      6       0

July 27

2      8       0

July 27 for hay Making       

        3       0

August 3th

2      9       0

August 10 John BROOKS Finnished

2      0       6

August 17

2    10      0

August 24

1    12      9

August 31

1    16      8

September 7th

2      7      0

Sept 14

2    10      4

Sept 21

1873 Jenuarey

2      7      3

Sept 28  

£      s    d

2      6    10

October 5th

2      6     9

Jenuarey 4th

1    12      2

Oct 12

2    10    6

Jen 11

2      4      4

Oct 19

2    11    3

Jen 18

2      5      8

Oct 26

2     7   10

Jen 25

2      8      9

November 2

1     5     9

Febuarey 1st

2    11     4

Nov 9

2   14    0

Feb  8

2    10     3

Nov 16

2     2    3

Feb 15

2      6     6

Nov 23

2     6    0

Feb 22

2      3     2

Nov 30

2     4    7

December 7

1     9    6

from Adam MORTIN

       6    0

Dec 14

2     4    6

Dec 21

2    11   9

Dec 28

2     4    6