Disley Harriers



I wonder whether anyone can recognise an ancestor* on this photograph of 1911.  As you can see from the reverse of the card the recipient of the photo was a Fred Smith of Waterhouses in Derbyshire - but the card isn`t signed.

*Is the person standing on the 2nd row down and 5th from the lefthand side of the photo, Joseph Lomas? His family think it probably is.

*There are two Inghams - the left hand one seated on the floor and the one with a cross over on the left.  To his right is my great uncle James Gaskell and next but one to the man with the towel on the right is his brother Albert - both were killed in the Great War.  The man on the right with a towel is a relation of Charlie Rhodes  The central figure seated is another relative of Charlie Rhodes.  The Harriers were trained by Frank Gaskell, brother of James & Albert.  [Thanks to my cousin Margaret Evans for this information.]