Bagshaw`s 1850 Directory: Taxal

List of names

TAXAL is a small parish, comprising the townships of Taxall and Whaley-cum-Yardsley (sic), which together comprise 4,296 acres of land, and a population of 853 souls.  Rateable value, £3,164.  The township of Taxall situated 8 miles from Macclesfield, on the verge of the county, stretches for seven miles along the banks of the Goyt, which here separates Derbyshire from Cheshire.  It contains 3,016 acres of land; is a bold , mountainous, and romantic district, relieved by some thriving plantations of firs, which help to cover the nakedness of the land.  In 1841, there were 47 houses, and 190 inhabitants.  Rateable value, £1,228.  The tithes have been commuted for £103. 13s.  The principal landowner is John William JODRELL, Esq.; the Duke of Devonshire and Samuel GRIMSHAW Esq., are also proprietors.

Taxall was possessed by the DOWNES family as early as the reign of Edward I, in whom it continued for many descents.  Some curious notices, relative to the manorial rights, are given by Mr ORMEROD.  Among them is mentioned a boast of Reginald DOWNES, that "hee could bring all Taxall to his court, to be kept in his compass window, commonly called by the name of the bay window, at Overton, where the courts had been formerly kept"; and that "hee held his land by the blast of a horn on Midsummer-day, and paying a peper-corn yearly."  There was a tradition once prevalent in the family that they had the liberty to hang and draw among themselves; and "a spot of land near Overton hall, which goes by the name of gallows yard, was the place where offenders were executed."  The manor, including the Overton hall estate, came into the possession of the SHALLCROSS`S early in the last century.  It was afterwards possessed by the DICKINSONS, by whom it was sold to Foster BOWER Esq., and afterwards came to the JODRELL family, in whose possession it still remains.

THE CHURCH, dedicated to St James, is pleasantly situated near the stream of the Goyt, 2 miles S. from Whaley Bridge, and, with the exception of the tower, was rebuilt and enlarged in 1825.  The tower is of considerable antiquity, and contains three bells.  In the Church are several memorials to different families, one of which remembers Michael HEATHCOTE, Gentleman of the Pantry and Yeoman of the mouth the George II, who died in 1768.  The living is a rectory valued at £300.  Incumbent, Rev. John CHAMPION, M.A.  A fine old Yew-tree stands in the Church yard.  For the convenience of the inhabitants, NATIONAL SCHOOLS have been erected at Fernilee, in Derbyshire, which are numerously attended.

ERWOOD HALL, near Goyt Bridge, is a handsome villa, the seat of Samuel GRIMSHAW, Esq.  THE RECTORY is a neat residence situate near the Church.  The ancient Hall of Oveton has long been demolished.  Upon the site of it Mr. BOWER erected Taxall Lodge, which was taken down in 1839.

CHARITIES - Thomas OUFF, in 1629, left a yearly sum of £1. 3s. 4d. to be given to the poor every Christmas.  A rent charge of 12s. was left by Francis DIXON, 1665.  Mrs Francis JODRELL, who died in 1665, left 12s. per annum for the poor.  A rent charge of £3 was left by Thomas HIBBERT, in 1676.  Edith WOOD, 1695 left £20 for the poor.  This was lent to a farmer who became insolvent, and the money was lost.  William BRADBURY left the interest of £5 to the poor of Taxall.  Rev. John GEE, in 1786, left £50 in trust, for the poor, now invested in the Macclesfield and Randall Turnpike Trust.  Elizabeth HULME, of Buglawton, in 1725, left £4 per annum for providing clothes for six poor inhabitants of Taxall; 10s. for a sermon on the 16th of October, being the day of the burial of her father Thomas HIGGINBOTHAM; 5s yearly to be laid out in 1d loaves; 5s. yearly to [be] expended in repairing the tomb of the family.  Six coats for men have been sent to Taxall one year, and six gowns for women the next; and so on alternately, on account of this charity;  but the materials have often been of a very inferior description; and it is said, not worth half the sum of £4.  The money is amply sufficient for such articles, and would be more advantageously laid out at Taxall.


Samuel GRIMSHAW, Esq., Erwood Hall

Rev. John CHAMPION, rectory

Joseph BROWN, stone mason, Horridge end

George CAWLEY, steward to J.W. Jodrell, Esq., Carr cottage

Charles CHEETHAM, schoolmaster

Edward HALL, bleacher, Botany Works

Henry MORTON, vict. Royal Oak

John WAIN vict., Cat & Fiddle


William ARDEN







Joseph HEAPS

Joseph LOWE



John POTTER jun.

Daniel ROSE

Stephen WILSON