Disley and Lyme Handley 

Burials found elsewhere

Although Lyme Handley was in Prestbury parish, I have included burials at Prestbury as strays.  My thanks to Holly Gaskell for the transcript.

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2 Nov John DAVENPORTE of Lyme Hanleye (Prestbury, Chs)


6 Apr Ellen RICHARDSON of Lyme (Prestbury, Chs)


17 Apr Lawrence JOHNSON of Lyme (Prestbury, Chs)

30 Aug Anne HOLLYNSHEDDE of Lyme (Prestbury, Chs)

1602 (top)

12 Apr Wife of George JODRELL late of Dishley (Stockport St. Marys, Chs)


16 May Elizabeth HOLLINSHEAD of Lyme (Prestbury, Chs)

18 Jun Thomas HOLLINSHEAD of Lyme (Prestbury, Chs)


29 Aug Richard MOUNTE of Disley Daine (Chapel, Dby)


23 Mar Margrett GASKELL wife of Wilm of Lyme (Prestbury, Chs)


11 Mar Anne GASKELL dau of John (illegible so could be Lyme) (Prestbury, Chs)


19 Jan Francis COTTRELL putative son of William Cottrell of Disley & Margaret NORTH (Mellor, Dby)

1686 (top)

20 May John ECCHELLS of Lyme (Prestbury, Chs)


7 Mar John BENNET son of John of Lyme (Prestbury, Chs)


5 Aug Edw GREEN, buttonman of Lyme Handley (Prestbury, Chs)

1700 (top)

28 Mar Hannah GREEN wid. of Lyme (Prestbury, Chs)


29 Aug Edw GASKELL of Disley, Stockport p. (Prestbury, Chs)


14 Apr Saml HADFIELD of Lyme Hanley (Prestbury, Chs)


6 May Margaret BARBER dau of Geo of Lyme (Prestbury, Chs)


31 May George SHIRT of Disley (Chapel, Dby)

27 Nov Jane SHIRT `a poor woman belonging to Disley` (Chapel, Dby)


11 May William WOOD son of Peter of High Lane (Mellor, Dby)


5 Nov Sarah TURNER of Lyme, Stockport p. (Chapel, Dby)


2 Jan Thomas HARTLEY`s child from High Lane (Mellor, Dby)

15 Apr William SHEPLEY from Dishley, Stockport p. (Chapel, Dby)

19 Jul Hellen HIBBERT dau of Joseph & Hellen of Dishley (Mellor, Dby)


10 Apr Elizabeth LOMAS from Hanley in Cheshire (Chapel, Dby)


15 Oct Joseph GOULD of Lyme (Mellor, Dby)


3 Jul Ester MOTERSHAT widow of Adam of How Lane in her 63rd year (Heaton Norris, Lan)


12 Apr Joseph HULME son of John of How Lane, Stockport p. (Chapel, Dby)


4 Apr Edward STAFFORD a child of John & Martha of Disley (Mellor, Dby)


27 Jan John LEE son of Matthew of How Lane, Stockport p. (Chapel, Dby)

27 May Legh HEGGINBOTTOM  of Disley aged 88y (Mellor, Dby)

(no date - but after 11 Jul) Joseph DOWNS son of John of How lain in Chesher aged 2w (Chinley Ind. Chapel)

8 Sep Betty LEE dau of Matthew of How Lane, Stockport p. (Chapel, Dby)


2 Jan Thomas SHALLCROSS son of the late Ralph of Elli Bank, near Disley, Stockport p. (Chapel, Dby)

14 Sep James SWANN from Handley, Chs., Prestbury p. (Chapel, Dby)


21 Jan John STAFFORD son of John & Martha of Disley (Mellor, Dby)


17 Jul Thomas BRAMWELL illegitimate son of Elizabeth of Dissley (Chapel, Dby)

18 Sep Mary BRAMWELL wife of Michael of Dissley (Chapel, Dby)

24 Sep Thomas HARTLEY of the How Lane - killed by accident (Mellor, Dby)

9 Dec Peter MASON of the How Lane (Mellor, Dby)


17 Jan Betty BRAMWELL dau of Michael of Dissley (Chapel, Dby)


5 Nov Mary WALTON widow from How Lane (Chapel, Dby)


20 Apr John ARMSTRONG son of Martha of Disley (Mellor, Dby)

12 Jul Elizabeth HAGUE wife of Joshua  of Disley (Mellor, Dby)


2 Jun Anne MASON wife of John of How Lane (Mellor, Dby)

23 Jun Anne MASON a child of John & Anne of How Lane (Mellor, Dby)


3 Apr Christiana HARTLEY widow of Thomas of How Lane (Mellor, Dby)

23 Dec James GREEN aged 44 y `he was killed by falling into a coal pit near Disley where he lived. He married a daughter of Obadiah PORRITS in Chinley whom he has left with a many small children` (Chinley Ind Chapel, Dby)


21 Mar Isaac LOMAS of Hanley (Chapel, Dby)


8 May Micaell BRAMWELL from Disley (Chapel, Dby)


7 Aug Edward COTTRELL from Disley (Chapel, Dby)


16 Feb Mary STAFFORD a dau of Peter & Anne of Disley (Mellor, Dby)


10 Jan John STAFFORD a child of Peter & Rachel of Disley (Mellor, Dby)


3 Aug John SHUFFLEBOTTOM of Disley aged 77y (Mellor, Dby)

24 Dec Ann BOOTH dau of ------- (sic) & Martha of Disley died 24 Dec aged 19y (Marple, Chs)

26 Dec Elizabeth BROCKLEHURST of Disley aged 65y (Chinley Ind Chapel, Dby)

1810 (top)

28 Mar John HEGGINBOTTOM of Wood Ends, Disley aged 66y (Mellor, Dby)

9 Jul Mary HIBBERSON dau of Mary, widow of How Lane aged 23 (Chapel, Dby)


2 Apr Henry TAYLOR of Disley aged 60y died 30 Mar (Marple, Chs)


5 Jan Martha GODDARD of Cliff in Hanley aged 55y (Chapel, Dby)

11 Nov Samuel TURNER of Furniss aged 12y (Chapel, Dby)


28 Jan Thomas LEE of Howe Lane aged 92 (Chapel, Dby)

20 Apr John WILLIAMSON of How Lane aged 2 (Chapel, Dby)

20 Sep John KIRKLAND of Disley `a suicide found hanging in Little Rowsley Meadow` aged 42y (Darley Dale, Dby)

7 Dec Mary BROWN of Howe Lane aged 72 (Chapel, Dby)


4 Jan Alice FRODSHAM illeg. dau of Alice of  Furnes, Disley aged 1 (Mellor, Dby)


29 Apr Hannah WHITE of Lyme Handley aged 55y Pg 77, Entry 615 (Prestbury, Chs)

9 May Benjamin HOLDGATE of Disley aged 58y (Chapel, Dby)

16 May Sarah STAFFORD wife of James of Disley 71 (Mellor, Dby)


1 Apr Sarah FRODSHAM dau of Thomas & Anne of Furness aged 12y (Mellor, Dby)

6 Oct Elizabeth TURNER dau of Thomas of Furness aged 2y (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)

8 Dec Sarah TURNOCK of How Lane aged 9 months (Taxal, Chs)


16 Mar George LOMAS of How Lane aged 41 (Chapel, Dby)

30 Sep Ann HYDE of Waterside nr Disley aged 81y (Chapel, Dby)


19 Dec Thomas ROYLE of Lyme Handley aged 7y Pg 151, Entry 1208 (Prestbury, Chs)


8 Mar William MITCHELL son of Charles & Anne of Furness aged 2 days (Mellor, Dby)


28 Jul John Norris HEALD of Waterside nr Disley aged 6m (Chapel, Dby)


21 Jul Peter LEIGH of How Lane aged 74 (Chapel, Dby)

15 Sep Jas. GUEST of Disley aged 1m (Heaton Norris, Lan)


19 Apr Clary GEE of Disley, Chs wife of Benjamin aged 52y (Mellor, Dby)

20 May Matthew LEE of How lane aged 80 (Chapel, Dby)

13 Aug Elizabeth BURGESS wife of James of Furnace aged 54y (Hayfield, Dby)


26 May Isaac BELLOTT of Lyme Handley, Chs. aged 24y (Chapel, Dby)  

22 Aug James KELLETT of How Lane, Chs aged 88y (Mellor, Dby)


12 Jan John MASON of How Lane, Chs aged 63y (Mellor, Dby)

8 Apr Sarah KELLETT of How Lane, Chs. widow of James aged 89y (Mellor, Dby)


5 Feb Jonathan WALKLATE son of Jonathan & Martha of Furness, Chs aged 3y (Mellor, Dby)

8 Mar Alice RIDGEWAY dau of William & Nancy of Disley, Chs aged 4wks (Mellor, Dby)

21 Mar Samuel Cheetham ARMSTRONG son of Samuel & Maria of Disley, Chs aged 10m (Mellor, Dby)

5 Apr Elizabeth HADFIELD dau of Joseph & Margaret of Disley, Chs aged 7wks (Mellor, Dby)


6 Jul Joseph RIDGWAY son of William & Nancy of Disley, Chs aged 1wk (Mellor, Dby)

10 Aug Eliza RIDGWAY dau of William & Nancy of Disley, Chs aged 14y (Mellor, Dby)


18 Sep Joseph HADFIELD of Waterside, Disley, Chs aged 40 `His body stolen out of the grave in the night of the 21st` (Mellor, Dby)


25 Jul Peter MASON son of John & Mary of High Lane, Chs aged 18y (Mellor, Dby)

30 Sep Tabitha BENNETT of Handley (but late of Sparrowpit) aged 84 (Chapel, Dby)


21 Feb Richard BROWN of Lyme Handley aged 82y Pg 150, Entry 1194 (Prestbury, Chs)

15 Mar Mary ARMSTRONG dau of Samuel & Maria of Tor, Disley, Chs aged 2 days (Mellor, Dby)

3 Nov Joseph JACKSON of Waterside near Disley aged 12 (Chapel, Dby)


28 May Sarah JACKSON of Disley aged 22 (Chapel, Dby)

5 Nov Joseph TAYLOR son of Thomas & Sarah of Furnace Barr aged 22wks (Mellor, Dby)


4 Jan Mary MELLOR of Furness aged 8m (Chinley Ind. Chapel, Dby)

10 Apr John GODDARD of Lyme Handley aged 79 (Chapel, Dby)

22 Aug John TOMLINSON of Disley, Chs aged 38y (Mellor, Dby)


9 Mar Thomas ARMSTRONG son of Samuel & Maria of Torr, Disley, Chs aged 4 days (Mellor, Dby)


13 Mar Mary THOMASSON of Handley Folds, Lyme Handley aged 35 (Chapel, Dby)

22 Mar Mary LEE of High Lane, Chs aged 90 (Chapel, Dby)


10 Mar Mary HIBBERSON of High Lane aged 85 (Chapel, Dby)

13 Mar Charles BRADBURY son of Jordan & Ann of Potters Hey, Chs aged 8m (Mellor, Dby)

5 May Joseph SHELDON of Disley aged 3y Pg 10, Entry 74 (Prestbury, Chs)

13 May Mary Ann SHELDON of Disley aged 2y Pg 11, Entry 81 (Prestbury, Chs)

11 Jun  Mary ARMSTRONG of Furniss nr Disley aged 36 (Chapel, Dby)

29 Aug Jane GEE of Disley, Chs wife of Benjamin aged 58y (Mellor, Dby)


12 Jan Elizabeth HIGGINBOTTOM dau of Thomas & Hannah of Disley, Chs aged 4y (Mellor, Dby)

14 May Hannah TAYLOR of Dizley aged 22y (New Mills, St. Georges, Dby)

22 May William HAYES of Furness aged 6y (New Mills, St. Georges, Dby)

7 Aug Matthew WOOD son of George & Sarah of Disley, Chs aged 3y (Mellor, Dby)

3 DecWilliam HIGGINBOTTOM son of Thomas & Hannah of Disley, Chs aged 18d (Mellor, Dby)

20 Dec Sarah TAYLOR of Furness aged 32y died 18 Dec (Hayfield, Dby)


14 Feb Betty HAGUE of Disley aged 22y (Taxal, Chs)

1 Apr Benjamin TAYLOR of Disley aged 66y (Taxal, Chs)

31 Oct Grace CHEETHAM of Disley aged 25 (Chapel, Dby)


12 Jan Ellen LOWE of Lyme Handley aged 28 (Chapel, Dby)

22 Feb Robert HARRISON of Lyme Handley aged 82y (Taxal, Chs)

18 Mar Peter MASHETER of Lime Handley, Chs aged 67y (Mellor, Dby)

18 May Martha GIBSON of Disley, Union Workhouse aged 17y (New Mills, Dby)

2 Sep Ann OLLERENSHAW of Lyme Handley aged 8y (Taxal, Chs)


8 Jan Jane SHUFFLEBOTTOM dau of Esketh & Catharine of Disley, Chs aged 3y (Mellor, Dby)

12 Jan John SHUFFLEBOTTOM son of Esketh & Catharine of Disley, Chs aged 5y (Mellor, Dby)

23 Jul John MOSS of Disley aged 74y (Wes. Meth., New Mills, Dby)


13 Feb John MELLOR of Disley, Chs aged 67y (Mellor, Dby)

24 Mar James SIDEBOTTOM of Disley aged 73y or 79y (Wes. Meth., New Mills, Dby)

8 Apr James OLLERENSHAW of Disley aged 27y (Taxal, Chs)

12 May Jane HIGGINBOTTOM dau of John & Mary of Woodend, Disley, Chs aged 21y (Mellor, Dby)

23 Jul Anthony CROWTHER of Disley aged 70y died 19 Jul (Hayfield, Dby)

22 Jul Betty HANDFORD of Lyme Handley aged 22y (Taxal, Chs)


19 Feb Sarah BOWDEN of Disley, Chs late of Mellor widow of Samuel aged 70y (Mellor, Dby)

9 Nov Joseph BEARD of Lyme Handley- aged 7y (Taxal, Chs)

22 Nov Ellen HOLDGATE of Disley aged 86 (Chapel, Dby)

14 Dec Frances FEAY of Disley aged 41y (New Mills, Dby)


30 Jan James COOPER of Lyme Handley aged 2y 9m (Taxal, Chs)

8 Mar Frederick FEAY of Grove Mill, Disley aged 8m (New Mills, Dby)

14 Mar Edward OLLERENSHAW of Disley aged 79y (Taxal, Chs)

15 Jun William BENNETT of Disley aged 24y (Taxal, Chs)

17 Dec Martha HILL of High Lane aged 41 (Peak Forest, Dby)


3 Jan John BEARD of Disley, infant (Taxal, Chs)

30 Dec Elizabeth WOOD dau of George & Sarah of Hanley B...., Disley Chs. aged 16m (Mellor, Dby)


6 Jan Sarah TAYLOR of Disley aged 70y (Taxal, Chs)

26 Jan Thomas FIDDLER of Disley aged 39 (New Mills, Dby)

31 May Joseph MELLOR of Car, Disley aged 77y (Taxal, Chs)

31 Aug Aaron GIBSON of Disley aged 76y Pg 199, Entry 1588 (Prestbury, Chs)

8 Nov James ETCHELLS of Disley aged 59y (Taxal, Chs)


24 Jan Matthew BROCKLEHURST son of Matthew & Mary of Lyme, Chs formerly of Charlesworth aged 20y (Mellor, Dby)

25 Jan Peter MELLOR of Disley aged 26y (Taxal, Chs)

7 Feb Elizabeth OLLERENSHAW of Lyme Handley aged 23y (Taxal, Chs)

11 Feb John BRIMLEY of High Lane, Chs aged 65y (Mellor, Dby)

11 Mar John HIGGINBOTTOM of Disley, Chs aged 76y (Mellor, Dby)

11 Mar William HIGGINBOTTOM son of John & Mary of Disley, Chs aged 33y (Mellor, Dby)

9 Oct William SIDEBOTHAM of Lime Handley, Chs aged 88y (Mellor, Dby)

2 Dec George Thorton BOWDEN son of John & Mary Ann of Disley, Chs aged 4m (Mellor, Dby)

1850 (top)

5 Jan James WOOD of Wood End, Disley aged 49y died 31 Dec 1849 (Hayfield, Dby)

27 Jan Ann GASKELL of Elley Bank, Disley aged 52 who died of cancer - grave owned by John GASKELL (Manchester Cheetham Hill Wesleyan)

10 Sep John HAYES of Disley aged 49y died 9 Sep (Hayfield, Dby)


17 Apr John COLLIER of Furness aged 55y died 13 Apr (Hayfield, Dby)

10 Aug Matha HARRISSON of Lyme Handley aged 96y (Taxal, Chs)


3 Mar George COOPER of Lyme Handley, infant (Taxal, Chs)

7 Mar Tabitha BURGESS dau of John & Elizabeth of Furness, Chs aged 10m (Mellor, Dby)

15 Apr Isaac COFFLEY of Disley aged 2y 7m (Chapel, Dby)

3 Sep Mary PENNINGTON of Lyme Handley aged 42y (Taxal, Chs)


9 Jan Thomas William BRADBURY son of Jordan & Ann of Disley, Chs aged 23y (Mellor, Dby)

6 Feb John Thomas OLLERENSHAW of Disley aged 3y (Taxal, Chs)

17 Apr Nancy WOOD of Wood End, near Marple, Chs aged 46y died 13 Apr (Hayfield, Dby)

8 May John WOOD of Wood End, near Marple, Chs aged 21y died 4 May (Hayfield, Dby)

30 May Samuel PIMLOTT of Disley aged 18y - Pg 288, Entry 2302 (Prestbury, Chs)

2 Sep Sarah WOOD of Lyme Handley, Chs wife of George aged 48y (Mellor, Dby)

7 Oct Sarah JEPSON of Disley, infant (Taxal, Chs)

10 Oct Thomas BROCKLEHURST of Lyme Handley, Chs aged 66y (Mellor, Dby)

19 Oct Sarah Ann PARKER of Disley, infant (Taxal, Chs)

21 Oct Edward GREEN of Disley, infant (Taxal, Chs)

23 Oct John JEPSON of Disley aged 2y (Taxal, Chs)

11 Nov Nancy ROWLEY of Disley aged 4y (Taxal, Chs)

25 Nov Joseph HILL of Disley, infant (Taxal, Chs)


5 Mar James MELLOR of Disley-aged 7y (Taxal, Chs)

9 Apr Hannah WOOD of Wood End, near Disley aged 1y 4m died 8 Apr (Hayfield, Dby)

14 May George BAXTER of Disley, infant (Taxal, Chs)

11 Jun Richard WHEELER of Disley aged 8m Pg 306, Entry 2443 (Prestbury, Chs)


7 Jan Mary LONGDEN of Bank End, Disley aged 36 (Chapel, Dby)

8 Jan John OLLERENSHAW of Lyme Handley aged 52y (Taxal, Chs)

22 Apr William SWINDELLS of Disley aged 18y (Taxal, Chs)


18 Jan Joab BRIARLEY of Disley, late of Mellor aged 94 `when resident the oldest person in the chapelry` (Mellor, Dby)

15 Jun Joseph SWANN of Lyme Handley aged 60y (Taxal, Chs)

5 Sep Mary Ellen TATLOW of Disley aged 2y (Taxal, Chs)

17 Sep Mary Jane WOOD of Disley aged 8y (Hayfield, Dby)

21 Sep John MACE son of Phebe of Disley, Chs aged 13y (Mellor, Dby)

11 Nov Samuel SHORE of High Lane aged 13 (Chapel, Dby)


28 Feb Ann BRADBURY of Disley, Chs wife of Jordan aged 61y Mellor, Dby)

2 Jul John William WEBB of High Lane aged 15 (Chapel, Dby)

23 Aug Hannah GODDARD of High Lane aged 16 (Chapel, Dby)


20 Feb Sarah OLLERENSHAW of Lyme Handley aged 58y (Taxal, Chs)

23 Dec John William HOWARD of Disley, Chs aged 32y (Mellor, Dby)


5 Jan Benjamin GEE of Disley, Chs aged 78y (Mellor, Dby)

18 Jan Matthew CROOKS of Disley aged 60y (Hayfield, Dby)

20 Jan Hannah HIBBERT of Disley aged 71y (Taxal, Chs)

1 Feb Walter TURNER of Disley aged 4m (Hayfield, Dby)

3 Mar Micheal DEWSNAP of Disley aged aged 7y (Taxal, Chs)

14 Aug Samuel Jordan BRADBURY of The Swann Inn, Disley Chs aged 33y (Mellor, Dby)

1 Nov Charles FORD of Furnace, Disley aged 72y (Taxal, Chs)

1860 (top)

23 Mar Helen MELLOR of Disley aged 81y (Taxal, Chs)

7 Jun John HADFIELD of Disley aged 30y (Taxal, Chs)

12 Jun John FOX of Disley aged 39y (Taxal, Chs)

5 Aug James EASTWOOD of Waterside, Disley, Chs aged 66y (Mellor, Dby)

29 Nov James BEARD of Lyme Handley aged 53y (Taxal, Chs)

29 Dec John HIBBERT of Disley aged 35y (Taxal, Chs)


9 Jan William KEELING of Disley aged 11d (Taxal, Chs)

30 Jan Lavinia  HIGGINBOTTOM dau of Joseph & Elizabeth of Disley, Chs aged 20y (Mellor, Dby)

17 Feb Sarah RICHARDSON dau of James & Ann of Disley, Chs aged 1y 7m (Mellor, Dby)

24 Feb William SWINDELLS of Disley aged 1y (Taxal, Chs)

5 Mar Martha WORTH of Lyme Handley aged 28d Pg 37, Entry 291 (Prestbury, Chs)

9 Apr Thomas MELLOR of Disley aged 58y (Taxal, Chs)

31 Jul Elizabeth AUSTIN of Furness, Disley aged 19w (Taxal, Chs)

30 Oct Sarah ETCHELLS of Disley aged 57y (Taxal, Chs)

28 Dec John HALLAM of Lyme-Handley aged 40y (Chapel, Dby)


2 Feb Anne JEPSON of Furnace, Disley aged 78y (Taxal, Chs)

4 May Mary PEARSON of Furnace, Disley aged aged 52y (Taxal, Chs)

16 Dec John HALLAM of Lyme Handley aged 69 (Chapel, Dby)


22 Feb Nancy CHANTREY of Furness aged 8m (Hayfield, Dby)

30 May Joseph HIBBERT of Disley aged 7m (Taxal, Chs)

8 Sep Richard LONGDEN of Disley aged 13y (Taxal, Chs)

22 Nov Mary BULLOCK of High Lane aged 24y (Taxal, Chs)


13 Feb Elizabeth ADDISON dau of Robert & Isabella of Worksmoor, Disley, Chs aged 6 days (Mellor, Dby)

16 Apr Fanny LEWIS of Disley aged 20y (Taxal, Chs)

30 Sep Peter GASKELL of Disley (from) Union Workhouse aged 69y (Chapel, Dby)

17 Nov George PRICE of Disley (from) Union Workhouse aged 36 (Chapel, Dby)


14 Apr Thomas HULME of Disley aged 73 (Chapel, Dby)

8 Nov William HIBBERT of Furnace, Disley aged 8y (Taxal, Chs)


26 Jun Hannah BAGSHAW of High Lane aged 49 (Chapel, Dby)

1 Aug Joseph Waterhouse FERNLEY of Furness, Chs aged 66y `Accidentally killed by being caught by a train at the level crossing at Furness on the Buxton railway` (Mellor, Dby)

9 Sep Elizabeth WILSON of Furnace, Disley aged 2y (Taxal, Chs)

19 Oct Hannah MARSHAW of Furnace, Disley aged 48y (Taxal, Chs)

26 Oct Joel BATES of Furnace, Disley aged 71y (Taxal, Chs)


20 Feb Jordan BRADBURY of Swan Inn, Disley, Chs aged 76y (Mellor, Dby)

20 Feb Nancy NADIN of Wirksmoor, Disley Chs widow of Jonah aged 76y (Mellor, Dby)

31 Mar William HYDE of High Lane, Chs aged 52y (Mellor, Dby)

27 May Sarah HILL of Furnace, Disley aged 11h (Taxal, Chs)

1 Jun Mary HILL of Furnace, Disley aged 9y (Taxal, Chs)

21 Dec Elizabeth SWINDELLS of Furness, Disley aged 21y (Taxal, Chs)


30 May Thomas ETCHELLS of Disley aged 72y (Taxal, Chs)

2 Jun Sarah Fox HOWE of Brookside, Disley aged 6y 3m (Chapel, Dby)

14 Jul John William WILLOTT of Lyme Handley aged 2y (Taxal, Chs)

9 Nov Joseph HIGINBOTHAM of Furness, Disley aged 74y (Taxal, Chs)


12 Jan Kitty LONGDEN of Disley aged 45y (Taxal, Chs)

1 May William STORA son of Wright & Sarah of Wirksmoor, Disley, Chs aged 14 days (Mellor, Dby)

4 Dec Hannah HIBBERT of Furness, Disley aged 1y (Taxal, Chs)


12 Mar James ADDISON son of Robert & Ellen  of Wirksmoor, Disley, Chs aged 5m (Mellor, Dby)

2 Jun Edwin MORTEN of Wirksmoor, Disley, Chs aged 21y (Mellor, Dby)

23 Aug James HOWE of Disley aged 11 months (Chapel, Dby)

28 Nov Betty HANDFORD of Widowhurst, Disley aged 78y (Taxal, Chs)

25 Dec James COTTERILL of Disley or Chapel en le Frith (sic) aged 74 (Chapel, Dby)


23 Mar Clara SIDDAL of Disley aged 14 days (Chapel, Dby)

23 Apr George BENNETT of Furness, Disley aged 72y (Taxal, Chs)

8 Sep Peter WOOD of Furness, near New Mills aged 13y (Mellor, Dby)

23 Nov Elizabeth GREEN of Disley aged 37y (Taxal, Chs)

2 Dec Joseph GREEN of -- aged 30y (possibly Disley) (Taxal, Chs)


16 Feb Grace PENNINGTON of Furness Vale, Disley aged 26y (Taxal, Chs)

29 Mar Mary LONGDEN of Disley aged 14y (Taxal, Chs)

7 Apr James JACKSON of Lyme Handley, New Hay aged 19d (Taxal, Chs)

25 Jul Joseph SUTTON of Lyme Handley aged 51y (Taxal, Chs)

11 Sep Samuel BARLOW of Disley aged 36y (Taxal, Chs)

11 Sep William TURNER of Furness, Disley aged 70y (Taxal, Chs)

9 Oct John Pearse MORRIS of Disley aged 69y - Pg 209, Entry 1614 (Prestbury, Chs)

5 Nov Elizabeth ASHTON of Furness Vale aged 4m (Hayfield, Dby)

20 Nov Sarah Ann PEARSON of Disley aged 26y (Taxal, Chs)

12 Dec Euphemia WORTH of Lyme Handley aged 18m - Pg 212, Entry 1639 (Prestbury, Chs)


27 Jan Hugh ROTHWELL of Works Moor, Disley aged 6m (Taxal, Chs)

18 Nov James Henry SIDEBOTTOM of Disley aged 6m (Chapel, Dby)


10 Mar Thomas GREEN of Disley aged 27y (Taxal, Chs)

7 Jun Eliza SHIRT of Newtown, nr New Mills aged 66 (Chapel, Dby)

22 Sep John OAKLEY of Newtown, New Mills aged 1y 9m (Chapel, Dby)

28 Dec Ann HAMBLETON dau of David & Sarah Ann of New Town, Disley, Chs., aged 16y (Mellor, Dby)


18 Apr Sarah ADSHEAD of Disley aged 76y (New Mills, Dby)

3 May James SHIRT of Bank End, Newtown aged 74 (Chapel, Dby)

26 Nov Mary Ann ARNFIELD of High Lane aged 57 (Chapel, Dby)


12 Dec John HOLLINSHEAD of Disley aged 68 (Chapel, Dby)

20 Dec Catharine MORTON of New-Town, Disley, Chs widow of George aged 77y (Mellor, Dby)


23 Jul Arthur Daniel TAYLOR son of Joseph James & Rosanna of New-Town, Disley, Chs aged 4y `Died from the effects of a kick by a horse` (Mellor, Dby)

11 Dec Henry CUNLIFFE son of Thomas & Hannah of Wood End, Disley, Chs aged 2y (Mellor, Dby)


15 Apr Polly MASSEY of Disley infant (Chapel, Dby)


3 Jan Margaret Ellen GAUNT of Disley aged 31y (Hayfield, Dby)

6 Apr Caroline Frances BRADBURY of Disley aged 22y (Fairfield, Dby)

29 Oct Betty Ann BURY of Disley aged 43y (Hayfield, Dby)


30 Nov John Hibbert TOMLINSON of Disley, Chs (once resident in Mellor) aged 78y `Formerley practised as a surgeon` (Mellor, Dby)


10 Apr Ann BOWDEN of Furness Vale aged 44y (Hayfield, Dby)

15 Jul Margaret HOUGH of Disley aged 72y - Pg 338, Entry 3232 (Prestbury, Chs)


14 Nov Ellis HALLAM of Disley aged 40y (Chapel, Dby)


10 Dec Mary Elizabeth ROHAN dau of Joseph & Mary of Disley, Chs aged 4m (Mellor, Dby)


23 Nov Alfred WYATT of Newtown aged 17m (Hayfield, Dby)


23 Jun Elizabeth HIGGINBOTTOM of New Town, Disley wife of Joseph aged 56y (Mellor, Dby)


27 Nov Agnes TAYLOR dau of George & Agnes of Disley, Chs aged 6y (Mellor, Dby)


25 Feb Esther STORER of New Town, Disley, Chs wife of Joshua aged 58y `Roads blocked with snow the hearse could not be brought within a mile of the church Feb 25th` (Mellor, Dby)

28 Aug Lily TAYLOR dau of Joeph James & Rosanna of New-Town near New Mills aged 14 days (Mellor, Dby)


24 Mar Joseph MASON of Disley aged 7 days (Chapel, Dby)


24 Feb Gertrude Lizzie Thomasson FROGGATT dau of Thomas & Lizzie of New-Town, near New Mills aged 1y (Mellor, Dby)

23 Jul Joseph BRIDGE of New-Town, near New Mills aged 69y (Mellor, Dby)


4 Feb Lizzie FROGGATT of New-Town, New Mills wife of Thomas aged 47y (Mellor, Dby)

24 Mar Joseph POTTS of Furness Vale, near New Mills aged 67y (Mellor, Dby)


17 Oct John COOPER of Newtown aged 66y (Hayfield, Dby)


31 Mar Herbert ROWBOTTOM son of Henry & Hannah of Furness Vale, Chs aged 5y (Mellor, Dby)

15 Jun Eliza CARSWELL of Lyme Handley aged 39y - Pg 455, Entry 4163 (Prestbury, Chs)


8 Mar Mary Ann EYRE of Potters Hey Terrace, Disley, Chs widow of Thomas aged 82y (Mellor, Dby)

21 Aug John VERNON of Lyme Handley aged 23 (Chapel, Dby)


29 Jun Ruth WYATT of Newtown aged 67y (Hayfield, Dby)


31 May James PLATT of Disley, Chs aged 46y (Mellor, Dby)

14 Jul Nancy WHARMBY of Newtown, Disley aged 37y (Hayfield, Dby)

20 Jul Maria Beatrice LOMAS of Moorwood, Disley aged 7m (Chapel, Dby Wes. Meth.)


13 Jan Margaret Ann LOMAS of Moorwood, Disley aged 3y (Chapel, Dby Wes. Meth.)

17 Apr Samuel GERRARD of Disley, Chs aged 60y (Mellor, Dby)

5 May Joshua STORER of New Town, New Mills aged 67y (Mellor, Dby)

5 Jun Solomon ETCHELLS of Disley aged 35 (Chapel, Dby)


18 Apr Mary HANDFORD of Sunny Bank, Newtown aged 20y (Mellor, Dby)

10 May Joseph STAFFORD son of Joseph & Martha of High Lane, Chs aged 7y (Mellor, Dby)


18 Mar Alice MASON of Potter`s Hey Terrace, Disley aged 33 (Chapel, Dby)


25 Nov John William CHATTERTON of Shady Oak, Disley aged 6 months (Chapel, Dby)


2 May Lily VERNON of Bow Stones, Lyme Handley aged 23 (Chapel, Dby)

9 Mar Lucy ASHTON of Furness Vale aged 23y (Hayfield, Dby)

29 Oct Sarah Elizabeth BARNES of Lane End, High Disley aged 23y (Hayfield, Dby)


1 Aug Ethel Mary LOMAS of Green`s Hall Farm, Disley aged 4 months (Chapel, Dby)

23 Oct Stephen EDGE of Furness Vale aged 19y (Hayfield, Dby)


9 Jan Hannah GASKELL of Buxton Road, Disley aged 79 (Chapel, Dby)

31 Mar Martha FAULKNER of Bank End, Furness Vale aged 67y (Hayfield, Dby)

12 Apr Mary HIBBERT of Wood End, Disley, Chs wife of William aged 50y (Mellor, Dby)

18 Jun Mary Hannah HIBBERT of Furness Vale, Disley aged 50 (Chapel, Dby)

16 Nov David Blackwell MARSLAND of Furness Vale aged 5wks (Hayfield, Dby)

20 Dec Elizabeth VERNON of Buxton Road, Disley aged 62 (Chapel, Dby)


14 Sep Mary TAYLOR of Gledhill Terrace, Newtown aged 72 (Chapel, Dby)

16 Dec Joseph VERNON of Buxton Old Road, Disley aged 65 (Chapel, Dby)


2 May Philip WORTH of Handley Barn Farm, Lyme Handley aged 76y - Pg 547, Entry 5605 (Prestbury, Chs)

1 Sep Joseph HIGHAM of Albert Terrace, Newtown, New Mills (sic) aged 62y (Hayfield, Dby)

1 Sep Lucy BOLD of Morris Buildings, Disley aged 3y (Hayfield, Dby)

6 Dec Joseph BOOTH of 50 Albion Road, Newtown aged 80y (Hayfield, Dby)


26 Aug (died) James BAILEY of 407, Huddersfield Rd., Stalybridge aged 62, operative cotton carder (see certificates) 


31 Oct Maria COOKE of Lane Ends, Higher Disley aged 83y (Mellor, Dby)


10 Aug Martha LAWTON of Hollinwood Rd., Disley aged 65y (Hayfield, Dby)


6 Jun Wilfred HIGGINBOTTOM of Newtown aged 11y (Hayfield, Dby)


19 Feb Agnes HIGGINBOTTOM of 7 Wood St., Newtown aged 44y (Hayfield, Dby)


5 Apr Jane Ann ROEBUCK of 4 Grove Mill Cottages, Newtown aged 46y (Hayfield, Dby)


3 Apr Elizabeth WORTH of Cock Knowl, Disley aged 87y - Pg 45, Entry 355 (Prestbury, Chs)

17 Sep Joseph LAWTON of Hollinwood Road, Disley aged 78y (Hayfield, Dby)

3 Nov Henry FISHER of 58, Buxton Road, Newtown,  New Mills aged 74y - Pg 47, Entry 375 (Prestbury, Chs)


(6 Apr Frances FISHER of Ollersett View, Low Leighton, New Mills aged 78y - Pg 79, Entry 630) (Prestbury, Chs)


3 Nov Noah KIRK of 17 Oak Bank, off Buxton Rd., Disley aged 75y - Pg 12, Entry 93 (Prestbury, Chs)