Extracts from Hayfield Board of Guardians 

Minute Book

My thanks to Michael Spencer for these extracts

 Beard , Ollerset, Whitle and Thornset, Hayfield pay Wednesday. Disley Monday Mellor pay Tuesday.Thursday, Friday and Saturday examine cases and paupers1838


Disley Thomas ANDREWS for Medical Officer to attend to his sick dau. and to ask Mr Robert STRINES if employment can't be found.for applicant.

Disley  Mille BOTTOMS   1/6 till further orders

Disley  Sarah LEAH allowed 10/- in consequence of mill stoppage (Mr James ASHTON's)

Disley Mary STAFFORD and bastard

Disley Mary STAFFORD second illegitimate child by John SIDEBOTTOM, the first dead

Disley Rachel SWINDELLS and son William.

Disley Hannah WILSON  suspended order be taken out

Nov 1838 

Disley       George WILLIAMSON allowed 3/6

Disley        Sarah LEAH 10/- temp. relief

Disley        Thos ARDERN     3/-

Disley        Joseph ARNOLD belongs Rainow, 5/- temp relief

3 Dec 1838 

Disley  Thomas WHITEHEAD allowed 15/6 for burying his son.

Disley. Thomas ALLEN mentioned.

Disley Henry COTTRIL supplied with clothing to the amount of 20/-