The Diary of John Warren

Book One

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Page No 1

1843 July 2 Joseph HEATHCOTE set to America

1843 July 2 John HAUGHTY set out to America

1843 Sept 25 Catrine IVEREY killed at Bugsworth

1843 Nov 17 Ralph KIRK Died at Mackelsfield

1844 Sept 12 Edward WILSON came by is Misfortine with wagging

1844 Sept 6 Petter GOULD Began to work at Furness

1845 May 22 Gorge HAUGHTY whent to America

1845 May 22 William HILL whent to America

1845 May 22 Thomas PANTON

1845 May 22 Own KENCHLEY set out to America

1842 August A General tourn out

1846 Sept 11 A Punkin got at Furness in Mr WHELCH`s Garden By John JACKSON 66 Pounds

1847 April 19 John DRINKWATER Died at Furness

1848 April 27 Fanny FAYELE Died at Furness

1849 November 28 William TRAVES set out to America

1849 Nov 28 John HAUGHTY Whent to America

1849 December 5 Petter GOULD Discharged from Furness

1849 September 14 William JEPSON Died at Furness

No 2 (top)

1849 September 19th Jene PEARSON Died at Furness

1849 Febuarey 3 William HAUGHTY Died at Furness

1850 December 6 Samuel BENNETT was Drowned in the Canal at Whaley

1850 Febuarey 3 Bengaman WIELD was the First that was Babtised in the River Gite with the Later Day Saints

1850 November 17 Thomas COLLIER Died at Shediot eaged 83 years Ould

1849 Trieal of The MANNINGS

1850 Joseph HANDFORD intending to start A New Printing shop in is house at Furness

1851 Jenuarey the had a man in Manchister Petending to bee the Divel to Rob A Poor Wohaman of her monney but The Whalked in through the Strees in Open Day Light

1851 Jenuarey 10 Bugsworth Mill was Burned Down

No 3

1851 Febuarey 1th John ANSWORTH Opened A Drepers Shop at Furness

1851 Febuarey 25 Bengaman WILD was killed at Disley with waggining

1852 July 31 William HILL came from America

1852 A Irish rough at Stockport

1852 September 12 Joseph BROMERLEY and is Family set out to America

1852 October 1st there was 35 Donkeys whalked in Pereshon in New Mills and sheep rosted Beacous the 2 Toul Bars was teaken Down

1852 October 23 Robert BUCHAN Beaceme the Master at Furness Print Works

1852 December 6 John WARREN Began steeming at Furness Print Works

1852 November 18 Duk of Welington was Berried

1853 Jenuarey 21 John BURGUES began to Drive a tonel for Mr HALL Joe HALL Furness

No 4 (top)

1853 Jenuarey 26th James JOHNSON was Robed of is Watch and is money

1853 May 9 A Snow Fell and Lasted till May 23

1853 May 27 Frank MANAFOULD set out for America

1853 June 18 Robert BUCHAN had A Tea Partey For the work hands in Barn at Furness

1853 August 22 John HILL and James DILLIN set out to America

1853 Sept 5 John WRIGHT Began A Mechine Printing at Furness Print works for Mr BUCHAN

1853 Oct 24 Samuel HILL Began to Joiner at Furness Print Works

1854 Febuerey 25 an March 11 21 Block Printers Discharged From Furness Print Works By Mr BUCHAN 

1854 Feburey 28 Mr VICKERS Broke at Water Side in Disley

1854 March 22th John WARREN Discharged From Furness By Richard RILEY

No 5

1854 March 30 John WARREN Began to worke at Whaley Bridge Print Works For Mr WHELCH

1854 March 31 the First Lode of Printed Calico that whent to Manchester From Whaley Bridge Print Works By Mr John WHELCH

1854 May 11 Mr Robert BUCHAN Broke at Furness Print Works

1854 May 11 John WARREN Flited to Whaley

1854 May 12 Richard RILEY was Discharged From Print Works and he was Rantaned From Furness at Night  

1854 Jenuary 1st Thomas GOULD Began (inserted `was bound Prentice to Mechine Printing`) A Mechine Printing at Whaley Bridge Print Works For Mr WHELCH

1854 June 10 Mr John WHELCH gived is work handes A Treet to Chatsworth 

No 6 (top)

1854 September 4th Joel BATES was sould up

1854 Sept 30 A clod taken out at Disley for the Stockport Disley and Whaley Bridge Reail Way

1854 October 27 Seal at Furness Print Works

1854 October 6 John WARREN steemed the First Ps of Calico at Whaley Bridge Print Works for Mr John WHALCH

1855 Jenuarey 17 Marey WHIET kiled at Bugsworth Lime Kills

1855 Jenuarey 20 Mr John WELCH Gave is Work hands A sopor at WARDS Whaley

1855 Jenuarey 22 Mr BUCHAN and WALKER had A reform of Mecheine Printers at Furness Print Works

Nathaniel WRIGHT James HAUGHTY and Robert LEDWICK

1856 March 23 Joseph HEATHCOTE and William TRAVES set out to America

1856 June 2 Richard TURNER Cut is Throte at Kettelsume

No 7

1856 June 14th William PALMER was hanged for Pisoning Cook

1856 August 9 Amos MORTINE Left Whaley

1856 James HAUGHTY wife died

1856 May 20 James MELLOR of Yeardsley Hall Died at Furness

1856 May 29 Mary Ann KENCHLEY Died at Furness

1856 April 12 William ETCHELLS was killid at GISBORNS Colpit Whaley

1857 Jenuarey 5 the began to teake John MELLORS house Down Whaley

1857 Jenuarey 13 Isac HILL was killid at GISBORNS Colpit Whaley

1853 Jenuarey 29 Mr John WELCH Flitted Orwich Hall Whaley

1856 July 23 Whaley Bridge water Fountin was Fixed up by Esq BUCKLEY

1856 July 21 First Waggon Load of Durt that was tipt at Whaley Bank with a Black horse

No 8 (top)

1857 March 16th John HIGINBOTHAM From New Mills was killid on the Stockport Disley and Whaley Bridge Real way at the Back of William WARDS Whaley

1857 April 7 2 Realway Engins came From Stockport Disley and Whaley Bridge Real way at 1/2 past 6 at night

1857 May 10 John CLARK had the First Real Way Cap Presented to him for to watch on A Sunday on the Stockport Disley and Whaley Bridge Real Way

1826 (sic) the comenced Meaking the High Peak Reail Way

1856 the comenced Alltring th High Peak Reail Way

1857 May 19 the Goverment inspector came to inspect the Stockport Disley and Whaley Bridge Real Way and the came 2 engins with them and 2 Carriges with them at 1/2 past 1 O clock at Dinnertime

No 9

1857 May 28th Opening of the Stockport Disley and Whaley Bridge Real Way there came 2 Bands of Music

1857 June 9 the Trains comenced Runing for Pasingers Trafic onth Stockport Disley and Whaley Bridge Real Way

1857 June 16 Bettey WILSON Died very sodan at Furness   

1857 April 7 Opening of the New Rod Between Bridge Mont and Furness

1857 June 24 William WHALCH illused is Father at Whaley Bridge

1857 July 28 Harriett WARREN was Found in Fit in Bed at 1/2 pat 5 in moring

1857 August 15 the First 4 Beals of Calico that whent to Manchester on the Stockport Disley and Whaley Bridge Real Way

1857 August 18 the First Train that of Lime Waggons that whent over the vidocks (corrected to `viaducts`) at Whaley Bride Real Way on the Stockport Disley and Whaley Bridge Real Way

No 10 (top)

1857 October 29th the First Real Way Engin that worked over the Vidocks at Whaley Bridge

1857 November 1st the Opening of Furness Steation for Pasingers Trafick

1857 November 18 the first Real Way Engine that worked on the High Peake Real Way From the top of Shallkess Plean to the Botam of Bonsal Plean

1858 Jenuarey 18 Duke of Devenshire Died

1857 December 2 the First time the worked short time at Whaley Bridge Print Works From the 2 of December until Jenuarey 26

1858 Febuarey 1st John WARREN Juner Died at Furness

1858 Febuarey 26 the L and N.W Real Way Companey Remuved William LEES Stebels From Onder the Vidockes at Whaley Bridge

1858 April 3 the Trial of Birch Vale Print Works

1858 May William WARD Opened A New refresh ment Room Opesit the Real Way 

No 11

1858 May 5th William GOULD Discharged From Whaley Bridg Print Works

1858 June 11 John HUEIT Drawed A Fortine £15  9s  2

1858 June 5 Mr WILLIAMSON of Fearnle Died he Belonged to Powder Mills

1858 June 16 A very hevey Flod at Heyfild For it Whashed 5 houses Down that was inhabeted

1858 June 26 Furness Print Works was sould to SAXBEY

1858 May 25 Jseph WORSLEY Whent to the Asilam

1858 May 27 or that Weeke Esq. JODRELL Died

1818 (sic) March 2 Harriet JACKSON was Bound Prentice to Block Printing at Furness Print Works

1852 May 12 William GOULD wife was sent to Mackelsfield Asilam

No 12 (top)

1852 July 10th William GOULD Wife came Backe From Mackelsfield Asilam

1857 Oct 8th Petter WARREN Listed for a soulder in the 53 Rigement

1845 The Mechene Room at Furness Print Works was inlarged By Mr BUCHAN & Mr WELCH

1666 (sic) Tea First Brought to England

1838 London & Birmingham Real Way was Opened

1849 Great Distorbince in Ierland

1851 May 13th William SOUTHREN the son of John & Elizabeth SOUTHREN at Furness Toul Bar Falled of the Battelment of the Bridge on to the Rock at side of the River Goyt

1858 July 21th 1000 3/8 Dobels Peces Greys came to Furness Print Works For that New Companey Mr SAXBEY

1858 July Bugsworth Mill started Working a Gain

No 13

1858 July 24th Samuel HOWARD Died at Disley

1858 August 10 William GOULD Began to work at Whaley Bridge Print Works Agen

1858 August 12th A New Mechene 3 Colors Began to work at Whaley Bridge Print Works MATHER and PLATT Maker Salford iron works Manchester No 184

1858 August 18 A New Boiler Began to work at Whaley Bridge Print Works

1858 August 15 Mary GOULD Died at Water Side Furness the Wife of John GOULD

1858 August 27th or 28 A portion of Gorge WARRENS Furniter was sould to Matthew EYER

1858 October 9th The Began a Printing at Furness the Printed 15 peces For Mr SAXBEY and Sons

1858 September 29th Mark SHARPLEY intended to hang himself with Rope at Furness

1858 Oct 11th William KING From Whaley set sail to America

No 14 (top)

1818 (sic) March 2nd Harriett JACKSON was Bound Prentice to block Printing at Furness

1858 October 14th Charles WRIGHT Died at Whaley

1858 November 2nd A New Lenth of Water Pipes was lead to Mr WELCHS Reservi at Whaley Bridge Print Works

1859 Jenuarey 18th the Began to Run water thrue the New Pipes

1858 November 21th Gorge WARREN Died at Whaley eged 82 eyers

1858 December 1st William KING was sould up

1858 December 1 or 2 Jesia WOOD Was Discharged from is Emplyment For Getting the servent in the Fameley way at Mr HANDFORDS at Baul Beard

1859 Jenuarey 15th Petter BENNETT Died at Hatfield Fould Whaley

1859 Jenuarey 16th William WARD Died at Jodrls Arms Whaley

1859 Jenuarey James SHURT had a Law Case with James SHURT Stone Mason For 3£ and James SHURT at Lost

No 15

1858 October 27th John ANSWORTH was teaken very ill

1859 Jenuarey 3th John ANSWORTH comenced working a geain after a very long illness

1859 Jenuarey Friday 14th A verey Bad Axadent hapened at Kinder Vele Print Works and there 3 men killed there One of the men Died very shortly after

1859 Febuarey 2nd John JACKSON the son of James JACKSON at Whaley this John JACKSON left is wife & familey in Manchester For he intended to go of with a nother woman But she was a fread But John went and he had Borrowed £35 pounds of William GOULD at Whaley

1858 July 30th John JACKSON Borrowed £5 of William GOULD at Whaley

1859 Jenuarey 24th John JACKSON Borrowed £30 pounds of William GOULD at Whaley and James JACKSON was the witness that he had the monney

No 16 (top)


1859 Febuarey 21th There was a Companey of that Began to Alter the Road at Back of WARDS at the Jodrells Armes For the purpes to Run the Busess on to the Plat Form at Whaley Bridge Real Way Seation

1852 Holmfirth Reservoir Bursted

1847 Gold Discovered at California

1831 Cholera first appeared in England

1857 Indian Mutiny Commenced

1851 Gold first Discovered in Australia

1857 Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition Opened in May

1859 Jenuarey 25 Thomas DRINKWATER Died at Beard Wood

1858 Jenuarey 5th Miss WELCH Died at Horwich house Aged 62 eyers

1858 March Mr John WELCH Flitted to his New house at Whaley

No 17

1857 August the Altered the Jodrells Arms at Whaley when Mr William WARD lived there

1859 Febuarey 23th William GREGORY Began a Bleaching at Furness Print Works

1855 April 21th Matthew DEPLIGE Listed for soulder

1855 May the Ould Water Weell at the Corn mill at Whaley was Newley Timbered By John HAMSON and there was toue Masters John SIGLEY & Adam MORTIN

1855 May 12th the Peay Day mised at Furness Print Works Mr BUCHAN and Mr WALKER was the Masters at Furness

1855 December 28th William TRAVES and Joseph HEATHCOAT came to England from America

1856 Jenuarey New Mills Church was Robed and there was A Great Deal of Damage was Don in Thorniset Sunday School

1853 Jenuarey 10th John MELLOR left Furness Print Works

1853 Jenuarey 21 Robert WILLSON left Furness

1853 August 17th John PICKUP left Furness Print Works

No 18 (top)

1859 Febuarey 28th Monday the preperty of the Late Kirkus SOUTHREN of Kettelsume was sould at the Jodrell Arms Whaley and John SOUTHERN of Whaley Bought them For the som of £1. 4. 5 pounds Sitaute at Furness the Ground Plot wich is Leasehould For the remender of a term of 999 years created the 25th day of March 1826 containes 850 square yards and is subject to yearley Cheft rent of £3.10s.10d and there is Ampel Room For the erection of six more cottages

Anthony SOUTHREN Bought that house that is setueated at Bings Wood For the som £78 pounds

No 19

1853 August 16th Henry ROGERS left Furness Print Works

1853 August 19th William JACKSON left Furness Print Works

1853 August 20th William GOULD left Furness Print Works

1853 October 5th John WARREN Flitted into the Furness Row

1853 October 19th Richard ROBERTS left Furness Print Works

1853 April 19th Matthew TEYAL Died

1858 July 17th John WRIGHT Begun to work at Whaley Print Works

1847 March 15th Gorge MELLOR was the Waggoner at Furness Print Works For Mr John WELCH and Mr Robert BUCHAN and he had Bad misfortine with Waggon and horses one horse was killed and he had a man on the top of the Waggon

No 20 (top)

1859 March 4th the water pipes Bursted at Whaley Bridge Print Works

1803 the Turn Pike Road was Maked From Disley to Whaley

1840 May the Fineshed Whaley Bridge Reservoir

1853 December 31th the first 2 peces of Callco that was Printed at Whaley Bridge Print Works For Mr John WELCH by steem Printed by William GOULD the Mechan Printer 2 Peaces 5/4 44 yards Printed Black and Purple Blotch on the 8 coler Meachine MATHER and PLATT Maker Salford iorn Works Manchester No 154 of the mechine

No 21

1859 Thursday March 17th the commenced teaking the Fence Reals up to shift them Backer to edge of that New Road at the Back of Ann WARDS at the Jodrells Armes Whaley Bridge Real Way Steation 

1859 Monday 21th of March the Real Way Companes Omnaboses commenced Going up that New Road Betwen the steation house and the Jodrell Arms Whaley this Companey was at the Expence of meaking that New Road Samuel FIDELER & Brine BATES From Buxton Charles TIMS from Chapel en le Frith Ann WARD at Whaley

No 22 (top)

1859 Wedensday the 16th Day of March the Gates was Broaken at Whaley Bridge Real Way Steation with 2 waggons that was Loaden withand the remender emtey For the wind was so strong that it started the waggons From the Bridge that Goes Over the Turn Pike Road at the other end of the Vidocks about 12 O clock that Night and Broke 2 Gates Down

1859 Tuesday the 22th Day of March the L. and N. W Real Way Engins commenced Bringing Lime From the Botham of Sholkrass Plean on Tuesday Morning

1859 Saterday March 19th A Turning of Leath was Bought at the sale of WILLIAMS and ROBERTS iorn Works Stockport Bought for Mr John WELCH at Whaley Bridge Print Works and Fitted up By Thomas ARNFILD ther Mechanic

No 23

1859 Monday March 28th John HEYWOOD Died very suden at Whaley

1859 Saturday March 26th Samuel WYATT of New Mills cane by is misfortine at the Botham of New Mills at the side of the Bridge those iorn reales was in Bad repear and the man fel Backwards and it cased is Death

1859 Monday April 4th William BENNETTS child was caulded very Bad and it Died on April 6th and the Croners inquest was held at the Jodrel Armes Hotell April 6th at Night

1821 the Methodist Sunday School was Erected By the inhabitantance of Whaley and the ser rounding Nebour hods

1854 April 27th First Fair that was at Whaley Bridge commenced with a Prise fair for cattle

No 24 (top)

1853 the Long Chimdey was Bilt at Whaley Bridge Print Works The Lenth of the Chimdey is 69 yards of Brick Work and 1 yard of Stone Work

No 25

1859 Saturday May 7th William TURNER died at Whaley

1859 Friday May 6th the Ofsprings of the Late Kirkus SOUTHREN of Kettelsume Whent Mackelsfield to Draw there Ekuel shear of monney that Belonged to them But all was not Wright that Day for the 2 sons of Leat Kirkus SOUTHREN John & Anthoney SOUTHREN wanted to pot the son of the Late Thomas SOUTHREN of is titel so that shoud not be a Excetter to the Propertey but the Lawer sead that that (sic) he was intiteled to is Fathers Office of beaing a Excetter after is Father Death and after that Day 1859 Friday May 6th all the monney was to Go thrue the handes of John SOUTHREN the son of the late Thomas SOUTHREN of Furness   

No 26 (top)

1859 Thursday May 5th A Child Died very suden at Whaley the Child Belonged to a man and woman that was Creving Charitey in the nebourhod of Whaley and a Croners inquest was held at the Jodrel Armes Hotel Ann WARDES Whaley

1859 Monday May 23th Jane SHUVELBOTHAM Died at Taxal and was interd at New Mills

(page cut out at this point)

No 39 (sic) (indexed as 29)

1859 Wedensday July 6th the Propertey that Belonged to the Late Mary GOULD of Furness was Devided a mongest them the som of £192. 19s each sons and daughters thes are the Sons and Daughters names




not Married























Mary Ann



 No 30 (top)

1859 Tuesday July 5th William GREGOREY Left Furness Print Works 

1855 Monday March 26th Thomas RHODES & William COTTREL comenced sinking a coalpit For Mr John William BOOTHMAN in the Warfe at Whaley the first pay ment that Thomas RHOADES & William COTTERAL had was on Good Friday April 6th 

No 31

1859 Saturday July 16th there was a Deal of Damage Don on the High Peak Real Way Belonging to the Buxton Lime Companey the Damage was Owing to a chean that Broake that Letes the Waggons Down Shallkross Plean and it Broake the Breake van that cost 200 Pounds when it was New For it had worked very Little Wile the had it and there was one Lime Waggen Broken beside the van and one of there horses had it Leg Broaken the same Day on the High Peak Real way

1859 Saturday August 6th Thomas CUTTS Drowned him sellf at Makelsfield Canal eged 68 eyers he had been For 40 eyers in the employment of the Canal Companey at it is said Domestic Discomfort caused is fatal Death 

No 32 (top)

1859 Tuesday August 9th Gorge UDAL falled in the river opeset Mr WELCHS Print Whorkes and he had a very narrow iscape of being Drowned it was a Long time Before he came round agean

1859 June William HATFELD of New Mills Morgished is house to TAYLOR at Helebank Neer Disley For the sum of 150 Poundss

1859 Monday August 22th William WRIGHT the son of the Late Charles WRIGHT was Pot out prentice to a Shue Maker to John GARLICK at Whaley

No 33

1859 Friday August 20th Opening of the Real Way Cutting of the The (sic) First Clod Out this is what the call teaking the Firs Clod out of the Real Way before the make a proper starte it was teaken out by George CAWLEY of Car Cottige Whaley For Esq JODRELL and there was 2 nine Gallons Barrels of Ale to be Drunk at teaking out of the clod

(No 34 is blank)

No 35

1859 Friday August 26th Charles Edward WARREN Died at Poynton

1859 Monday September 5th Esq BUCKLEY of Manchester Bought those houses that is setueated onder side the Binges Wood at Whaley John JOHNSON Bilt them For himsellf and he had not monney to Finish out and he Borrowed som monney of Esq BUCKLEY of Manchester to Finish 5 houses and a shop John JOHNSON Borrowed this in 1858 and sould them on September 5th 1859

1859 Wedensday September 7th Sarah WRIGHT the widow of C WRIGHT Flitted to Furness to keepe a Grocers shop the side of Soulder Dick 

No 36 (top)

1859 Saturday September 24th James JOHNSON the son of George JOHNSON of Whaley he had is Leg Broken at the Bottham of Shallcross Plean with the Waggens that whent Over is Leg and it was teaken of that Night by Docter Criton of Chapel en le Frith an is Prentice

1859 Saturday October 1st Margret COOPER Fathered a child on William TURNER of Whaley this child was Fathered at Buxton Cort to pey 1s 6d pr weeke

1859 Saturday October 1st John COOK of Stone hedes had to Pey the remender Part of the monney for the time that he had mised peying to the Child that Mary JOHNSON Fathered on him

No 37

1859 Monday August 22th Jemes HIBBERT Left Whaley Bridge Print Works and commenced Working for the London and N W Real Way  Companey at Whaley Bridge Station

1859 Thursday October 13th Law Betwen Joseph BROCKLURST and is wife he was Bound over to his good Beaviour for six months

1859 Thursday October 13th A Child Fathered on John MULANEY of New Millss to Pay 2 shillings & sixpence per weeake

1859 Friday October 14th Nathaniel WRIGHT Left Whaley Bridge Print Works

1859 Monday October 17th William EDGE Died very soden

1859 Saturday October 29th Charles FORD Died at Furness

No 38 (top)

1859 Tuesday November 22th A strike at Whaley Bridge Print Works with the Lades in the Dye house for more wage

1859 Sonday November 27th those Pallase edings side of the Jodrl Armes was Nocked Down On Sonday Night

1859 Saturday Night or Sonday Morning December 4th some porsons put Mr BAMTONS hand carte over Whaley Bridge into the river

1859 Friday December 2th A Smash of 3 Real way Trucks at Botham of Sholkress Plean the rope Broke

1859 Saturday December 31th the High Peake Rifle Corpes Second Company whent to Chapelenlefrith to take the Oath

1859 Saturday December 31th George ARDERN Died at Disley

No 49 (sic) (indexed as 39)

1859 Monday December 26th James HILL left is Father and Mother and whent a livinge with Martha SLACK at Bugsworth and the put her Lawful husband out of Dorers so that James HILL might liv with Isac SLACKs wife

1859 December    th the comenced lighting Gass at Furness Print Works Belonging to Mr SAXBEY

1860 Sonday Morning Jenuarey 8th Charles COTTREL Died very soden William RICHARDSONS in keeper Kown By the sine of the New Cock at Whaley

1860 Monday Morning Jenuarey 2th William              left Whaley Bridge with a Disgece to his self with ......... William              Worked For James JACKSON Black Smith very nee twelve Months

No 40 (top)


1860 Jenuarey 5th Freak of Nature A cow belonging to Mr Thomas BENNETT Farmer of Thornset Fields gave birth to a calf having two heads Four eyes three ears two tails one body and Four legs it lived twelve hours

A bout the 26th Day of Jenuarey 1860 William JACKSON From Whaley Bridge Listed for a Soulder in the 24 regement

1860 Saturday Febuarey 11th Joseph GOULD Discharged From Whaley Bridge Print Works

1860 Monday Febuarey 13th Mary PEARSON the wife of John PEARSON Furness she had her lege Broken with going for Water to the reservi at Furness Row

No 41

1860 Friday Jenuarey 13th Expllsion

A terrible explosin occured on Friday Night at the Kinder Print Works at about half past ten one of the Bleaching Kiers blew up with a tremendous explosin forcing the top of the kin up through the roof of the building which fell on the roof of the adjoining building crashing through it and falling on a Drying machine on the second floor smashing it to pieces forcing through the floor into the ground floor of the bleaching croft we are hppy to state that no lives were lost though on lad was severely scalded and another lad and the foreman bleacher Mr Thomas GORSE slightly they are all however rapidly Progressing towards convalescence the cause of the explosion we believe is not Distinctly known

No 42 (top)

1860 Saturday Febuarey 4th William GOULD whent to Manchester on purpos to see over that monney that John JACKSON had of him

1860 Saturday Night Jenuarey 21th Robert EDGE of Gite Clof was starved to Death betwen Buxton and Gite Clof and he Left A wife and 7 children

1860 Sonday Night March 18th Mary Ann HAUGHTY Died

1860 Monday March 19th Ellen MELLOR Died at Furness

1860 Monday March 19 Robert HEATHCOATE whent to Darby to stand is triel with Thomas HILL and Davet HILL but Thomas and Deavet HILL saw that it was no use of tring to be roges there for the gave up the case all to gather

No 43

1860 Saturday Jenuarey 14th Mary Ann HAUGHTY sould her Furniture sould By Mr MOSLEY of New Mills and then she went a living with John and Elizabeth SOUTHREN on Friday 13th Day of Jenuarey 1860

1860 Friday April 27th Edward WILLSON Died at Furness

1860 Saturday March 31th William GOULD Left Whaley Bridge Print Works

1860 Wedensday April 25th William GOULD of Whaley comenced on wage at Wedensday at noon at Kinder Print Works and comenced working on Monday Morning April 30th 1860

1860 Saturday March 31th George JOHNSON Left Whaley Bridge Print Works

1860 Friday April 6th John STANNEY and Edward POWELL Over ron there Pearints and started of for Scotland

No 44 (top)

1860 Saturday Night March 24th An Iirish man was starved to Death betwene Buxton and Whaley Bridge he lived in Noxs Row Whaley he was a navey on the New Ral way betwen Buxton and Whaley Bridge he went to Chapelenl frith on Saturday after noon to Draw is wages and Got som thing to Drink and mised is road at Horwich end and whent up the Buxton Road till he Got to the Botam of the Long hill and there he was found by the Post man on Sonday Morning he was not Dead wen found by the Post man his name is James FORD

The next entry has been lightly crossed through

1860 Wedensday April 11th James GODDARD and Sarah POWELL had a Fight Sarah POWELL said that James GODDARD was the cause of her son Edward POWELL leving his Father and Mother

No 45

The next entry is lightly crossed through

1860 Wedensday April 18th John PEARSON had a sommaes for to a per at the Cort in Stockport to be the Father of that Child of Meria SWINDELSS at Furness Row John PEARSON was to Aper at Stockport on Thursday April 26th 1860 But he went Down to Furness to his Fathers and her Mother and seteled it For to Pay som monney towards the Child and James HILL of Furness Row was the Witeness that he must Pay

1860 Saturday April 14th Edward HADFIELD Left Whaley Bridge and Opened a shop in New Mills the shop in the occupation of his son William HADFIELD in New Mills

No 46 (top)

1860 Tuesday April 17th the Fight for the Champion ship at a place called Ash near Farnham where all the People got out of the train When after crossing several Fields and Ditches the Arrived at a snug Meadow in wich a rope ring was Formed and Precisely at half past seven in the Morning the two men entered the ring the instant the inclosure of the ropes and stakes 24 Feet square was Formed Thomas SAYERS stepped into it and was cheered Tremendously HEENAN who Followed was greeted in the same Manner HEENAN came from America is height is About 6 ft 2 inches Thomas SAYERS is About Five Feet eight A Drawn Battle Between SAYERS and HEENAN     On April 17th 1860

No 47

1860 Monday April 23th Thomas DAYEN at Bridge Mont Near Whaley Bridge sould up his Houshould Furmiture and whent a Living at

1860 Friday April 27th Joseph WORSLEY Died at the Asilam in

1860 Friday April 27th William LEE and is servant man had a Fight at is house in the Back yard

1860 Wedensday May 2and William LEE Gave his servant one Mont imprisinment for striking him James SHURT was the evedance aganst

1860 Tuesday April 17th inst. at is Residance Spring Bank Whaley Bridge William TAYLOR Esq., Died aged 91 years

No 48 (top)

1860 Saturday April 28th Thomas GASKEL Abram BAXTER and Ralph WARREN sat som Grass on fier at the top end of Whaley Bridge Reservi the Grass Belonged to John GARLICK

1859 Saturday October 22and the first Snow this Winter Fell on Saturday October 22and 1859 And the Last Snow that Fell For this Winter was on Sunday and Monday April 22th an 23 1860 the Ground was completely covered with Snow

1860 Friday May 4th Jonathan WALKLET Died at Furness edged 78 years

No 49

1860 Sunday April 22th Mr Robert ROGERS who generally passed under the Cognoman of Old Bob ROGERS of Stone heads Whaley Bridge Died on the 22 inst eaged 75 years and was interred at St James Church Taxal        Robert ROGERS was a soldier in is Former Days it appears that he was Born in 1785 and at the age of 26 Enlisted as a marine on Board a man of war in wich he Traversed a great portion of the Occan serving his Country in many navel Engagements and Explots when on is way home in 1815 through som misfortune or other he got his Leg Fractured wich to save his Life had to be Amputated Being Discharged with a Pension of one shilling pr Day for Life after serving his Country Faithfully for som years he

No 50 (top)

Settled at Stone heads near Whaley Bridge Living in one Cot for the last 41 years of his Life Which was Presented to him by his Elder Brother who som 24 years ago Died Leaving him a Fortune of £400 Pounds which however he Did not Put to Good use for he not only Drank himself while it lasted But also Paid others to Drink and keep Company with him for which he paid them the same wages as if they had been at ther usual Employment he was however an Eccentric Taskmaster for if they scrupled to do as he Bid them he Discharged them and Employed Fresh ones thees are the names of the men that he Pead to Drink with him Thomas SMAUL John          and a Man th used pas in the name of Blue Billy

No 21 (sic) (indexed as 51)

1860 Tuesday May 8th Joseph PURSSIFUL was Removed from Ann PICKILS Whaley Bridge to Buxton to his sisters But he Died the same Night at Alf past 8 that he was Teakin to Buxton he was Generley known by the name of Long Jo he was the hurselor for Ann WARD at the Joddrels Arms Hotel Whaley Bridge

1860 Tuesday May 15th Joseph PARKER Died very soden at Furness aged 67 years

1860 Monday May 14th James HADFIELD scalded Sarah MORTINE in the Face very Bad with hot water at the White hoarse in Horwich end kept by Adam HOWE

1860 Monday May 21th Allice WILSON was Burnt at Whaley Bridge Print Works

1860 Monday May 21th William SHALLCROSS Gave up shop keeping and had sail Mr MOSLEY from New Mills was the Actionear

No 52 (top)

1860 Wednesday May 23th James JACKSON Died at Whaley eaged     years

1860 Monday Morning June 4th Jonathan GARLICK Got Drunk and got no steam up in the Boilers at Whaley Bridge Print Work at six O clock in the Morning when the Work People shuld have comenced working

1860 Friday June 8th Hennery ATKIN and John WARREN senier commenced singing the First Calico at Whaley Bridge Print Works for Mr John WELCH the commenced at Dinertime at 1 O clock and the singed that After noon 120 ps 9/8 50 yeards Mr WELCH cloth

1860 Thursday Night April 5th the commenced Altring the Fly dong at Mr Welch Print Work B Thomas ARNFIELD and Richard ROBERTS

No 53

The Spring of 1782 was so very Late that the Fields had Freshened verrey littel at Old May Day and Holy Thursday Being on the 9th of May thear was Drifts of snow to be Found about Holmfirth nine feet Deep and at the Faire on 11th of May thear was two lustey Old Cows sould for three Pounds and sixpence and Oak Being so late that the Old Leaves was on the 29th of May and no Oak to be seen

1860 Saturday May 12th Mr John William BOOTHMAN of Bottams Hall near Whaley bridge Gave up working the Lime Kills at Bugsworth

No 54 (top)

1860 Friday Night June 8th William ROSE cought a Navey Bissey with his Wife in his howne house Before the Fire

1860 Saturday Night June 9th William ROSE Wife of Orwich End whent a way with a Navey and left her own husband with children she tooke About £20 with her the Navey name is Hugh McDONAL

1860 Thursday June 28th Elizabeth ROSE came a living with her lawful Husband Again William ROSE of Horwich End near Whaley Bridge

1860 Friday June 15th the commenced Paying there Work hands every Fortnight By Order of Mr John WELCH at Whaley Bridge Print Works

1860 Saturday June 23th Thomas FLETCHER Calico Bleacher Discharged from Furness Print Works

No 55

1860 Saturday June 23th Mr John WELCH of Whaley Bridge Print Works Bought a Sowing Machine from the Franklin Furnace and Machine Companey 19 and 21 Blackfriars Street Manchester Dean and Daves Agents

1860 Thursday June 14th Robert SIDEBOTTHAM of New Mills Drowned himself in one of the HINGHAM resevoys at Watford Bridge and left a wife and 3 little Children

1860 Wedensday July 3th Attempted Robbery at the house of Mr William HEWIT On William Procedings down stairs the unwelcom visitor Attempted to Decanp but Grappled by Mr William HEWITT at Kettelsume 

No 56 (top)

1823 June or July three men Murderd William WOOD on the Long Side Turnpike Roade Opisit the Digleagh Farm Disley Cheshire

1860 Saturday July 7th William DIXON Coller Mixer at Furness Print Works Discharged and the Remender parte of his Famely in a Weeke After

1860 Thursday July 24th A Prise Fight at Whaley Bridge when A large number of men arrived with the two men MORTIN and GANTLEY was the Prise Fighters from Manchester the Fought very hard untill the Fifteenth round Policeman CRAMP and Petter REGWAY Policeman arrived who at ounce put a stop to the Contest Consquently the Battle was undecided the Fifteen rounds was Fought in about half an hour A ring was Formed in the Roosdych and GANTLEY won the toss for the Choice of the corners

No 57

Sanky Canal was Made in 1760 12 1/2 miles Long it was the first Canal Constructed in England by a Companey from the Mersey and irwell Navigation at Fiddlers Ferry to Sutton Heath Mines it has 10 Locks and also A     tunnel near St. Helens

1860 Monday Morning July 30th there was a very narrow hiscape of having a Steem Boiler Bloonup at Whaley Bridge Print Works Belonging to Mr John WELCH John BRESFORD was the watch man at that time and he saw the Deanger about 5 O clock in the morning

1860 Wedensday August 1st John MOSS Died with the Axedent of falling of a hay cart up at Horwich house kept by Mr ROWLEY

No 58 (top)

Peak Forest Canal was made in 1800 21 miles Long from the Manchester Ashton and Oldam Canal at Duckenfield to the Chapel Milton Basin it as a Railway 6 miles Long it Passes the Mersey by a Bridge 100 Feet high of 3 Arches each of 60 Feet Span

1860 Wedensday August 1st James BENNETT of lane head Bought those houses at Rose Bank and also those Belonging to the New Cock fo the sum of £825 pounds

1860 Wedensday August 1st John KIRK of Rose Bank Bought those Lot of houses Down in Whaley that Belonged to Mr ROBINSON of Stockport he Bought them for the sum of £410 pounds

No 59

1860 Tuesday July 24th Happeratus was Fixed up at Whaley Bridge Realway Station and worked the Taleygraph that Day at it was not Finnished for Constant work that Day but was so that the Might send a Answer Down to Manchester and reacive one Back to Whaley Bridge Real way Station

1860 Wedensday July 25th A Happeratus was Fixed up at the Coach Office in Buxton and the worked the talegraph that Day Down to Manchester and the reiceved a Answer Back to Buxton that Day

1860 Wedensday August 15th Margrett WARREN was very ill of the Colery

No 60 (top)

The Cromford and Peak Forist Real way is altogether in Derbyshire and goes over the Peak it is thirty two miles and three quarters in lenth and was compleated in July 1831 six years from the time of its commencement at an expense of 140.000 £ of the whole lenth Onley eleven Miles and three Quarters are a Double line of Real way the remaining twenty one Miles are a single line but so constructed that an Additional track can be laid at the expense of 20.000£ the rails are of the edge kind and are of cast iron in lengths of fore Feet each weighing eighty Foure Pounds there are nine inclined Planes of wich Five Overcome an ascent of 1000 Feet from Cromford and Foure a Descent of 800 Feet to Whaley Bridge at the inclined Planes the steam Engins Eighteen in number are in Pairs of wich seven are of twenty horse power

No 61

each and two Pairs of ten horse Power each the longest Plane is 850 yardes the greatest rise on the Planes is at the rate of Four inches and a half to the yard the least is two inchs and A half to the yard the Volocity in ascending the Plane is Four Miles pr hour there are on this road much Deep Cutting Several Tunnels one 590 yards long and Several Expensive Embankments the cost of Transporting coal and lime is three halfpence pr ton pr Mile for Merchandize the cost is threepence pr ton per Mile horse Power is used on the levels and  it is not intended to carry Passengers it is supposed that this Rail way will not for some years be productive property Because it is no great thoroughfare its route is over the highest hill in England where there is little or no Population

No 62 (top)

and the lead mines for the Conveyance of whose produce this work was Principally constructed are now Almost Deserted

1860 Wedensday Febuarey 1st the commenced to make Ready for the Bleaching Mechenerey at Whaley Bridge Print Works for Mr MATHER came that Day to take the Demencion of the Place that the Mechenerey was to be fitted up in for Bleaching

1860 Wedensday May 2and 2 Bleaching kiers came to Whaley Bridge Print Works on Thomas HILL Waggens Boiler Maker

1860 Wedensday June 13th the commenced Bringing the Remender parte of the Bleaching Mechinerey

No 63

1860 Thursday August 9th A Trial of the 4 New Engins that Belong to the Bleaching at Whaley Bridge Print Works this was the First trial of the New Engins

1860 Thursday August 16th the First Lot of Peaces that was Washed in the New Bleaching Meachines

1860 Saturday August 18th the commenced singing for Bleaching at Whaley Bridge Print Works and the commenced Drying Greys on the same Day with the Drying Meachine that is in the Bleach Croft this was the First that the Worked this Drying Machine

1860 Wedensday Night August 22th the commenced Boiling Calico in the New Bleaching kiers

1860 Saturday August 25th the First 3 Peaces 9/8 50 yards Whites Cloth Marked ..181 Mr WELCH cloth Bleached By John WARREN Sniur Whaley Bridge and Printed by James PICKUP at Whaley Bridge Print Works 

No 64 (top)

1860 Thursday August 9th John WILD Died at Hockerley

1860 Friday August 17th A New Expanding Machine Filled up at Whaley Bridge Print Works in the Finishing Room

1860 Wedensday August 29th the Firs Sod that was Cut out of the Manchester Buxton Matlock and Midlands Junction Real way the Cutting of the First sod out was Perfomed by Mr Crawford BARLOW, son of the Eminent Enginear of the line in the Presence of a Very numerous Assemblage of Persons the First sod was cut out at Bakewell

No 65

1860 Friday Night September 7th Frightful Accident from Gun Powder an accident of a most alarming nature took  place at the Gnat Hole Bugsworth it appears that a man named Moses PLANT was replenishing his flask with Powder and whilst thus engaged a lighted candle most unfortunately got upset a spark from which got into the flask the Powder immediately took fire and so tremendous was the explosion that it actually burst through the chamber floor knocked off Several Slates from the top of the house blew out the windows and otherwise injured the premises PLANT his wife and child were the only persons in the house and it is most surprising how they escaped with their lives all three were immediately conveyed to the Union Workhouse at Chapel en le Frith where every attenton was rendered them

No 66 (top)

1860 Monday June 4th Thomas SAYERS and John C HEENAN the 2 Champans of England came to show theire sparring in the Free Treade Hall Manchester

1860 Thursday October 11th Ann JEPSON of Furness Fathered a Child on Edward WILLSON at Stockport and he was to Pay 2 shillings pr weak

1860 Monday October 1th John DRINKWATER whent out Prentice to Jonathan PROCTOR as a Black Smith at Whaley

No 67

1860 Thursday October 11th George WILD of Hockerley was Bound over to his good Beaviour for twelve Month for striking James SHURT at Whaley with bond of £40 for twelve months

1860 Saturday October 6th the Independant Order of Od Fellows Manchester Unety Opened A New Loge at Chapelenlefrith

1859 Monday December 26th James HILL the son George HILL at Whaley left his Father and Mother and whent A living with Martha SLACK at Bugsworth the wife of Isac SLACK

1860 Friday October 26th James HILL left Martha SLACK at Bugsworth

No 68 (top)

1857 October 8th Peter WARREN Listed into the 53 Regiment at Peter WARREN served in india in 1858 & 9 and landed in india May 24th 1858 and landed in England on the 23 of August 1860

1859 November 27th Sunday Night those Mettel Pallace edings below the Whaley Bridge Real way Steation was Broken down and in

1860 Thursday October 25th those Mettel Pallace edings Repearied and Maked good a gean

1860 Thursday November 1st Hayfield and New Mills Junction Real way the Clods of the projected Real way Between New Mills and Hayfield were turned up on the New Mills end

1860 Wedensday November 14th William WRIGHT left his wife the son of Gorge WRIGHT of Stone Heads

No 69

1860 Wedensday 26th of December Hannah HAUGHTY the wife of John HAUGHTY had a little Child the first Born and was Married in 

1852 April 11th at Stockport 

1860 Monday November 20th Edward ROWLEY was to have bean ser charged for being in pursut of game Belonging to Esq JODDREL Caught by Joseph MORTIN

1860 Wedensday Morning November 28th the Gates at Whaley Bridge Real way Station was Broken with the Engin

1860 Monday October 19th William ETCHELS was very ill Beaten at Adam HOWES the White horse in Horwich end with som Naves

No 70 (top)

1860 Thursday November 1st James COLLIER of Taxal was killed on the high Peak Real way

1860 Saturday November 25th the Opening of the New School at Whaley Bridge Belonging to the Christian Brethran and the had a tea party at the Opening

1860 Saturday October 13th Disturbance be twen John WARREN Juner and William HEATHCOTE and Nathaniel WRIGHT Witteness

1861 Saturday Jenuarey 19th Elizabeth ETCHELS Fathered a Child on John PEARSON of Furness to pay 1s 8d pr week

1861 Tuesday Jenuarey 22th Sarah HEYS Died at Furness

1861 Tuesday Febuary 26th Sarah BENNETT Died very suden at hatfield fould Whaley

No 71

1860 Tuesday December 11th the first Real way Engin that worked on the New line betwen Whaley Bridge and Buxton Worked by James LOMAS Enginear and Jonathan GARLICK fire man the Engin was Employed in Shifting the Dirt to Difrent Partes of the line the name of the Engin his Pluto Maked in agust 1857 No 1011 and also 50 horse Power

No 72 (top)

1666 Tea First Brought to England

1788 Convicts First Transported to Botaney Bay

1665 Plague in London 100.000 Died 8.000 pr week

1772 Negroes were adjudged to be free Whilest in this Country

1505 Shillings First Coined

1731 First Execution for Forgery

1829 the last took place

1837 Act passed abolishing the Punishment of Death for Forgery

1784 First Balloon ascent in England at London by Mr LUNARDI

1346 Cannon First used at the Battle of Cresse

1852 Holmfirth Reservoir bursted

1815 Battle of waterloo

1494 Newfoundland Discovered

1857 Manchester art Treasures Exhibition Opened

1854 Victory of the Alma

1857 Delhi taken by assault

No 73

1854 the Commenced the Bombardment of Sebastopol

1854 Battle of inkerman

1830 Opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Rail way

1833 London & Birmingham Rail way commenced

1838 London & Birmingham Rail way was Opened

1845 Manchester & Birmingham Rail way was Opened

1845 Manchester & Sheffield Rail way was Opened

1838 Great Western Rail way was Opened

No 74 (top)

1861 Saturday Febuarey 16th ther came a Second hand Boiler to Whaley Bridge Print Works for Mr John WELCH Bought it of John FERNIHOUGH and Sons Boilor and Gasometer Makers iron founder etc Victoria Works Dukinfield

1861 Friday Night March 1th George WILD of Hockerley insulted James HEYS wife at Furness

1861 Thursday 14th and Saturday 16th of March Joseph PEARSON of Beard hall was sould up

No 75

1861 Saturday March 16th At the petty session held at Buxton Richard PICKRING was charged with trespassing in search of game on the first of march without any authority so to do William HOLT stated that he had caught PICKERING twice before and he let him go with a caution PICKERING his 17 eyers of age and he lives at Whaley bridge and bears a very indifferent character he was fined twelve shillings or in Default of payment was sentanced to one month to Derby

1861 Thursday June 6th Richard PICKRING was Brought before Magestrates for Porching and got one Months inprisenment 

No 76 (top)

England to John Charles HEENAN the Benicia Boy Sir this belt is presented to you by the editor of Bells Life in London as the Representative of the Sporting press of Great Britain Presented at the Alhambra Leicester Square May 30th 1860 the Belt a massive piece of Silver about three inches in with bearing the inscription Champion of England

America to Thomas SAYERS Champion of England London May 30th 1860 was pronounced by Mr WILKES Editor of the New York Spirit of the times Sir on the part of many noblemen and Gentlemen and i may venture to say on the part hundreds of thousands of People on each  Side of the Atlantic i take pleasure in presenting you this Glittering testimonial it is the exact copy in pure Shining Silver of that Brave Old Belt into whose resplendent metal you have mixed the

No 77

merits and Valour of Sixteen well Fought Battles all of wich have brought you fame but none of wich have Been more honourable than the last those Battles though all Fought on English Soil are well known to the people of the United States of America

1860 Monday June 4th Thomas SAYERS and John C HEENAN the 2 Champans of England came to Manchester to show their sparing in the Free Tread Hall Manchester

1861 Tuesday Jenuary 22th William WELCH commenced Working a gain for his Father at Whaley Bridge Print Works

1861 Monday April 1st the London and North Western Realway Company commenced working the High Peak Realway for a long leas

No 78 (top)

1860 Monday June 25th Leaced that Plot of ground side of the river Belonging Esq BUCKLEY of Manchester was leaced to Bild a Factory 5 Storey high and 20 yards wide and 36 yards long the site is between the Cromford and high Peak Real way incline and the River Goyt

1861 Monday Jenuary 28th the commenced Dressing Stone for the Factory

     Alteration of the Plan

1861 Thursday March 7th James JOHNSON of Whaly a joiner by treade whent Down to Manchester to Esq BUCKLEY for to leace that plot of land onder the side of the Bings wood to Bild a Factory on the Land as the other was to Mall for the Bilding this Factory was to be 55 yards Long and 48 yards wide

No 79

1860 Saturday December 15th  Petter WARREN left his Brother John WARRENS house Whaley Bridge for to Joine his Rigement 53 at Ragland Barracks Devonport

1861 Friday Morning April 5th John COCKER was Drowned in the Canal

1861 Wedensday April 10th Elizabeth HAGE Died owing to being very ill Burned at Sholkress Hall

1861 Friday May 3rd Ann COOPER Died

1861 Monday May 20th William BOTTHAMS Discharged from the Cooperative Stores By the Management Cmmittee

No 80 (top)

1861 Tuesday May 28th Joseph SLATER commenced Machine Printing at Whaley Bridge Print Works for Mr John WELCH

1861 Friday May 24th Mary BYRNS the Daughter of John and Mary Ann BYRNS was very ill Callded and Died in a few Day after

1861 Monday Morning June 17th John WERING of Horwich End was Robed

1861 Satuerday June 29th James GOULD Died

1861 Tuesday July 16th Elizabeth SOUTHREN Died the Wife of Joseph SOUTHREN

1861 Monday July 15th David THORNLEY the Boock keeper at Furness Print Works Defrauded people out of their Monney

No 81

1861 Wedensday April 3rd the commenced cuting ground Work out for the Gass Works at Whaley Bridge

1861 Wedensday September 18th Joseph SIMSON put Fire onder the retortes first time

1861 Friday September 27th Joseph SIMSON commenced Making Gass at Whaley Bridg Gass Works with the Coal that was got on the Long Side above the Ston heads by John and William SRIGLEY Coal Proprieters

1861 Monday September 30th Whaley Bridge Gass Company commenced Burning Gass in the vilige of Whaley the Whaley Bridge Gass Company Gave 2 lights to be in the vilige of Whaley 1 Lamp post was fixed at      side of Whaley Bridg and the other was at the end of the Iron reals opsit Ann WARD s known by the sine of the Joddrel Armes there had passed 18000 Feet of Gass through the Whaley Bridge Companeys Meater at the Gass Works the Gass Omiter his 35 Feet wide 15 Feet Deep

No 82 (top)

1861 Thursday August 1st John NEEDHAM juner of Furness Died very soden and was intered at Taxal Curch on the same Day that he Died on Beaccous he Died of the Colery

1861 Friday August 9th John Lovert WEB of Horwich end Commetted for Ravishment opon a Child of Thomas WILLICK aged 7 years and the man was 22 years age and he was committed for 18 Month Imprisonment

1861 Friday August 16th Ann MARRIET the wife of Arthur MARRIET Whaley she had her Leg Broken with falling Down the Selor Stepes

1859 February the Buxton Lime Ston Grinding Machine First started of working

No 83

1860 Saturday October 20th the First meetting of the Whaley Bridge Working Mans Co-operative Society held at the house of William RICHARDSON Whaley known by the sine of the New Cock

1860 Saturday November 17th the Forte Metting of the Co-operative Society held in the National School at Horwich end and this was the first Meetting of teaking in shears of the Co-operative Society

1861 Monday January 28th the First Meetting that the Co-operative Committee had in there own Store Room for the Purpose to see what Grocerys the must Order for the had then betwen 80 and 90 Pounds By them and the thought that the might as well commence Selling there Grocerys for the Bought all the Stock that John KINDER had by him and Fixtuers all to Gatther

No 84 (top)

1861 Saturday February 2nd the Co-operative Store Opened at Whaley Bridge

Officers of the Whaley Bridge Co-operative Society the Management Committe  6 in Number

  John TAYLOR Thomas RHODES    



                    Trustees    3


             Anthony SOUTHREN

               Arbitrators    5


         Building Committe   5

Richard FOX  John COLLIER


       Thomas ARNFIELD

No 85

1861 Friday April 26th Whaley Bridge Fair

Prieses to be given a way 2 Silver Cups Mr Edward HALL of Sholkress Hall had the best Silver Cup Presented to him for having the Fore best Barren Cows not had having had a Calf this year

Mr Adam MORTEN of Whaley Bridge Corn Mill had Smaul Silver Cup Presented to him for the Best Milk Cow for she gave 15 quarts Milk Mr John BUCKLEY of Whaley Bridge had a Cow to show agenst Adam MORTIN and she gave 14 1/2 quarts of Milk

No 86 (top)

1861 Monday August 12th William HEATH worked for John GARLICK Boot and Show Maker Whaley in Bings Wood Cottages William HEATH Borrowed monney of John GARLICK to Pirchis a Bed William HEATH        Maker Lived in one of Bings Wood Cottages and John GARLICK knew that William HEATH and his wife was not in the house and John GARLICK whent up stairs and pulled the Bed Down and Brought it into his own house

1861 Saturday June 22th Mr John William BOOTHMAN stoped working that old Coalpit at the side of the Vaidockes Whaley Bridge

No 87

1861 Thursday August 22th Mr George CAWLEY Steward for Esq JODDREL was Discharged from Esq JODDREL service

1861 Friday August 23th Mr John NALL commenced to bee the stweard for Esq JODDREL

1861 Wedensday August 21th Commenced Working a New Fore Pump at Mr GISBORNS Colpit Whaley Bridge

1861 Thursday September 12th John SRIGLEY commenced to be th Stward for Esq BUCKLEY of Manchester

No 88 (top)

1861 Wedensday August 28th Chapel en le Frith County Court Before Joseph ST John YATES Esq Judge

                        the Jury Case

Thomas GODDARD Stone Macon of Horwich end Brought a Action a genst John JOHNSON of Whaley bridge to recover the sum of £50 alleged to be owing by defendant to plaintiff Mr COOPER of Congleton appeared for the plaintiff and Mr HOWARD of Stockport for the defendant Plaintiff and Defendant had been Joint Partners in a Contract with the Burial Board of Salford in a piece of work after carrying the work on together for some time paintiff made an agreement with the defendant that he would give the work up entirely to the defendant and free himself from all liabilities with the Bord he was to receive £15 for so giving up his interest in the concern and be paid

No 89

for some materials he had found a part of the amount Claimed was for Superintendence after the agreement  for the Defence Mr HOWARD contended that the agreement was loosely worded and the intention was not meant wich had been taken  his honour thought the intention was quite clear from the wording he thought the word wages in the agreement must mean for workmen and not for Superintendence the Jury found a Verdict for plaintiff for £39. 14s. 8d

1861 Thursday September 19th John JOHNSON sail of the Stone and the Working Mens tools at the Slaters Bank Quary the stone and tools was sould for 21£ the Stone and Crean Down in Whaley was sould for £10 10s to Thomas GODDARD but he had no monney to pay for it and the Lot was sould agin and it was Bought for £9 Pounds by            SPARKES

No 90 (top)

1861 Monday September 16th Thomas SRIGLEY and William COTTREL Commenced Boring for Coal in Esq BUCKLEY Land Belonging to the Bings Farme Opset Whaley Bridge Print Works

1861 Saturday September 7th Captin Arthar NEAL of Oleranshaw house commenced having Devine service at his house for the good of his nebours

1861 Wedensday September 18th the Frendes so Called queakers commenced having there Meettings in William WILD Chapel at Whaley Bridge

1861 Thursday October 10th William LEES Railway Hotel Whaley Bridge Licensed Retailer of foreign Wines and Spirits Liquars Ale Porter and Tobacco

No 91

1858 July 30th John JACKSON Borrowed £5 Pounds of William GOULD at Whaley

1859 Jenuary 24th John JACKSON Borrowed £30 Pounds of William GOULD at Whaley and James JACKSON the Father to John JACKSON was the Witness that he had the monney

1859 Wedensday June 1st William GOULD sumensed John JACKSON to Chapel en le frith Cort for to Pay the £35 Pounds that had Borrowed of him

No 92 (top)

1861 Wedensday October 16th the commenced puting Gass piping up at Whaley Bridge Print Works belonging to Mr John WELCH

1861 Tuesday October 22th Mr John WELCH commenced Burning Gass at Whaley Bridge Print Works in the Machine Room and his Gass Meetter his called 10 Lighted Meetter

1861 Friday October 18th Mr John WELCH Discharged his son Andrew WELCH from his Service

1861 Saturday November 3rd Mr Alfrid WILCH left his Srvice

1861 Tuesday November 5th Thomas THORN came by his misfortine with a Gun Discharging hits Contents into his Belley

1861 Saturday Night November 30th James JOHNSON had a very narrow iscepe of being Drowned at the Back of William LEES

No 93

1861 Thursday Night November 28th John and William SRIGLEY commenced getting Coal at that new Coalpit be the side of the Real way in Hockerley Ground Waley

1861 Thursday November 28th som evil Disposed purson throw a Stone at Mr John WELCH a bout 2 pound Weight as he was sitting in his own house at the time about 8 O clock at Night and he profred £10 Reward

1861 Saturday Night December 14th Prince Albert Died

1861 Wedensday December 18th                              a Navey got Blown up with Powder on the Buxton Real way at Horwich End

No 94 (top)

1861 Saturday Night December 21th A irish Fight at Mary TURNERS Publick house known by the sine of the Shepherds Arms in Whaley Bridge and the hows window was Boken out and sum f the Chember window was Broken out James MELLOR was the caus of this Fight wo used to pas in the name of Old Chip and Rant

1861 Sonday December 22th Thomas SAYERS Curces Champon of the world came through Whaley Bridge and there was a Dispute over a toul bar ticket and Peter RIGWAY County police Cunstable for Cheshire Side had to be fetched and he took one of Thomas SAYERS men to Stockport this Dispute was with the toul bar keeper at Whaley Bridge becaus SAYERS man wold not give the ticket toul bar keeper

No 95

1861 Monday Night December 30th Axedint at Whaley Bridge Real way Station with the Engin and waggons Meeting as the Engin was going to reverse on turn table and the Engin was Damaged and sum of the waggons and the waggons was Loded with Lime the was BIBINGTONS waggons thas was Damaged and it the waggons knocked a part of the porters office Down wile James HAYES and Joseph BAMTON was in the office and James HAYES Broake the window to iscape out of the Deanger and there was no one ingred at all

1861 an 1862 a very bad tread in England the stoped at Whaley Bridge Print Works December 24th untill Jenuarey 2nd 1862 (top)

(The next details are written from the back of the book forwards)

No 1 (b)

Marriages of People that i was Quainted With

1845 August John SOUTHREN and Elizabeth HAUGHTY was Married at Manchester

1848 Febuarey 10th Gorge CAWLEY and Ann WELCH was Married at Disley

1849 December 17th John JACKSON and Martha THORP was Married at Stockport

1850 November 4th John WARREN and Margret HAUGHTY was Married at Stockport

1852 August James PEARSON and Hannah LONGSON was Married

1852 September William SLEIGH and

1852 December 13th Samuel HUET and Elizabeth HEYWOOD was Married

1852 Dec 27th Gorge SOUTHREN and Hannah ASHMORE was Married

1852 Dec 25th Harriett KIRK was Married

1852 Dec 25 Mary KIRK was Married

Daughters of Ann KIRK at Mackelseld

No 2 (b) (top)

1850 October 7th Walter MARCHAL and Hannah BATES was Married

1850 November 7th Milton WELCH and Ann FAYEL was Married

1852 April 11th John HAUGHTY and Hannah PEARSON was Married at Stockport

1853 Harriett BENNETT was Married

1853 April 1st James BAXTER and Mary BENNETT was Married

1853 May 17th John ANSWORTH and Elizabeth SLATER was Married

1853 May 19 Thomas HILL and Elizabeth COTTERAL was Married

1853 May 23th Charles THORP and

1853 August 7th John PEARSON and Mary SWINDELS was Married

1853 July William ARDERN and

No 3 (b)

1853 September 25th Joseph HILL and Mary SWINDELLS was Married

1853 October 2and William GREGORY and Mary FLETCHER was Married

1853 November 15th William ROWLEY and Ann ANSWORTH was Married

1853 Dec 25th Gorge JACKSON and Martha BENNETT was Married

1853 Dec 16th Abram WRIGHT and Ann NEEDAM was Married

1854 May 20th Edward CONDLIVE and Elizabeth HILL was Married

1856 May 11th Jonathan COKER and Merab SHURT was Married

1856 May 12th John HANDFORD and Martha BRADLEY was Married

1856 John WRIGHT and Sarah MANAFOULD was Married

1856 June 15th Samuel GODWIN and Ann RILEY was Married at Taxal Church The came from Buxton

No 4 (b) (top)

1856 August 11th James BENNETT and Ellen BUBHEY was Married

1856 August 20th William WELCH and Mary Ann SHALKOSS

1856 August 31th John CLAYTON and Sarah PLANT was Married

1856 September 28th William BENNETT & Mary JEPSON was Married

1856 October 29th John MELLOR From Yeardsley Hall Furness was Married

1857 Jenuarey 1st William BOTTAMS & Margrett ROWLEY was Married

1851 Jenuarey 12th William PARKER & Mary BRADLEY was Married

1851 Febuarey 3rd James HAUGHTY & Hannah PARKER was Married

1851 Febuarey 24th James TATLER and Sarah BENNETT was Married

1851 Febuarey 20th Thomas GASKEL and Ann SLATER was Married

No 5 (b)

1855 Jenuarey 7th Petter GOULD and Ann STONE was Married

1857 Febuarey 5th Bengaman ARNFIELD & Mary RICHARSON was Married at Hope Church

1857 Febuarey 8th Elisha SIMESTER and Ann JEPSON was Married

1857 May 10th Samuel BRAMNEA (?) and Ruth WRIGHT was Married

1857 August 16th Job JEPSON and Ann GARLIC ................... Whaley

1857 August 10th Joseph BENNETT and Martha HANDFORD [`married at London` added] Furness

1857 Sept Thomas GODDARD and Hannah TURNER  .................... Whaley

1857 Sept 28th Henerey MORTIN and Jene LOMAS                       Taxal

1857 November Joseph LONDEN and Sarah Ann HILL                   Furness

1857 Dec 7th William TURNOCK and Mary JEPSON                     Whaley

No 6 (b) (top)

1857 December 15th John WARING Wife Died at Horwich end and he was Married A Gain to another Wife

1858 Jenuarey 4th John WARING was Married

1858 Febuarey 13th John KIRK and Sarah SMALL    Whaley

1858 Febuarey 15th Joseph SOUTHREN & Elizabeth WARREN Whaley

1858 May 10th John GOULD was Married

1858 May 24th Thomas GOULD and Alice COTTRELL   Whaley

1858 Jun 6th Gorge BENNETT and Julia HANDFORD   Furness

1858 July 5th Petter GOULD and Mary Ann CROSLEY            Furness

1858 July 18th William HARTLEY and Elizabeth CROSLAND            New Mills

1858 Sept 13th Joseph GODDARD and Susana GOULD       Whaley

No 7 (b)

1858 September 19th John WRIGHT and Ellen SLATER     Whaley

1858 November 1st John DRINKWATER & Mary Ann GOULD      Furness

1858 Nov 22th Samuel GOULD and Elizabeth COOK       Furness

1858 Dec 27th Thomas WILLIAMSS and Hannah BAXTER                  Whaley

1859 Febuarey 27th John FLETCHER and Isabela JACKSON was Married at Stockport

1859 March 13th William ARNFIELD was married to woman with 5 children at Cromford

1859 Monday May 16th Sharlot PEARSON was married to

1859 Thursday  May 19th Thomas TURNER and Martha BEARD was married at Hope Church

1859 Monday August 4th Matthew DEPLIGE and Harriet STANNEY was married at Hope Church

No 8 (b) (top)

1859 August 1st Marke SHARPLEY and Mary                    was married

1859 Sunday August Henery FIDLER and Ann FORD was married at Presprey

1859 September 25th John BAXTER and Ellen GREEN was Married at Stockport Church

1859 Tuesday December 20th Edward WILD & Meria SHURT was married at Chapel en le frith Church

1860 Monday Jenuarey 2th Natthanaul WRIGHT and Elizabeth SOUTHREN was married at Stockport Church

1860 Monday Jenuarey 2th Matthew FLETCHER and Sarah An GASKEL was married at Stockport Church

1860 Monday Jenuarey 22th John PEARSON and Mary JOHNSON was Married

1860 Monday Febuarey 20th William WRIGHT and Mary Ann WRIGHT   "     "   at Stockport

 No 9 (b)

1860 Monday May 14th James LORD and Jane SLATER was Married from Furness

1860 Monday June 20th Aron STONE and Martha WARD was Married at Stockport

1860 Monday October 8th William BOOTHBEY and Hannah KINDER was married at Hope Church

1854 Thursday August 24th Thomas ARNFIELD and Ann HAGE      was married

1861 Sunday February 10th James HAYES of Furness was married to

1861 Wedensday June 26th Mr John WELCH and Martha TOMKIES was married Chedel Church

1861 Monday June 10th Henery HEATHCOTE and                   was married


Written on back hard cover

Proverb worth Preserving Hasty People Drink

the wine of life scalding hot Death the only

master who takes his servants without 

a character A sour faced wife fills

the tavern  Contents the mother of 

good Digestion when pride and poverty

marry together their children are 

want and crime  where hard work

kills ten idleness kills a hundred

men  Folly and pride walk side by side

he that borrows binds himself

with a neighbours rope he thats too 

good for good advice is too good for

his neighbours company  Friends 

and photographs never flatter

wisdoms always at home to those 

who call  the firmest friends

ask the Fewest Favours

 From Punch April 15th 1800 

(This item cannot have been put in the book by John Warren nor can the date be correct.  Firstly Punch was not published until 1841.  Also there is reference to photography.  The date then is likely to be 1900  but who added it to the diary?)