People born in Disley or Lyme Handley 

but living elsewhere in 1861

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RG9/2554 New Mills Whitle F21 P6 Sch 29 Hague Bar

James ARDERN Head Mar aged 29 Cotton Self Acting Mule Minder born Chs Disley

Elizabeth ARDERN Wife Mar aged 33 born Chs Stockport


RG9/2554 F42 P20 Spring Bank, Whitle, New Mills

William BAILEY Head Mar 56 Labourer (Stone Masons) Chs Macclesfield

Lavinia BAILEY Wife Mar 34 Winder at Factory Dby New Mills

James BAILEY Son Unm 17 Picker at Factory Chs Disley

Mary BAILEY Dau 13 Reeler Piecer Factory Chs Disley


RG9/2574  Dist 4 Adlington, Chs F41/2 P 14/15 Sch 64 Wood Lane

James CLAYTON Head Mar aged 60 Ag. Lab born Chs Adlington

Elizabeth CLAYTON Wife Mar aged 61 born Chs Disley

plus 6 children born Adlington


RG9/2574 Dist 14 Woodford, Chs F155 P4 Sch 17 Lower Swines Eye

John CLAYTON Head Mar aged 34 Farmer of 48 acres empl. 1 lab. born Chs Disley

Sarah CLAYTON Wife Mar aged 30 Farmers wife born Chs Butley

plus 2 servants born Ireland


RG9/2573 Dist 4 Bosden F47 P32 Sch 168 14 Nelson St.

Benjamin FORD Nephew Unm aged 17 Cotton Rapper? born Dby Chapel

  in h/hold Joseph DOUGHTY Head Mar aged 60 Blacksmith born Dby Buxton

Ann DOUGHTY Wife Mar aged 54 born Dby Castleton

plus 6 children born Chs Disley & a grandson born Chs Bosden


RG9/2548 Fernilee, Dby F80 P19 Sch 110 Top Level

George GASKELL Head Mar aged 23 Carter born Chs Lyme Handley

Margaret GASKELL Wife Mar aged 22 Housekeeper born Chs Lyme Handley


RG9/2575 Dist 6 Bollington F108 P5 Sch 27 Church St

John GASKELL Head Mar aged 34 Carrier born Chs Lyme Handley

Hannah GASKELL Wife Mar aged 36 born Chs Wilmslow

Margaret GASKELL Dau aged 11 Scholar born Chs Bollington

John GASKELL Son aged 4 Scholar born Chs Bollington

Emma GASKELL Dau aged 1 born Chs Bollington


RG9/2577 Dist 7 Yeardsley cum Whaley F 85 P18 Sch 85 1 Orchard Field

William GASKELL Head Mar aged 47 Coal Carter born Chs Disley

Hannah GASKELL Wife Mar aged 45 born Chs Disley

Elizabeth SHORE? Dau Mar aged 24 General Servant born Chs Disley

Peter GASKELL Son Unm aged 21 Dyer Print Works born Chs Disley

Thomas GASKELL Son Unm aged 19 Colour Maker Print Works born Ches Disley

Ann GASKELL Dau Unm aged 17 Sewer Print Works born Chs Disley


RG9/2577 Dist 7 Yeardsley cum Whaley F83 P13 Sch 61 Machine House

Francis GREEN Head Mar aged 53? 33? Blacksmith born Dby Chapel

Ann GREEN Wife Mar aged 36 born Chs Disley


RG2554 New Mills F49 P3 Sch 12 Address Tor, Whitle

Thomas HOLLINGWORTH Head Mar aged 48 Candlewick Spinner born Dby Rowarth

Sarah HOLLINGWORTH Wife Mar aged 48 born Chs Disley

William HOLLINGWORTH Son Unm aged 17 Candlewick Spinner born Dby New Mills

Mary HOLLINGWORTH Dau aged 14 Cotton Fuller born Lan Little Lever

Sarah HOLLINGWORTH Dau aged 9 Scholar born Dby New Mills


RG9/2555 F21 P13 Knowl Farm, Mill Clough, Mellor

Joseph MOSS Head Mar 74 Farmer 71 acres employ .... Dby Mellor

Martha MOSS Wife Mar 64 Chs Disley

Nathaniel MOSS Son Wid 41 Farm Lab Serv. Chs Marple

Thomas MOSS Grandson 12 Farm Lab Serv, Dby Mellor

Sarah MOSS Granddau 10 Scholar Dby Mellor

John BAILEY Grandson Unm 19 Farm Lab Chs Disley

Nancy HANDFORD Serv Unm 20 General Servant Dby New Mills


RG2/554 New Mills Whitle F23 P10 Sch 60 Hague Bar

Thomas POTT Head Mar aged 63 Stone Mason born Dby Mellor

Ann POTT Wife Mar aged 49 born Chs Disley

James POTTS Son Unm aged 21 Stone Mason born Dby Glossop

Thomas POTTS Son Unm aged 19 Stone Mason born Dby Glossop

John POTTS Son aged 10 Scholar born Dby Glossop

John WHITTAKER Son in Law Unm aged 24 Lab at Calico Printworks born Chs Disley

Thomas WHITTAKER Son in Law Unm aged 22 Blacksmith born Chs Disley

Margaret WHITTAKER Dau in Law Unm aged 20 Cotton Weaver born Chs Disley

Ellen WHITTAKER Dau in Law Unm aged 18 Cotton Weaver born Chs Disley


RG9/2554 F91 P23/4 Sch 122 Address Chapel St

Joseph CLAYTON Head Mar aged 48 Cotton Spinner (very difficult to read but it might then say `employing 2? 21? men`) born CHS Disley

Leah CLAYTON Wife Mar aged 47 Cotton Spinner`s Wife born DBY New Mills

Elizabeth CLAYTON Dau Unm aged 24? Cotton Reeler born CHS Disley

Joseph CLAYTON Son Unm aged 21 Millwright born CHS Disley

Maria CLAYTON Dau aged 17 Card Room Hand born CHS Kettleshulme

Alice CLAYTON Dau aged 15 Cotton Room Hand born CHS Kettleshulme

Hannah CLAYTON Dau 13?? Scholar born DBY New Mills

(I am fairly sure that Hannah must be under 10 as she & the family do not appear on the 1851 Census Index for New Mills but her age is very difficult to read)

Mary Leah CLAYTON Dau aged 5 Scholar born Dby New Mills

Deborah PRIEST Visitor Unm aged 25 Cotton Weaver born DBY Glossop


RG9/2573 Dist 5 Bramhall F104 P 40

Sarah TURNER Head Wid aged 65 Fund Holder born Chs Lower Hall, Rainow

Joseph TURNER Son Unm aged 25 Ag. Lab born Chs Bramall

Samuel TURNER Brother Unm aged 58 Ag. Lab born Chs Disley

Selina CARTER Serv Wid aged 45 House Servant born Chs Stockport


RG9/2554 New Mills Whitle F23 P10 Sch 59 Address Hague Bar

James WHITTAKER Head Mar aged 26 Lab at Calico Printworks born Chs Disley

Eliza WHITTAKER Wife Mar aged 29 born Dby Glossop

Walter WHITTAKER Son aged 5 born Dby Glossop

Mary WHITTAKER Dau aged 3 born Dby Glossop